Tuesday 31 March 2015

The Dumbheads - Don't Wanna Walk Around With You


  The Dumbheads are from Belgorod, Russian Federation. They're a 4 piece featuring Alex Boozer (vocals, guitar), Mighty (guitar), Alex Dumbhead (vocals, bass) and Gleb Hleb (drums) who despite hailing from Eastern Europe cite their influences as being The Ramones, The Queers, Angry Samoans, Screeching Weasel and Bad Chopper. If you've not yet heard them you're probably expecting old school dumb but fun pop punk and you aren't going to be disappointed. You can check out their new album and their previous releases over on their bandcamp : http://dumbheads.bandcamp.com/

  I won't bother saying much about their recent Heartbroken Idiots as Sara Ramone has written a better review than I could manage over on her excellent Ramona Confidential blog. I'll just echo her sentiments that the album is going to end up being one of 2015's best releases so visit her and read more here : http://ramonaconfidential.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-dumbheads-heartbroken-idiots.html

  The song I'm posting is the kind of deceptively simple tune that is easy to do but hard to do this well, it's called Don't Wanna Walk Around With You.....

Monday 30 March 2015

x = - Nuclear Boy

  Searching the net looking for music that I can post has led to the discovery of some great songs and bands that I'd previously not heard of before. Usually I can manage to find at least a little information on even the most obscure of these but not today.

  The band or solo artist or whatever goes by the name x =

  The song is called Nuclear Boy and is a cover of an old power pop tune by a band called 20/20. The original was released in 1981 on their Look Out album, this version was uploaded onto Soundcloud around a month ago so I'm marking it down as a 2015 release.

  As I write this I discover that x = is "an ongoing punk hardcore/post punk influenced music project based out of the middle of PA." There also appears to be a few more tracks so if you want to check them out head over here.... https://soundcloud.com/ex-equals 

  Anyway, this is Nuclear Boy and it's a killer.......

Sunday 29 March 2015

Radio Partizan - Divide And Rule

  A few days ago I posted a song by Leeds band Nervous Twitch which proved popular, today it's the turn of another band from that fine city who have been around for a few years now but recently they've only gigged sporadically due to members "giving birth and shit."  If you're in the Leeds area on the 10th April though, you can catch them live (sharing a bill with Nervous Twitch and Electric Spivs) at The Primrose on Meanwood Road.

  The band are called Radio Partizan and they're a radically political 3 piece featuring members who go by the names Reggie Side, Helena Handcart and Cyril Disobedience.

  2011 saw them release an album called We Interrupt This Broadcast which Leeds Music Scene described as "One of the best punk albums ever made.....hallucinogenic, political, alternative, punk.....an anger fuelled rampage with the use of non standard English" You can check it out here : https://soundcloud.com/radio-partizan

  From the album, this is Divide And Rule.....

Saturday 28 March 2015

The Mute-Ants - Dump Your Boyfriend


  Back in time today to the mid 90's and a band called The Mute-Ants. From West Palm Beach, Florida and active between 95-99 they were a pop punk outfit comprising of Jason Mutation (vocals, guitar), Joey Go-Go Pop (aka Joe Generator) (drums), Dave Ant (aka Dave Dipshit) (bass, vocals) and Ryan Imal (aka Ryanus Rex)(guitar vocals). Today's song comes from their debut single (1996's Introducing...). Other releases included Planet Of The Mute-Ants and Rollin' In The Thunder and they also managed a full length which was titled The Terrible Tunes Of.....

  If you're in the mood for some old school, dumb but fun pop punk, give them a listen. This is Dump Your Boyfriend......

Friday 27 March 2015

Real Sickies - Go Away

Right, where to start.....

  One good thing with posting a song and not writing too much is that hopefully you don't get too bored having to read anything other that a brief band introduction. Another good thing is that when I stumble across a great song I can share it with you in pretty much no time at all.

