Thursday 13 June 2024

Zatopeks - Fine Sunny Day


  London punk veterans Zatopeks ( formed in 2001 and haven't exactly been the most prolific of bands in recent times (it looks as though it's been a decade since they last released anything) but happily they're gearing up to unleash their 4th album Loitering and Sauntering which will be on on Stardumb Records.

  To get us all excited, they've dropped a single and it more than does the job. The line up is Will DeNiro (vocals), Sebby Zatopek (guitar), Spider (lead guitar), Sammie the Giant (bass/backing vocals),  Pete Sematary (drums/percussion) & Jo Mangled (backing vocals). The music is catchy, crunchy pop punk that'll have you singing along. You can find it here :                       

  It's inspired by Sophie Scholl, a German student and anti-Nazi political activist, active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. She was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich with her brother, Hans. Read more about her here :

  It's called Fine Sunny Day...

Such a fine sunny day and I’ve got to go
If I had it my way I’d have years left, but no
It’s a fine sunny day and I’ve got to go

They’ve got the judges, they’ve got the police
I bear no grudges, I’ve got true belief

I’ve got to go away for ever and ever
Don’t cry for yesterday

A kick to the head and a shock to the hand
Is what they call justice in my screwed-up land
It’s a fine sunny day and I’ve got to go

I’ve got to go away for ever and ever
Don’t cling to yesterday

They’ve got the darkness and they’ve got the cold
They’ve got no wisdom and they’ve got no soul
It’s a fine sunny day and I’ve got to go

Tuesday 11 June 2024



  CASTILLO are a band from Los Angeles who impressed last year with their Pleasure And Pain 12" ( I've Learnt Today was probably my pick of the tracks and it made it into the Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart. Obviously this meant I'd be only too keen to hear more...

  And more is now what we've been treated to in the form of a 7" single titled Signs Of A Different Time. It's exactly what I'd been hoping for. Rough vocalled 80's style oi that's very tuneful. It's available now via Mendeku Diskak :                                                  

  The title track is great but so is the flip side. It's the band wearing their influences on their sleeves as they cover the opening song of a 1989 album titled In Search Of... which was by Cheltenham band The Crack. It's called My World...

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Soft Play - Everything and Nothing


  You probably already know that Soft Play ( are Tunbridge Wells duo Isaac Holman (lead vocals/drums) & Laurie Vincent (backing vocals/guitar/bass) who were previously known as Slaves.

  They released a debut single last year called Punk's Dead (it made number 4 in the Just Some Punk Songs annual chart (

  Earlier this year they followed it up a couple more noise laden tunes (Mirror Muscles & Act Violently).

  Today, they return with something a little more heart wrenching. It's a lot gentler musically than what's come thus far but it hits even harder lyrically. A tale of what it's like living with loss from someone who sadly knows only too well.  

  The debut album will be called Heavy Jelly and it'll be out on July 19th

  No doubt it'll be one of the year's best.

  This is Everything and Nothing... 

Sunday 2 June 2024

Sex Mex - Pretty Boy


  You can always rely on Sex Mex to come up with a catchy tune. Case in point being this beauty which I featured last year

  That track recently turned up on the Repackaged album which gathered together a bunch of the San Antonio bands songs and which I hope you all checked out. 

  If you missed it it's on Bandcamp alongside the brand new song that I'm featuring today :

  Budget priced synth, infectious chorus, this is Pretty Boy... 

Saturday 1 June 2024

AMASS - Eton Mess


  I'd not heard of AMASS ( before but when I noticed they'd just released a new album on Grow Your Own Records I knew I'd like them... and I do.

  The release is titled Gamekeepers Gallows and it's an impressive debut by an anarcho punk outfit who's line up features current & ex members of Alternative // The System // War All The Time // Embittered & loads of other bands. 

  As is the case with Grow Your Own, it's beautifully packaged with a Crass style poster cover. 

  It's available on vinyl, cd and digital download :

  The band released an impressive video last year for the title track ( and yesterday saw them unveil a new one for the track Miner Conflict / Major Contradictions ( but I'd already made up my mind to highlight their song about a bunch of corrupt posh boys. This is Eton Mess...