Monday 30 November 2015

Chas Palmer-Williams - Absolutely Some Regrets

  Born in Liverpool but now a resident of Brighton, Chas Palmer-Williams was the singer with one of Britain's best ever bands, Lightyear. I've already posted a track and written about them ( but today it's my great pleasure to bring you a song from Chas' new solo album.

  The album's called American Smile British Teeth and it's a more laid back affair than his work with Lightyear. Citing his inspirations as The Weakerthans, The Hold Steady, Johnny Flynn, Frightened Rabbit and Propaghandi he's produced an album that'll appeal to anyone who enjoys honest, acoustic folk/rock music.  

  Produced by Lightyear drummer Jim Harrison, this is the video to the song Absolutely Some Regrets.......

Sunday 29 November 2015

Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Nightmare


  Bad Cop/Bad Cop are a 4 piece all girl band from Southern California with a line up of Stacey Dee (vocals/guitar), Jennie Cotterill (vocals/guitar), Myra Gallarza (drums) and Linh Le (bass/vocals). They previously played in a number of other bands, including Angry Amputees, Compton SF, The D'Maggs, The City, The Radio Sweetheart and Cunt Sparrer.

  Introducing themselves in 2013 with a 3 track ep featuring the songs Sweet Brown Water/Yeah, Yeah, Yeah and A Little Wild they soon managed to attract the attention of Fat Mike, Stacey Dee was at that time involved in Mike's Home Sweet Home musical. Newly signed to Fat Wreck Chords they released the Boss Lady ep and began garnering some serious attention.

  Earlier this year Fat released their debut album, Not Sorry. Produced by Fat Mike it's a polished, confident record that shouldn't have a problem attracting admirers who don't normally listen to punk music. That's not to say that it doesn't still kick ass.

They're currently featuring in lots of best band articles, to see why check 'em out here :

  From the album, this is Nightmare.......

Oh yeah, I´m a nightmare
And you´re my dream come true
No matter where I go,
All roads lead just to you.
Yeah I´m a nightmare, Yeah!

Oh yeah, I´m a nightmare
But you know that I love you
And that you can count on me to be true
I know you know that I know...
I´m a pain in the ass sometimes
But I promise, I´m working on that too

I´d never write a stupid poppy love song
For anybody but you
I just might call you 'Boo'
And if you should die before me
Promise you´ll haunt me
Leave the cupboard doors open
Every morning so I know you´re there
And that you care.

Yeah I´m a nightmare
And you´re my dream come true
No matter where I go,
All roads lead just to you.
Yeah I´m a nightmare, Yeah!

Oh yeah, I´m a nightmare
But you know that I love you
And that you can count on me to be true.
I get wound up and angry
At the way the world works sometimes
But I can´t imagine to get angry with you.

I´m trying not to be a fucking psycho.
Oh but it´s hard some times
When you´ve got a head like mine.
If things don´t work between us
Meet me in a parallel universe.
I swear I´ll do my best to make it work here first!

Saturday 28 November 2015

Second Youth - Glass Roof

  Today's song caught me somewhat by surprise in as much as I was reading various bits and pieces online whilst at the same time flicking through a bunch of new videos in the hope that I'd find a few good songs to add here. To be honest, I wasn't overly concentrating on the music and the song that I'm posting today initially just acted as background music, gradually though during it's run time I found myself paying more and more attention, hoping it'd finish so that I could replay it again and listen properly. Play it again I did, and again. And again. It's a deceptively catchy little devil that burrowed it's way into my brain and stuck there. It ain't particularly fast, it ain't aggressive, it's just a great, melodic, slowburn of a track that makes me want to hear more from the band.

  The band? That'd be Second Youth. New to me and possibly to many of you. As of this moment, I've only heard the one track from them and know very little but here goes.....

  Featuring members based in London, Cagliari and Berlin (who are ex and current members of The Legacy, Gold Kids, Runes and Miles Away), they're about to release a debut 3 track ep on Uncle M Records featuring the songs Glass Roof, Keep On Dreaming and How It Was. They only began as a band earlier this year after friends Dick Smith and Andre Suergiu, nostalgic for the bands they grew up listening to, decided it was time they put their own spin on what was a golden era for punk music (think 90's era Fat Wreck and Epitaph).