  Thanks to Ben Disaster who not to long ago added a new song to the New Punk Rock Music group with the comment "For fans of The Ramones, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, Heartbreakers etc. From The debut cassette Edmonton Alta presents REAL SICKIES...."

  So interest piqued I had a listen and wasn't the first person to think wow!!!

  Anyway, as there's pretty much no information to be found about them (anyone who does know anything please feel free to add to the comments section) let's cut the waffle and let their music speak for itself. This is Go Away, something I hope this great new band aren't planning on doing anytime soon.......

Thursday 26 March 2015

Bottlecaps - Space Cadet


  Actually that isn't quite true, they're only half a world away, Melbourne in Australia to be precise. 

 Bottlecaps have only been together for just over a year but as you'll see in the song posted below they have massive potential. According to their FB profile they feature Timmy (bass, vocals), Kyns-Lee (guitar, vocals), Justin (drums, vocals) and Ian (guitar, vocals) whilst Kenny Rogers makes the coffee!

  Describing themselves as being LOUD X FAST X FUN X NOISE....A raw stripped back no holds barred punk rock moment in time with hard, short, fast, loud riffs fuelled by sheer energy, they're just my cup of tea (or coffee if Kenny's pouring). 

  You can get a few songs (including the one posted below) for free on their bandcamp :  https://bottlecapsband.bandcamp.com/track/living-up

  My favourite of these, and one which would have docked very near the top of my 2014 end of season chart if I'd have heard it in time, is Space Cadet. I really love this song and I think you will to......

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Oh! Nullah - Jaded Summer

  Another new release for you today, this one is by a band from Hong Kong called Oh! Nullah. Comprising of Ben Tse, Nic Tse, Ding Lee and Glenn Bogador, they're a diy outfit that share a love of "90's pop punk, indie rock, midwest emo, DC hardcore and all that good stuff..."

  Originally a post hardcore band called The Lovesong, they morphed into their present incarnation following the departure of guitarist Ephraim Bano and the introduction of replacement Glenn Bogador who had previously been a member of metalheads, Shepherds The Weak. Active since 2014, they've already released an album titled She Spoke In Tongues, I Spoke Incompetence and a self titled single and now a healthy work ethic has seen the release of sophomore album, Jaded Summer. You can check it out "name your price" here : http://ohnullah.bandcamp.com/album/jaded-summer 

  Sounding like something that could easily fit into the Dischord Records' back catalogue, this is the title track from the new album......

I wrote this song for a good friend of mine after his mother passed away. It was a difficult time for him and his family, and I wanted to write something which reflected those moments as honestly as I could but also offered hope because I didn’t know how else to respond in a time like that. It’s a tribute to him, his family and his beautiful mother." 

Tired eyes won’t rest inside this broken logic 
Can we carry the weight of time 
Back from our failures? 
The season’s changing 
Will we feel fine without retaining 
The things we’ve lost, those dear to our lives 
The moments passing? 

This summer is changing our lives 
Never knew what winter had lost 
Springtime has found us a dream 
Autumn air extending the cost 

Jaded summer can’t erase 
All retired, sober pain 
Jaded summer won’t forget to tell us 

Our minds rely on highs (So hesitant inside) 
That will shape our lives (To solitude confide) 
Inconsistent thoughts (No one really knows) 
Won’t join the dots 

Take the path that works (That no one travels on) 
Mocked, unseen, absurd (You’re going the wrong way) 
Where the path shall end (Time might find a friend) 
No one knows when 

The time will pass 
It’s temporary 

Surely sadness won’t change our lives 
It’s only emotion 
But what I’ve thought would turn out right 
Was something different 
The world goes on without my thoughts 
The same things happening 
Finding meaning to call my own 
But would it find me?

