Sunday 29 March 2015

Radio Partizan - Divide And Rule

  A few days ago I posted a song by Leeds band Nervous Twitch which proved popular, today it's the turn of another band from that fine city who have been around for a few years now but recently they've only gigged sporadically due to members "giving birth and shit."  If you're in the Leeds area on the 10th April though, you can catch them live (sharing a bill with Nervous Twitch and Electric Spivs) at The Primrose on Meanwood Road.

  The band are called Radio Partizan and they're a radically political 3 piece featuring members who go by the names Reggie Side, Helena Handcart and Cyril Disobedience.

  2011 saw them release an album called We Interrupt This Broadcast which Leeds Music Scene described as "One of the best punk albums ever made.....hallucinogenic, political, alternative, anger fuelled rampage with the use of non standard English" You can check it out here :

  From the album, this is Divide And Rule.....

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