  As well as being a musician, Dick Smith is also a successful graphic designer who's work can be checked out here :

  This is Glass Roof.....  

Friday 27 November 2015

Inquisition - Uproar

  A song today from a band who weren't around too long but who's members went on to form a number of other bands including Strike Anywhere, Ann Beretta and River City High.

  Inquisition formed in 1991 in Richmond, Virginia by a bunch of high school kids.... Thomas Barnett (vocals), Mark Avery (guitar), Russ Jones (drums) and Leer Baker (bass). Baker left after a year and was replaced by Rob Huddleston.

  Their first album, The Broken Songs, came out in 1993 but it was the follow up, 1995's Revolution, I Think It's Called Inspiration that was their piece de resistance. It's a really great passionate and energetic album and you can check it out here :


  The band went their separate ways after a show with AFI on Sept 8 1996 but there've been occasional reunion shows, one of which was recorded for a live cd/dvd called Uproar : Live And Loud!

  Passionate, political punk rock doesn't come much better than this, this is Uproar.....

She said,
"Boy answer the question"
And we've been patiently waiting all our lives
Told me to sit down and shut up all our lives

And this is the uproar
Uproar, uproar, 
This is the uproar
Uproar, uproar, uproar
This is the uproar

For the prisoner of conscience 
Walking fearing where you tread
Crimes against the people that the government led
Amnesty now for an innocent dread
(Is it) Only for the rich that the poor get bled


For the mind of my sister fight the one eyed views
Body of my mother torn broken and abused
People in the cities and the streets beating down
Color culture stand together
Make this sound
Make this sound
So won't you make this, make this, make this sound

Because you said, 
"Boy answer the question"
And we've been patiently waiting all our lives
Told me to sit down and shut up all our lives
Knocking me out of my head
Into my heart as it's bled
Knocking me out of my head
Into the heart as it's bled, out

Because we sing
An oi oi song
And a unity song 

Old conflict put them to bed
Real enemy please show your head
Old conflict put them to bed
Will the real enemy please show your head

Thursday 26 November 2015

The Aerosol Burns - Afraid Of The Phone

  They say she's a heartbreaker
  Gonna end up alone
  I'm shakin' like a leaf
  I'm afraid of the phone

  Some of you might remember that a few days ago I posted the Essential Logic single, Aerosol Burns. There was two reasons for this, firstly it's a great song but also it's the name of a killer new power pop band who've named themselves after that classic tune.

  Whilst today is an introduction to The Aerosol Burns, it's not the first time the members of the band have featured in this blog. Those with long memories might remember that a couple of years ago I was very impressed with the debut single from Chain Letters ( It's taken him a while but songwriter/guitarist Chris Parker and drummer Violet X are back with another wonderful single. This time around they're joined on vocals by Matt Mayhem. Matt has graced Young People With Faces (who also featured Chain Letters vocalist Sophia Dilley), No Tomorrow Boys and The Furies (who featured here :

  Over the last few months, Chris very kindly kept me updated with how today's song was progressing, he sent a couple of early work in progress versions which had me excited for the finished item and I'm more than happy to report that both A and B sides, Afraid Of The Phone/(Your Love Is) Where I Go, are definite winners. Also in the works is a new Chain Letters single which will hopefully surface sometime next year.

  Hopefully you like this as much as I do, Afraid Of The Phone......

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Broadcaster - Don't Say Much

  A song today from one of my favourite new releases, it's taken from the Spin ep by Broadcaster which is new out on Jump Start Records and can be found here :

  Broadcaster are a catchy as hell indie punk band from Long Island comprising of Jesse Litwa (vocals/guitar), Tom Kelly (bass) and Anthony Vito (drums). They draw comparisons with many of your favourite indie bands; Jawbreaker, Superchunk, Weakerthans etc and in an era where I think this type of music is lacking in top notch acts, they're a breath of fresh air.

  They released their debut album, Welcome To The Wetlands, back in 2010 and have been pretty prolific ever since. Their various eps, splits and sophomore album A Million Hours can all be checked out here :

  From the new ep, this is Don't Say Much......