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Nervous Twitch - Jonny's Got A Gun


  I had a very difficult task deciding whether or not to post today's song. Not because I wasn't sure if I liked it (I do, it's just the kind of music I love). The difficulty came in choosing it over another song by them, Get Back In Line, which is equally wonderful. The reason for this one getting the nod is that (aside from it being great) I'd already posted Get Back In Line in the New Punk Rock Music group on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/360453610783131/ )

  Anyway, the band in question are Nervous Twitch and they're from Leeds and they're a 4 piece who love music ranging from 60's group's like The Shangri-Las, Ronettes and The Animals through to more modern garage influenced acts such as Nobunny and the 5,6,7,8's. Despite only being together a few years they've already released a respectable number of catchy tunes which you can check out here :  https://nervoustwitch.bandcamp.com/music

  Check them out, if there's any justice they're going to be massive. This is Jonny's Got A Gun.....

Monday 23 March 2015

Lee Perry And The Upsetters - Clint Eastwood

  I've still got several brand new songs that I'm itching to post for you but breaking things up a little for the sake of variety, today I'm tossing into the mix a sonic hand grenade in the form of a dash of reggae from 1970. Punk and reggae have always complimented each other well and I think this instrumental fits in nicely on this blog.

  Rainford Hugh Perry is better known as Lee "Scratch" Perry and is a legendary figure in the reggae world. I don't think he needs much of an introduction other than to mention that aside from his own extensive back catalogue he was also responsible for producing some of the best works of many of reggae's greats, not least Bob Marley And The Wailers.

  The Upsetters were formed from the ashes of Gladdy's All-Stars and were Perry's house band around this time (several of them would go on to become Wailers).

  Anyway, the song I'm posting today was released in 1970 on Pama Records and is the title track from the Clint Eastwood album........

Sunday 22 March 2015

SquilibrioS - Io Non Sono Normale

   A new band from Forli in Italy today called SquilibrioS who sound as though they're fans of 90's punk from the likes of Nofx and various other Fat favourites. Their calling card was last years Tette single and they've followed it up with a new 7 track self  titled ep, both are available free here :  http://squilibriospunkrock.bandcamp.com/

  With lyrics in their native tongue (Google translator seems to suggest they're singing about not being normal, licking the toilet seat, eating nutella sauce with cucumbers and believing in fairies though Google isn't ever 100% accurate in these things!) it's not easy to understand them but luckily the music, melodies and production are all top notch.

  Anyway, this is called Io Non Sono Normale (I'm Not Normal), I apologise for not knowing more about them but I think their music is capable of speaking for itself.....

Mi cospargo di benzina e mi do fuoco 
il mio più grande sogno è sempre stato fare il cuoco 
lecco la tavoletta del cesso 
perchè sono così, perchè sono me stesso 
io non sono normale non sono come te 
io non leggo più il giornale da quando c'è il web 
pane nutella e salsa con i cetrioli 
quando faccio il bagno metto ancora i braccioli 
quando dormo sto in piedi sul letto 
perchè sono così, perchè sono me stesso 
io non sono normale non sono come te 
io non leggo più il giornale da quando c'è il web 
io credo nelle fate ci credo perchè 
io non sono più normale non sono perchè 
io non sono normale non sono come te 
mi diverto in tangenziale con la 883 
io non metto più mi piace alle cose perchè 
io non sono più normale non sono perchè

Saturday 21 March 2015

The Stops - Black & White

  There's been some really good new releases featured recently and today I've another one from you (totally coincidentally it's a second consecutive one from Portland, Oregon....I'm sure it's something in the water over there that's responsible for the high proportion of great bands in that area).

  The Stops are an all girl punk band (Lizzie, lead vocals....Ruby, guitar/vocals....Rita, guitar/vocals....Cissie, bass....Fukuko, drums) who "play melodic hooks." They released a demo at the beginning of 2014 and have recently released a 3 track preview to promote their debut album which is going to be called Nameless Faces. You can check both out here : http://thestops.bandcamp.com/

  There's also going to be a split 7" with Singapore band Daily Ritual. As with the album it'll be on Sabotage Records.

  Recorded and mixed at Red Lantern Studios in Portland by Adam Becker and mastered by the legendary Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory  (who you should definitely check out if you love great music), this is from Nameless Faces and is called Black & White.....

