Friday 6 March 2015

Buzzbomb - This Job Sucks

  Jeffrey Thunders sounds pissed off. very pissed off. His job sucks and he's gonna shout about it. At least that's the impression I got whilst listening to track 4 on his new ep.  Who's Jeffrey Thunders you might wonder. Let me tell you......

  He's already appeared on this blog as part of The Lost Riots, a band from New Haven who are the best punk band in Connecticut (a title they won at the Connecticut music awards). If you want to hear them click here :

  Today however we're dealing with a new band called Buzzbomb, a band which is, according to Jeffrey, comprised of "a few of us from The Lost Riots. We were just screwing around."  If this is screwing around then I'm all in favour, there's a 5 track ep on bandcamp, 4 of which are faster versions of Lost Riots songs as well as a song called I Don't. You can find it here :

  The song I'm posting is rough and ready punk n roll with shouty vocals. Lo fi, no frills but boy does it work. It's called This Job Sucks.....

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