Tuesday 24 November 2015

F-X - Souths gonna rise again

  Today's song is an obscurity from 1979 by Worthing band F-X. The line up was Jon Burn (vocals/guitar), Clive Todd (guitar), Mike Burn (bass) and Rick Leyland (drums). They only released one single, a 3 track ep called South's Gonna Rise Again, which featured the songs OBE, Slag and South's Gonna Rise Again. 2000 copies were pressed and, came out on Southern Rock Records and was distributed by Rough Trade. Guitarist Clive Todd featured on the single but died of a heroin overdose prior to it's release (edit....see the comments section below).

  They split in 1982 without releasing anything else though in 2011 Detour / Only Fit For The Bin Records released a 10 track compilation of their music called Now Where Were We? As well as their own material it also included covers of David Bowie's Queen Bitch and Rock & Roll Star as well as The Ramones' You're Gonna Kill That Girl.

  The song I'm posting today is the title track of the ep and is a football anthem about Brighton And Hove Albion. South's Gonna Rise Again.....

Monday 23 November 2015

Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns

  Following her sacking from X Ray Spex, saxophonist Lora Logic (real name Susan Whitby) went on to team up with Phillip Legg (guitar), Mark Turner (bass), Rich Tea (drums) and Dave Wright (tenor sax) in a band called Essential Logic. She was the lead singer as well as playing sax and xylophones.

  By the time they released their debut single, 1978's Aerosol Burns, Stuart Acton (guitar) and Tim Wright (bass) were in the band. They put out the Wake Up ep on Virgin Records before signing to Rough Trade who released their only album, 1979's Beat Rhythm News - Waddle Ya Play? as well as a handful of singles. They split in 1980, Logic released some solo work and recorded with Red Crayola, Kolla Kestaa, The Raincoats and Swell Maps. She also played sax on the Stranglers classic Hey! (Rise Of The Robots).  Kill Rock Stars put out a collection of her music in 2003 called Fanfare In The Garden : An Essential Logic Collection.

Logic quit music and turned to the Hare Krishna religion though she did feature in reformed versions of X Ray Spex and Essential Logic.

 This is the very fine off kilter post punk debut single, Aerosol Burns.....


Sunday 22 November 2015

The Varsity Weirdos - Tall Man

  Catchy Ramones inspired pop punk from Canadian's The Varsity Weirdos today.

  Hailing from Moncton, New Brunswick, they're one of the better practitioners of this type of music and don't really get the acclaim they deserve. They've been around since 2003 and have released some great music, personal favourites include the Fly Me Up To The Moon ep and their album, Can't Go Home :

  Since they released their album, back in 2010, they've been mostly conspicuous by their absence and earlier this year they decided to call it a day but not before releasing a farewell ep. As with most of their back catalogue, it's brought to us by It's Alive Records and it's a 4 track affair aptly named Close The Blinds. To mangle a quote from Phantasm's The Tall Man, "You played a good game boys, but the game is finished, now you die." They'll be missed.

  This is Tall Man.....

Saturday 21 November 2015

Leftöver Crack - Loneliness & Heartache

  It's been a while but one of punk's most hard hitting bands are about to unleash their 3rd album. Following on from their 2001 debut Mediocre Generica and 2004's Fuck World Trade (not forgetting 2007's split with Citizen Fish), the 27th November is the date that Fat Wreck Chords will release Constructs of The State. The band of course is Leftover Crack and hopefully most of you guys are as excited as me. If you want a preview, it's streaming over here :

  The album moves further away from the heavy ska punk sounds of their early days and whilst there's plenty of  different genres in the mix, as a whole it's fast paced, ferocious and will smack you right in the face. Luckily they can still pen a catchy tune (even though they pummel the fuck out of it with some of the years loudest and most scathing music).

  As well as the core line up of Scott "Stza" Sturgeon (vocals/guitar), Alec Baillie (bass/vocals), Brad Logan (guitar/vocals), Chris Mann (guitar/vocals) and Danny Morris (drums) there's an impressive list of contributors....... Jesse Michaels, Erik Petersen, Penny Rimbaud, Joe Jack Talcum, Whitney Flynn and Zack Religious to name a few.