Don't tell me why, the other night 
You came inside, you sought me out 
I could not go, I had to stay 
It was so Black & White 

And the other day - you came outside 
When you sought me out, I did not leave 
But I tried... so here I am cause I didn't wanna think it through 
Those blue green yellows make me hypnotized 
And I can't think straight 
But I feel fine 

You don't know how to go about your way 
When you are gone, it feels like everything is lost 
But I don't care if I know you're here 
It makes me feel like it's okay 

Don't tell me why - I don't want to know 
The other night you sought me out 
I could not go, I had to stay 
It was so Black & White 
And the other night, you met my eyes 
You sought me out when you came outside

Friday 20 March 2015

The Furies - Hey Little Girl

  Today I'm bringing you a song from a really cool ep that was released last month by The Furies. From Portland, Oregon the band were recommended to me by Chris Parker who mentioned that they feature No Tomorrow Boys' guitarist Matt Mayhem. Chris is a member of Chain Letters who's vocalist, Sophia Dilley, was in Young People With Faces alongside Matt . Also featuring members of The Cry! and Youthbitch, The Furies only played their first gig on 21st Feb but if their ep is anything to go by hopefully it's just the start of something special.

  You can check them out here : http://thefuriespdx.bandcamp.com/album/the-furies  

  Rocking n Rolling right out of the garage, this is Hey Little Girl......

Thursday 19 March 2015

No Hope For The Kids - Rainy Day



  Today's song is by a band that I know pretty much nothing about so this could be a very short introduction, fortunately the song's a killer.

  No Hope For The Kids were from Copenhagen and featured Jens Johannsen (bass), Kasper Maarbjerg (guitar, vocals), Peter Bonneman (drums) and Ronni Dybdahl (vocals, guitar). Their debut single, Das Reich, was released in 2003 and quickly sold out, it was followed a year later by a self titled album (from which today's song comes). They were popular enough outside their native Denmark that they managed several tours of Europe and the U.S. but as far as I'm aware they split not too long after releasing 2006's Angel's Of Destruction 7".

  You can check out the album here : http://hjernespind.bandcamp.com/album/no-hope-for-the-kids

  This is Rainy Day......

Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Bruce Lee Band - Generations (feat. Jesse Michaels)

  Mike Park is a Korean/American who's been an important figure in U.S. punk and ska music for around the last 30 years. As well as releasing his own solo material he's also been a member of bands such as Skankin' Pickle, The Chinkees and The Bruce Lee Band. Even if you aren't familiar with any of those you'll more than likely know him through his Asian Man Records label which has released stuff by a impressive roster of artists, including Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms, Joyce Manor, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Queers, Toys That Kill etc.....

  Today's song is by The Bruce Lee Band and it features a guest vocal appearance by Classics Of Love and former Operation Ivy and Common Rider frontman Jesse Michaels. It comes from their 2014 album Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend (their first full length since the mid 90's) and is produced by Bomb The Music Industry!'s Jeff Rosenstock and you can find it here : http://asianmanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/everything-will-be-alright-my-friend

  Upbeat, catchy ska beats and a top notch horn section combine to make this an infectious winner. It's called Generations....

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Local Resident Failure - Old Skool

  One of the catchiest new songs to have surfaced this year comes from Newcastle (Australia) 4 piece Local Resident Failure. They could have easily sat alongside fellow Aussies Frenzal Rhomb on the old Fat Wreck Chords comps if it wasn't for the fact that they didn't form until 2007 but their love of that earlier era shines through. Their debut album, A Breath Of Stale Air, came out in 2012 on Pee Records and they've just followed it up with their second Pee lp entitled This Here's The Hard Part. It's a serving of old skool skate punk that is easy to do wrong but luckily these guys get the mix of pop punk and hardcore just about spot on. If it sounds like your cup of tea you can check it out here : http://peerecords.bandcamp.com/album/this-heres-the-hard-part 

  Alternatively, have a listen to this great spot of reminiscing about days past, this is Old Skool.......

