Saturday 14 November 2015

Spoilers - Punks Don't Die

  There seems to have been news of nothing much else recently aside from stories of people dying. I haven't really got the words to properly express my thoughts on either the victims of terrorism or war (wherever in the world it's happening) or on the recent spate of some great musicians passing away at too young an age. Life's precious, cherish it, live it, love it.   R.I.P. to  those that have gone before the bell rang time, this one's for them.

  Spoilers are a 4 piece from Kent who got together when Southport bassist/vocalist Dan Goatham joined up with Kenny Razzell, Ben Davis and Leon Packer. Fuelled by a love of catchy, melodic punk, as played by bands like Snuff, HDQ, China Drum, Osker, Face To Face, Gorilla Biscuits etc, they hooked up with Boss Tunage and Brassneck Records to release one of 2015's best albums. Hopefully most of you are already familiar with them but for anyone who wants a sampling of their sound then head this way ...........

    Watch out for them next February when they'll be supporting Snuff on their 30th anniversary tour. This song is called Punk's Don't Die......


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