  A week or so ago I added up all the page views for this blog and the most visited song was The Christ by Leftover Crack. Hopefully you'll enjoy this song as much, this is Loneliness & Heartache......


Friday 20 November 2015

Sticky Valentines - Bored On The Boardwalk

  Sticky Valentines are 4 rock n rolling "brothers" (that's brothers in the same way that The Ramones were brothers, ie not really) who got together as a band in Chicago but who are now based in Oakland. They go by the names Cody Valentine (guitars/vocals), JoJo Valentine (guitars/vocals), Jimmy oh Valentine (bass) and Caleb Valentine (drums/vocals).

  Serving up a tasty platter of power pop, punk, early blues and rock n roll they're influenced as much by 60's girl bands like The Marvelettes as they are by the classic punk sounds of The Sex Pistols or The Only Ones.

  Their debut release, the Pleased To Meet You (Femme Fatale) ep showcased their talents early in 2014 and they recently followed it up with the 6 track Sticky Valentines ep.  You can check them out here :

 They've also recently supported one of my favourite bands, The Briefs.

  The lead off track from the latest ep, this is Bored On The Boardwalk.....

Thursday 19 November 2015

Cause of Death - Radiation Burns

  Another song from the excellent No Front Teeth Records today, this one is from an ep by Southern Californian street punks Cause Of Death. Formerly known as Final Solution (who's 2007 single Warsaw Uprise also came out on No Front Teeth), they currently line up thus : Greg Willert (vocals), Tom Wold (guitar), Scott Tomashek (drums) and Jeremiah Hale (bass).

  Their influences include the likes of Bad Brains, UK Subs, Minor Threat, Bauhaus, Leftover Crack, Adolescents, US Bombs etc (they recently shared a stage with the US Bombs frontman when they supported Duane Peters Gunfight).

  The lead track from the single, this is a hard hitting scorcher of a song called Radiation Burns.....


Wednesday 18 November 2015

Topsy Turvy's - Like A Living Dead

  An upbeat new melodic punk tune from the south west of France today. Topsy Turvy's are from Poitiers and have been together since 2008. Featuring both male and female vocals and employing a strong d.i.y. ethos they've played around 200 shows all over Europe and released 3 albums and 2 split ep's.

  The first of those albums was 2011's Fall In Love With An Alien Girl (the combination of punk rock and sci fi is always a winner with me). The following year saw them put out You Better Believe It, You're In which featured 8 more tracks of feel good pop punk (I'm just listening to the title track as I type this and I'm being reminded a little of one of my favourite bands of this type, The Bat Bites). 2013 brought us the split ep's, one with Sidewalk (from Holland) and the other with another French band called Johk.

  Today's song is taken from their latest release, a 6 track mini album called I Expect Nothing And I'm Still Let Down. You can check it out, along with their other releases here :

  Lining up Noemie (bass/vocals), Dam's (guitar/vocals), Crusty Bat (guitar/vocals) and Cyp (drums), it's a comfort that even whilst the world seems to get more fucked up every day there's still people out there making great music that'll brighten up your day.

  I'm currently working my way through their back catalogue, I'd recommend you guys do the same. Maybe you could start with the new video for Like A Living Dead......


Tuesday 17 November 2015

The State Lottery - Geysers

  A song today that popped up on my Facebook "on this day" page, it was one that I'd shared on my timeline a few years ago but had forgotten about. Sounding a bit like Bruce Springsteen mixed with The Clash or maybe The Exploding Hearts, it still sounds great and is deserving of place in this Blog.

  The State Lottery feature members spread out around a number of states but mainly write songs either in or about Detroit. They got together in 2006 but the distance between them seems to have pretty much curtailed any activity in recent years. Their first album, Cities We're Not From, was released in August 2008. A couple of years later they released a follow up called When The Night Comes. This was the album that featured today's song and the line up on it was Andy Dennison (guitar, organ, bass. vocals), Bobby Colombo (vocals, guitar, organ), Dave Garwacke (drums), Jordan Owen (bass, guitar, vocals), Niki McUmber (sax, organ, piano, vocals) and Chris (piano).