I remember the days when we used to go skating right after class.
We'd ride to the mall and create some havoc in the parking lot. 

It seems like all those days are long and gone. 
We'd hang from when the bell rang until the afternoon, and we'd be there until the end. 

Now, you’re a doctor and my life it hasn't changed. 
I'm 32, and since 15 I'm still the same. 

It seems like all those days are long and gone. 
We'd hang from when the bell rang until the afternoon, and we'd be there until the end. 

Well, I remember when I told you I was King of the World, 
We'd battle for supremacy then I'd get the girl. 
We'd play in the sand until the sun set at night. 
Then we'd shit our pants but that was when we were 5. 



Monday 16 March 2015

Kyra Rubella & The Shanks - Orgasm Addict

         Kyra Rubella has already featured in this blog as a member of Thee Headcoatees and The A-Lines and today she's making a 3rd appearance as front woman of Kyra Rubella & The Shanks (The Shanks featured members of Kent punkers Armitage Shanks and are listed on this recording as Basil Bile (bass), Vic Flange (drums), Dick Skum (guitar) and Rod Vomit (guitar)).

  Released in 1995 on Damaged Goods Records as a "double B side" their only single features covers of a couple of punk classics. Siouxsie And The Banshees' Love In A Void is one, the other is The Buzzcocks' Orgasm Addict and that's the one I'm posting today.......

Sunday 15 March 2015

Peter & the Test Tube Babies - Run Like Hell


  The purpose of this blog is that it's an outlet for me to have some fun and to have a place to cobble together some of the songs that I love. Hopefully anyone who stumbles across it will find plenty that they like too and if they've not heard the songs before then that's a bonus. Mostly I try to steer away from choosing too well known tracks because if everyone's already heard something then it's a bit pointless posting it. Having said that, it struck me that what someone like myself, who was a teenager in the UK in late 70's/early 80's, might deem to be obvious might not be familiar to someone who's a teenager now and lives in Poland, Singapore or Kenya (yep, happily people from all over tend to occasionally visit). So with that in mind I'm going to find room to add a few of the songs that I know well but maybe some of you lot don't. Starting today with this.....

  Peter And The Test Tube Babies hail from Peacehaven, East Sussex, and were formed in 1978 by Peter Bywaters (vocals), Del "Strangefish" Greening (guitar), Chris "Trapper" Marchant (bass) and Trevor Rutherford (drums). With a mission statement to drink alcohol and have fun they soon became one of the countries most popular acts. You can get all the info you need regarding releases from their site ( http://www.testtubebabies.co.uk/ ), Bywaters and Greening have kept the flag flying and the band are still popular on the punk circuit today though they now feature Paul "H" Henrickson on bass and Dave O'Brien on drums.

  The song I'm posting was a single that came out in 1980 on No Future and is a good example of their early sound, it's called Run Like Hell........

I was down the local disco getting' off with this girl., things were going really good, going really well.
We was alone in a corner kissing and then I heard, this bloke come up behind me and say ..
" Oi, that's my fucking bird!! "
Down the local disco eyeing-up some skirt, she was giving-it all that, god she was a flirt.
She came up to me and said: "Do you wanna dance ?" Well I thought this is it I'm in here with a chance.
Then this bloody great big geezer said, " 'ere mate that's my girl"
Well I didn't want no trouble, so I run like bloody hell.
Run like hell, run like hell.
Alone at a party pissed out of me head, well I don't know how I get there but I ended up in bed.
When I woke up in the morning I was alone no more, but as I was getting dressed her boyfriend came in thru the door.

Saturday 14 March 2015


"Who gives a shit about church
 I want some chocolate...."

"Happy birthday, you're not special, you're getting older, but not much better"

  The first lyric is from the song that I'm sharing today. It's a song celebrating Easter and what it means to most people. Chocolate.

