Thursday 31 December 2015

Just Some Punk Songs Top 30 Of 2015 (Part 3)

  The last day of the year means the final part of my round up of 2015's best songs. It's not been easy choosing just 30 songs but I think I can say that this final batch of 10 are ones that will stand the test of time and will always be favourites. No doubt most of you will disagree and will have your own favourites so please feel free to add your picks to the comments. Hopefully there'll be a few that you might not have heard before that tempt you to check out more music by the bands. The whole point of this blog is to educate and entertain (me as much as you) but if a few bands get a few new fans along the way then that's a bonus.

  I think I managed an update every day in 2015, next year I might cut down a little. I don't want to post stuff just for the sake of it so I might just do updates when I find stuff that stands out (having said that, there is a lot of great music around at the moment so maybe there won't be too many days without updates).

  Anyway, my favourite 10 songs of 2015. Hopefully, even though you'll no doubt disagree, you'll enjoy them......

10)  THE REGRESSIVES - Lt. Pigott (We Salute You)

My pick of the excellent self titled debut album. Check it out here :

 9)  NERVOUS TWITCH - Jonny's Got A Gun

Highly catchy female fronted spiky pop from Leeds, this one brightens up the darkest of days

 8)  HARD LEFT - Kicking It Off

Got to be honest, the first time I heard this I had serious doubts about the vocals. There was something that kept dragging me back though. Then I realised I was totally wrong and the vocals are great, as was proved when I eagerly devoured their back catalogue. To sum up, not only one of the years best songs but also one of the best albums as well

 7)  MICKEY RICKSHAW - I'm Sorry Ms. Mahoney

The Pogues were one of my favourite bands, they also seem to be favourites of a lot of other people, many of whom are in bands that mix traditional Irish folk music with punk rock. Quite a few of those bands are very good indeed but in 2015 I came across a band that might just be the best yet. I was late to the party (missing their 2013 debut ep) but once I did cotton on with the discovery of their No Heaven For Heroes album they became firm favourites. Check 'em out, they're awesome.....

 6)  WOLF BITES BOY - Wear Your Heart With Pride

I've already mentioned that Family Isn't Always Blood is my album of the year. Picking a favourite song from it isn't easy but I'll go with this Clash influenced beauty......

 5)  SPOILERS - Punks Don't Die

There's lots of bands that play this type of punk, hardly any manage to do it this well. Another new discovery in 2015 and a song is especially poignant in a year that too many great musicians have been taken from us.

 4)  AEROSOL BURNS - Afraid Of The Phone

Many of you won't have heard of Chris Parker but in my opinion he's one of the best songwriters around (even though he's only so far had a handful of them released). His first single was as a member of Chain Letters (expect more from them in 2016) and he recently matched that classic with the debut single from Aerosol Burns. This would have been a chart hit back when punks had chart hits....

  3)  DOWNTOWN BOYS - Wave Of History

One of the most exciting bands around. This lot have plenty to say and should already be on every music fans' radar


A song about death, depression, filthy rich bloodsuckers and the earth slowly dying shouldn't be this much fun. But it is. Wonderfully inventive upbeat miserabilism from France's best band...

 1)  NO DITCHING - Dickhead

  For the second year running, my favourite song of the year is from an all girl band from England. No apologies for that though, I've listened to this song more than any other in 2015 and it still gives me a tingle of pleasure every time. I didn't think they would ever match the songs on their debut ep but I was wrong. Go listen to them, you'd be a dickhead not to......

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