  Other releases included a split single with The 255s and a single called Fistfuls Of Sand. You can snap up all those releases "name your price"  ....

  This is Geysers......

Monday 16 November 2015

Bovver 96 - Knuckle Girls

  Back in time a few years today, Bovver 96 were an Oi band from Philadelphia who between 1996-98 released a couple of eps and an album. Unlike most Oi bands, this lot featured female vocals, courtesy of Jersey Diabla (aka Deidre). Also in the band were Juston (drums), Andy (guitar/backing vocals) and Jeff (bass).

  The ep's were Ghetto Oi (1996) and Knuckle Girls (1997) and the album, which came out in 1998 was called 96 Bottles Of Beer.

  Recorded at Cycle Sound Studios and released on Steelcomb Records, this is Deidre shouting loud and proud that her and her friends are more than a piece of ass, it's called Knuckle Girls......


Sunday 15 November 2015

Not Tonight And The Headaches - She's With You

  Yesterday's song from Spoilers proved pretty popular so hopefully those of you that checked it out will be back today to listen to an equally great song from Boss Tunage label mates Not Tonight And The Headaches.

  From Grimsby, they're genre veterans having previously been involved with a number of earlier bands (including Fallout, Luna Suit, Christmas Jones...). They formed in March 2008 and have been gradually building a reputation as one of the UK's best pop punk acts. They've shared a stage with a number of top bands, including Teenage Bottlerocket. They also recently appeared at the Great British Alternative Fest (alongside the likes of Bizzcocks, The Fall, The Damned and Hugh Cornwall). All in all, they're a band that would be seriously bothering the UK singles chart if the state of mainstream music currently in this country wasn't so bloody dire.

  If you want to check them out, their Bandcamp page features both their albums; debut Love...And Other Weapons Of Mass Destruction and their new one, If You Were Real You'd Do Your Own Stunts, as well as their singles :

  Next up for the band is a new video. Filmed by Mark Richards, it's for the track I Guess This Is Progress. Also to look forward to is a special gig at Yardbirds in Grimsby on 30th Jan, it's bassist James Elliott's 40th birthday and the bill will also include Spoilers and Bear Trade.

  From the latest album, this is my favourite track. Short and punchy, it's a tale about a friend, a girl and a broken heart. She's With You......

Saturday 14 November 2015

Spoilers - Punks Don't Die

  There seems to have been news of nothing much else recently aside from stories of people dying. I haven't really got the words to properly express my thoughts on either the victims of terrorism or war (wherever in the world it's happening) or on the recent spate of some great musicians passing away at too young an age. Life's precious, cherish it, live it, love it.   R.I.P. to  those that have gone before the bell rang time, this one's for them.

  Spoilers are a 4 piece from Kent who got together when Southport bassist/vocalist Dan Goatham joined up with Kenny Razzell, Ben Davis and Leon Packer. Fuelled by a love of catchy, melodic punk, as played by bands like Snuff, HDQ, China Drum, Osker, Face To Face, Gorilla Biscuits etc, they hooked up with Boss Tunage and Brassneck Records to release one of 2015's best albums. Hopefully most of you are already familiar with them but for anyone who wants a sampling of their sound then head this way ...........

    Watch out for them next February when they'll be supporting Snuff on their 30th anniversary tour. This song is called Punk's Don't Die......


Friday 13 November 2015

Top 10 Songs Viewed On This Blog (up till 13/11/15)

Last year on my birthday I indulged myself by choosing a list of my 10 favourite songs of all time (if anyone's interested it's here :

  This year I'll indulge myself again with a much more interesting top 10, these are the 10 most viewed songs on Just Some Punk Songs (though as there's some great tracks that just missed the cut I'll post the next 10 as well). This chart is (in a way) voted for by you guys, as a massive fan of the much missed John Peel this to me is my version of the Festive 50 and it's been a buzz compiling it.

  I didn't know which songs would be included and I'm pleased to see that many of them are by lesser known bands who've put out some great music and I'm glad to see they're popular at least in their own part of the world. If you haven't heard any of these songs, try and have a listen, they're all bloody good.

  Thanks to everyone who's read this and here's the chart.......