  The second lyric is from a NOFX song. Why the relevance? Well it's Drew Owen's 18th birthday today, so happy birthday Drew, you are special and you are getting better.

  Most of you are probably thinking why are we reading about Drew's birthday? Well for those that don't know, Drew Owen is the genius behind Sick Thoughts, a "band" that's probably more prolific than just about anyone (check out the releases during the last couple of years! http://www.discogs.com/artist/3399802-Sick-Thoughts ).  He's also behind Chicken Chain who featured recently http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/chicken-chain-glug-glug-glug.html .

  Luckily for us, not only is he prolific (rumour has it he never sleeps and the only time he leaves the basement room where he records his stuff is to go to school, a school whose music class must be overseen by a pretty fucked up teacher), he's also bloody talented. His latest project (though I'm even out of date with this song, which he only shared a few days ago, as he's just recorded one today called I Don't Wanna Be An adult : https://soundcloud.com/sickthoughts/i-dont-wanna-be-an-adult ), is a collaboration with Matt Casey. The band are called GLUEBAGS and here's their demo : https://thechodes.bandcamp.com/album/gluebags-demo

  From it, here's the aforementioned song about why Easter is so special..........

Friday 13 March 2015

Damn Broads - I'm a Fake

  Many more visitors than normal clicked on yesterday's Leftover Crack/Blag Dahlia update, hopefully some of you will hang around and check out some songs you may not be familiar with but which hopefully you'll enjoy. Like today's hard hitting number......

  Every so often, Lost Riots frontman, Jeffrey Thunders, will send me a link to a local band telling me how great they are. Grateful as I am, some of them fall victim to the "taste is subjective" rule and I have to admit that I like but I don't like enough to persue further. Other times though he sends a winner. Case in point.....

  Damn Broads are not a girl band. The fact that they nowadays comprise of 3 girls is by the by. They're a hard rocking punk/street/hardcore threesome from Connecticut who count amongst their number Michelle Threat (bass/vox), Crazines (guitar/vox) and Taytoxic (drums/vox). They got together in May 2010 after meeting through an ad posted on Craigslist and share a love of alcohol, Minor Threat, Black Flag and The Pist.

  Release wise, 2012 saw them unleash their debut lp, Loud, Fast and In The Dark and now they're back with the follow up which is entitled Guilty As Charged. There's also been a couple of demos and a split with The Minor Cuts. You can investigate further here : http://damnbroads.bandcamp.com/

  And so to a song, this is called I'm A Fake........

Thursday 12 March 2015

Leftover Crack ft. Blag Dahlia - The Christ

  Whilst reading a punknews.org interview with Leftover Crack's Scott Sturgeon ( http://www.punknews.org/article/57280/interviews-scott-sturgeon-leftover-crack ) I realised that I haven't yet posted a song by one of my favourite bands. Truth be told, I've been holding back, hoping that their long awaited new album would turn up but as it appears to still be a good few months away I'm going to go with one of the unreleased tracks from the reissue of their 2004 Fuck World Trade lp.

  Forming in 1998 from the ashes of Choking Victim (who's No Gods No Managers is one of the greatest albums ever), Leftover Crack mix hardcore punk rock with ska and write, often in a provocative manner, politically charged anthems. Previous to Fuck World Trade, their debut full length, Mediocre Generica, was originally to be titled Shoot The Kids At School but a bust up over the intented title caused their eventual departure from Epitaph Records.

  Now (as far as I'm aware) featuring a line up of Stza (Scott Sturgeon) (vocals), Alec Baillie (bass), Chris Mann (guitar/vocals), Brad Logan (guitar/vocals) and Donny Morris (drums), my hopes for the new record are sky high. Until it sees the light of day, here's something to tide you over. Featuring Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia, this is The Christ.....

