Saturday 14 March 2015


"Who gives a shit about church
 I want some chocolate...."

"Happy birthday, you're not special, you're getting older, but not much better"

  The first lyric is from the song that I'm sharing today. It's a song celebrating Easter and what it means to most people. Chocolate.

  The second lyric is from a NOFX song. Why the relevance? Well it's Drew Owen's 18th birthday today, so happy birthday Drew, you are special and you are getting better.

  Most of you are probably thinking why are we reading about Drew's birthday? Well for those that don't know, Drew Owen is the genius behind Sick Thoughts, a "band" that's probably more prolific than just about anyone (check out the releases during the last couple of years! ).  He's also behind Chicken Chain who featured recently .

  Luckily for us, not only is he prolific (rumour has it he never sleeps and the only time he leaves the basement room where he records his stuff is to go to school, a school whose music class must be overseen by a pretty fucked up teacher), he's also bloody talented. His latest project (though I'm even out of date with this song, which he only shared a few days ago, as he's just recorded one today called I Don't Wanna Be An adult : ), is a collaboration with Matt Casey. The band are called GLUEBAGS and here's their demo :

  From it, here's the aforementioned song about why Easter is so special..........

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