20)  Nervous Patterns - Du Kannst Dich Niemals Andern

19)  Criminal Mind - Frustrated & Teenage

18)  Neighborhood Brats - Suburbia

17)  Stiletto Bomb - Ampgrinder

16)  Cuckooland - Richard Jobson Dance

15)  Posers - Nothing

14)  The Dwarves - Sluts Of The USA

13)  Paper Suits - Hate This Place

12)  The Economic Decline - Police Volvo

11)  Screaming Bloody Marys - Johnny Fuck'er Faster

10)  Pears - Judy Is A Punk

 9)  Ruth Mundy - Fucking Tories

 8)  Real Sickies - Go Away

 7)  Spells - Jetset

 6)  W.O.R.M. - Vertically Unchallenged Baby

 5)  Closet Fiends - Heroinsomnia

 4)  Coneheads - Way Things Am

 3)  The Holograms - One Time Only

 2)  Lightyear - Life Jacket Water Wings

 1) Leftover Crack Ft Blag Dahlia - The Christ

Thursday 12 November 2015

Big D & The Kids Table - L.A.X

  An old favourite today, this is a song that blew me away when I first heard it. I think my reaction could have been "How the hell can Mike Davies get away with playing a song on Radio 1 that contains so many fucks!" The impressive swearing aside though, it's one hell of a catchy tune.

  Big D And The Kids Table are a collective of musicians from Boston, Massachusetts, that coalesced whilst at college back in 1995. Fronted by David McWane, they lay claim to being modern day American gypsies who make music because they've no choice, they're addicted musicians. They aren't afraid to mix differing styles of music; punk, ska, reggae, thrash, stroll and several other variations all come together in a heady melting pot. Energetic, fun and experimentation are some of the words I'd use to describe them.

  Their back catalogue is an Aladdin's cave of treasures, a few of their most recent offerings can be perused here :

  Given the energy they bring to their records and the number of talented musicians involved, it's no surprise that their live shows are a blast, they're certainly one of the more enjoyable bands I've seen.

  This one's from way back in 2001. It was on a split ep with Five Knuckle that came out on Household Name Records (which also featured the Big D song President, another great tune) and it's called LA.X

Hey, elitists from L.A.; Los Angeles, California
You know who you are
You drive in fancy cars
Your allowance exceeds my rent
Well listen to what I have to say
Remind yourselves every day
Let's get the message on its way

Well first of all,
Fuck your fucking attitudes
How can you be so fucking rude?
You fucking look at me like when girls are jealous
And fuck your fucking L.A. bars
You're all a bunch of wannabe superstars
Yeah, fuck your fucking act
You're a bunch of dressed up fucking rats

You get anything you want
Mommy's jobless fucking runt
You're fucking lounging in daddy's fucking mansion
And all your fucking stupid names
Blair and Tavis, that's fucking lame
Z-A-C does not spell Zack,
What the fuck is with all that?

And you think you're so fucking impressive
You can get your name on the fucking guestlist
Raise your nose to the people in line
Give the doorman a fucking high five

And they go

Do my shoes match my shirt?
Does my shirt clash with my pants?
Do my pants match my eyes?
Do my eyes look good tonight?
Will this place be cool enough?
Your hair looks so, so tough
This looks so good for us
Tonight my money's gonna buy me love

And fuck all of your deceiving
What's your fake heart fake fucking bleeding?
And all the girls you lay to your mat
Are the same fucking girls you fucking laugh at
And fuck your fucking fake ass world
And all your handed out fucking thrills
Some of us, we have to work hard
Just to get our little part
And maybe your clan is not in Boston
But my friends are fucking awesome
And we'll keep on doing our best
Even though our lives are a mess

Even though my life is a mess, yeah

And we go

Will this check support this tour?
Will this tour lose my job?
Without my job where's the rent?
Should we all just call it quits?
The dinner dates sure cost a lot
When 28 bucks is all you got
And your life is at a stop
And all your dreams are all self-taught

And this is the difference between our lives
No wonder tonight you feel alright
And I'm sorry if my mind is occupied
I'm trying to forget to wonder why

We're built up from nothing
I'm trying to forget to wonder why

Wednesday 11 November 2015

La Misma - Cidade Velha

  Today's song is another new one, it's by a band called La Misma and despite their name (it's Spanish for "the same"), and their lyrics being sung in  Portuguese, they're actually from New York City.