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Spazzys - Paco Doesn't Love Me

"Second verse.....different from the first"

  I enjoyed yesterday's update so much that today I'm posting another of my  favourite pop punk songs. This time it's by Melbourne's top all girl trio Spazzys; imagine if your favourite 60's girl group had somehow been brought up on a diet of sun, sea and The Ramones, they might have ended up sounding something like this.

  Formed in 2000 and comprising of twins Kat (vocals, guitar) and Lucy (bass) as well as Ally (drums), they've shared a stage with the likes of Blondie, Marky Ramone, The Hives, The Dwarves, Buzzcocks and most memorably, Marilyn Manson, whose fans didn't appreciate their catchy pop punk.

  Their debut album was 2004's Aloha! Go Bananas, a treasure trove of infectious, bubblegum tunes but their follow up, Dumb Is Forever, was delayed by legal issues and didn't see the light of day till 2011. Fortunately it proved that time hadn't affected their ability to produce great music.

  The song I've chosen is one of their early singles, released in 2004 on FUR Records, this is the Ramones influenced Paco Doesn't Love Me......

Paco doesn't love me! 

Hey there Paco you Italian fiend
Why aren't you in love with me?
I've got a killer crush on you and it's something that I just can't endure
I know that Paco's kinda retarded 
He's left me here all broken hearted
I want him to be my main man
He wants another girl to hold his hand.

So hey Paco baby don't you know you break my heart
So sugar do the right thing just come on be my retard
Your looking kinds cool I write your name on all my desks at school.
I wanna see your band I wanna make you understand
That I wanna hold your hand
But there's nothing I can do to convince you
‘Cause Paco doesn't love me.

Second verse,different from the first

And you know I'm not the only one who's heart pounds when Paco plays his drums
Cause he hits the skins as fast as Marky
I wish he'd hit my skin that quickly.

Hey there Paco you Italian fiend
Why aren't you in love with me?
I've got a killer crush on you and it's something that I just can't endure 

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Fastbacks - k street

  I feel in the mood for some bouncy pop punk today so let's go with one of that genre's greatest tunes.....

  The Fastbacks got together 35 years ago in Seattle, their line up notable in the early days for the inclusion of future Guns n Roses bassist Duff McKagan on drums. I could try and list their various line ups (basically Kurt Bloch, Lulu Gargiulo and Kim Warnick plus a multitude of drummers) and releases but you'd be better advised reading up on their bio here : http://rickfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/

  I think all that I need to say is that they were active between 1980-2002 and in time they released a plethora of catchy punk influenced pop songs, my favourite being K Street.......

 After all the troubles come and gone
They were here for so long 
Now I've got this sinking feeling
Everyone seems to be leaving

And I can't believe how lonely it is here on K Street
There's no-one like me here on K Street
How lonely it is here on K Street today

I thought that all the problems had gone away
I found out where I could be
They were back the very next day 
And I don't know what to believe

I've stood right here a million times before
There's nothing I remember anymore
Has it all changed so much or is it all in me? 
Please lift me up and let me see! 

No one understands me completely
I try to make myself clear
No-one ever believes me
I couldn't be more sincere

Monday 9 March 2015

Housewives - lick the pip


  A song today by a 5 piece from Sydney who feature members from Ghastly Spats (Lincoln Brown, Heather Swan) and Teen Ax (Sam Chiplin) plus Will Harley and Dean Adam. Housewives got together with the intention of starting a punk band in which they could channel their love of the old Killed By Death Records' sound into something exciting and new. With a reputation for chaotic, booze fuelled shows they released a single a couple of years ago on R.I.P. Society Records which featured the tracks Special Power, Who Am I, That's Chat and Lick The Pip. Aside from that I know pretty much nothing about them but I do know that Lick The Pip is a hell of a track. Fast, raw, wonderfully obnoxious vocals, play it loud.........

Sunday 8 March 2015

G.L.O.S.S. - Outcast Stomp

  Acronym : 1) a word formed from the initial letters or group of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word.

                    2) a set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately.

For example, here's a few acronyms you should be hearing more of this year :

S.P.E.C.T.R.E.  :  Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

U.N.C.L.E.  :  United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.

