Tuesday 29 December 2015

Just Some Punk Songs Top 30 Of 2015 (Part 1)

  Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who's visited this blog ( 100,692 views so far, 100,000 more that I thought there would be when I first decided to start posting punk songs in a blog). Hopefully you'll agree that far from being dead, the punk scene is still producing a hell of a lot of great music. Over the next 3 days I'll be finishing what I consider to be a really good year for the genre by posting my favourite 30 songs.

  It's not been easy choosing and many songs that deserve to be included have missed the cut. No doubt there's also many that would have made the cut but which I haven't heard. Also, as usual, I've only included one song per artist. Last year I posted my top 30 in one update but as I'm including videos for all of them this time around, 30 would be too many in one post.

  If anyone's interested, this was the top 30 for 2014 : http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/the-just-some-punk-songs-top-30-songs.html

  Below you'll find numbers 30-21 for 2015.......


29)  SECOND YOUTH - Glass Roof

28)  NIGHT BIRDS - Golden Age Of TV

27)  FAINTEST IDEA - Mutual Aid (Alternative Version)

26)  LEFTOVER CRACK - Loneliness & Heartache

25)  THE EXHAUSTS - Films & Adverts

24)  THE CONEHEADS - The Way Things Am

23)  WONK UNIT - Je M'apelle Alex

22)  GIMP FIST - Better That Way

21)  Teenage Bottlerocket - They Call Me Steve

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