  They introduced themselves in 2013 with a demo and a 2 track cassette and followed these up last year with a s/t 7". They recently released debut album  Kanizadi (on La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in the US). Their sound is a kind of hardcore punk that doesn't allow itself to be restricted by the constraints of the hardcore punk genre. The album's been picking up some great reviews, pretty much all of them praising the vocal performance of front woman Nay Vieira-Rosario. You can check it out here :

  Most of you that are reading this won't know what La Misma are singing about but don't let that put you off. From the album, this is Cidade Velha......

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Bats Out! - Flying Blind

  Another Canadian band today, this time from Regina, Saskatchewan.

  Bats Out! got together in 2013 with the intention bringing old school street punk music to a scene that's just a little too pop punk orientated for their liking. Taking their name from the Cock Sparrer song, the line up is Scott Free (lead vocals), Brian Templeton (bass), Pieman (drums) and Mark (lead guitar, vocals). They were originally a 5 piece but recently slimmed down following the departure of guitarist Shane Kachur.

  Following the inclusion of a couple of tracks on the Oi! This Is Street Punk Volume 5 comp, they've just released an ep on Pirates Press Records and are attracting plenty of attention and positive reviews. More singles and an American tour are very much on their agenda.

  A typical example of their fast paced, no holds barred sound, this is the title track from the ep, Flying Blind......


Monday 9 November 2015

M.S.A. - Life In Shit

"Today I walked outside to take a look around
  but I only saw a fucking mess, no humans to be found
  I ran around and searched all day but they must all have run away
  the only thing I fucking found was rats and roaches on the ground...."

  Here's a song that I stumbled across yesterday by a band called M.S.A. (which is short for Millions Of Smashed Assholes). They're based in Edmonton, Alberta though the various band members hail from all across Canada. They currently line up thus : Sean Reif (guitar), Andrew Hogenbirk (bass), Kenny!! (drums) and Myke Peters (lead vocals).

  Influenced by the likes of D.R.I., The Meatmen, Fear, Dayglo Abortions etc, they've been making music for around 20 years but started M.S.A. in 2012. They love courting controversy almost as much as they love making music. Check out their releases (including today's song) here :

  This is a new song by them, Life In Shit......

Sunday 8 November 2015

Career Suicide - Bored Bored Bored

   Any blog that exists to highlight great punk songs should feature the song that I'm posting today.

  Forming in Toronto in 2001, Career Suicide are a hardcore punk band who released a couple of great albums, 2003's self titled and 2006's Attempted Suicide (plus their 2004 split album with Australian band Jed Whitely). They've also released a handful of killer eps, including 2005's Invisible Eyes, from which today's song appeared. Another release that featured today's song was Anthology Vol. Two and you can check that out here :

  It's been a number of years since they last put out any music but they're still gigging (they headlined last month's Not Dead Yet festival) and new material is supposedly on the way.

  One of my favourites, the line up on this was Martin Farkas (vocals), Jonah Falco (guitar), Matthew Miller (bass) and Jesse Parker (drums). It's called Bored, Bored, Bored........


Friday 6 November 2015

Radiohearts - Lot To Learn

  What's the point of this Blog?

  Basically it's just a bunch of songs with a couple of short introductory paragraphs saying who they're by and pointing you in the direction of the band's music. If you're lucky you might even get the lyrics. What you don't get is a well written, insightful review of the song as I don't think I could manage to write proper reviews without becoming boring or repetitive. If you want a great review of today's song, try Kevin McGovern's Fear And Loathing Blog  :

  Hopefully the strength of this Blog is the quality of the music. Hopefully it's a place where you can come to check out a song by a band you like and whilst you're here discover a load of other bands that you might have otherwise missed. Please click on a few that you haven't heard of, there's some great songs that deserve your attention.

  And now back to the tried and trusted formulaic band intro.......