G.L.O.S.S.  :  Girls Living Outside Society's Shit.

The first two will be coming shortly to a movie screen near you whilst the third will be pummelling your senses with some of the most exciting new hardcore music around.

  Featuring Corey (drums), Julaya (bass), Sadie (vocals), Tannrr (guitar) and Jake (guitar), G.L.O.S.S. are based in Olympia, Washington and have recently announced themselves to the world with a ferocious and mightily pissed off demo that is a rallying call for all those that live outside society's norms.

  Dealing with issues such as homosexuality, violence against transgender women, rejection, and alienation the demo is a frustrated primal scream that aims to provoke a reaction with it's outpouring of years of built up anger and rage. It's probably the best and most honest calling card you'll hear all year. Check it out.... http://girlslivingoutsidesocietysshit.bandcamp.com/releases 

  The song I'm highlighting is for all those of you that refuse to conform. It's ok to be different, it's ok not to do as you're told, it's ok to fight back. This is Outcast Stomp......















Saturday 7 March 2015

Complete Control - Daddy's Little Rich Girl

  The main reason for the existence of this blog is to provide me with an outlet in which I can shout out about the music I love in the hope that other people will discover it and enjoy it too. That's why I'll occasionally post classics by punk's leading lights but mainly concentrate on songs that you're less likely to have heard before. Hopefully people are open minded enough to click on a post by someone they've not heard of before rather than just keep listening to what they already know and like.

  If you're one of my target audience (ie you want to hear something new), than can I recommend you lend your ears to a very promising new band from the south west of England. Complete Control are comprised of a bunch of teenagers who began life whilst still at school and who's early gigs saw them playing mostly covers of the songs that they loved (Clash, Ramones, Green Day, Generation X etc...... there's a few clips of them online like this one..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQtyXRA1jao ).

  Increasingly though they're writing their own material and if the song I'm posting below is anything to go by then they're going to be one of the UK's leading lights in years to come. To give you a bit more info, Liam Enticott from the band has kindly penned a few introductory words.......

  "We met at school and formed in our drummer's damp garden shed in 2013 - the freezing cold winter afternoon's set up some truly, and rather out of tune, energetic practise sessions! Since then the music deprived town of Yeovil, in Somerset, has been home to young punk band Complete Control. Our bassist may forget bits, the singing is..."unique" and the drummer may not even know what song we're playing but we still managed to restore faith in the local music scene and gained a respectable following, even if initially we had to win over the people who thought "you're only teenagers, you can't be all that good."

  Since the fourth member joined on rhythm guitar and vocals in the summer of 2014, we've been blasting out originals and covers across the south west, playing new and old punk classics mixed in with original material almost every weekend. We're currently self recording an album which should be ready within the next few months."

  Here's one of their original tunes, it's called Daddy's Little Rich Girl, I think you'll be hearing more from these guys.........

Friday 6 March 2015

Buzzbomb - This Job Sucks

  Jeffrey Thunders sounds pissed off. very pissed off. His job sucks and he's gonna shout about it. At least that's the impression I got whilst listening to track 4 on his new ep.  Who's Jeffrey Thunders you might wonder. Let me tell you......

  He's already appeared on this blog as part of The Lost Riots, a band from New Haven who are the best punk band in Connecticut (a title they won at the Connecticut music awards). If you want to hear them click here : http://thelostriots.bandcamp.com/

  Today however we're dealing with a new band called Buzzbomb, a band which is, according to Jeffrey, comprised of "a few of us from The Lost Riots. We were just screwing around."  If this is screwing around then I'm all in favour, there's a 5 track ep on bandcamp, 4 of which are faster versions of Lost Riots songs as well as a song called I Don't. You can find it here : https://buzzbombct.bandcamp.com/

  The song I'm posting is rough and ready punk n roll with shouty vocals. Lo fi, no frills but boy does it work. It's called This Job Sucks.....