  Radiohearts got together in 2012 and hark back to those halcyon days of the late 70's where bands like The Buzzcocks, Elvis Costello, The Boys etc were firing out a succession of killer singles like it was the easiest thing in the world. As you'll appreciate though, you've got to have a rare talent to produce music that good. Many have tried to match those classic cuts and many have failed. Today, I think we have a song that would have graced that period.

  Featuring Ed Stuart (guitar/vocals), Mike Yager (bass), Tony Ferralez (guitar), and Jason Cordero (drums), the band have just released their 3rd record. Called Lot To Learn, it's a 4 track ep, it's on the wonderful No Front Teeth label and you can check it out (along with debut single No Reaction and the Nothing At All ep) here :

  This is the title track, Lot To Learn. A proper review would tell you why it's so good, it'd mention the great guitar sounds and the catchy chorus. It'd tell you the singer nails it and how the simple yet effective backing vocals compliment things without being too intrusive. It ain't a proper review though so as always, just click play and enjoy......

Thursday 5 November 2015

B Squadron - Saturday's Soldiers

  B Squadron were a "working class oi" band from Leicester and featured Trav (vocals), Max (bass), Ryan (guitar) and Daz (drums). Unfortunately they've recently split up.

  There is however an ep which they've released which will go down a storm with fans of this type of music. Similar to a band I featured a while ago, Crown Court, they take no prisoners with their aggressive, in your face style of punk. The 4 track ep is on Rebellion Music and is called Saturday's Soldiers. They've also recorded a final 2 tracks for a Rebellion compilation album.

  The title track of the ep is about football violence and those Saturday's Soldiers who's battlefields comprise of streets and boozers......

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Good Clean Fun - On The Streets


  A question for you today. Does anyone know if one of my favourite bands are ever going to get round to recording new material or have they called it a day. I may well have missed the announcement of their demise but as far as I know there's been nothing.

  It's been nearly a decade since they released the rather splendid Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place album, this was quickly followed by the Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda compilation but aside from Good Clean Fun the movie (2009) they've been positively absent from the scene.

  There's a Facebook page for them that vocalist Mr. Issa posts on once every blue moon but other than him hinting at a kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago he doesn't offer any hope of them resurfacing.

  If anyone has any info, please post it in the comments. In the meantime, this is one of my favourites by them, On The Streets...

This is a new revolution we're building a brand-new society 
It's about time we find a revolution and not let it slip away 
It's time that we all work together, 
This little thing we call unity has the power to make it all better 
And that is why today we'll all be on the streets 
Saving the scene from the forces of evil 
Side by side, living our dreams, all the positive people 
We'll fight our way through the frustration overcome negativity 
To us it is not a temptation, because that is not our way 
All that is needed to start this is a healthy dose of positivity 
We've found our way through all the darkness 
And on this brand new day we'll all be on the streets 
Saving the scene from the forces off evil Side by side, 
living our dreams, all the positive people

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Model American - We've Had Enough

  Model American were a short lived hardcore punk band from San Francisco. They released a s/t album in 1997 but after being sued over the rights to their name they split. When their album was re released in 2002 (by Session Records) they used the name MAPS (Model American Playing Secretly). Aside from the band's own material the album featured them covering songs by Bad Brains, 7 Seconds and The Adolescents.

  Vocalist Tim Presley went on to be a member of The Nerve Agents and also featured for a while in The Fall. Drummer Andy Granelli (aka Andy Outbreak) also joined The Nerve Agents and was a member of The Distillers whilst other band members included DJ Patton (bass), Josh Spatero (guitar), Josh Stinson (guitar), Ken Kirby (guitar) and Travis Dutton (guitar/backing vocals).

From the album, this is track 1, We've Had Enough......

I've seen so much 
These negative ways
Attitudes start shaping
Values astray
It's time to start thinking
Using our minds
Sticking together
Willing to fight

We are disillusioned
And we've had enough
Look onward for a future
And never look away

Too hard to get by
No interactions
While dragging their minds
You discard ambition
Living a lie
With false presumptions
There's no need to try

I know it might be hard enough to see
But we're living in a time
With many empty voices
Negativity consumes the mind
You'll have to break away
Or pity is what you'll find
Working towards a better life
With Strong Positive Minds