Tuesday 30 April 2019

Gym Tonic - Carsick

  Gym Tonic are based in Berlin with members from Canada and France and feature Olivier (keys/vocals), Karen (bass/vocals), Andrea (drums) and Stephanie (guitar/vocals). They describe themselves as playing hyped up synth punk in the vein of DEVO, Half Japanese & The Residents. Last month they released a debut album titled Good Job, it's available via Et mon cul c'est du tofu? and Transistor 66 and you can stream it here :   https://gymtonic.bandcamp.com/album/good-job

  You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/GYM-Tonic-597778927050736/

  Good Job is their first release since their 2017 split 7" with PUFF and it features rerecorded versions of their 2 songs from that split along with 8 other very cool synthpunk bangers. Most of the songs feature predominantly female vocals, the exception being the excellent Tourists Of Death (I'll play it on next Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show). There's a video for B12 Injection which is well worth checking out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IjcBd-vEvA) but the song I'm featuring today is called Carsick....

Monday 29 April 2019

Mod Vigil - Morbid Bug

  Mod Vigil are from Melbourne and have "been pushing shit up-hill since 2016." They feature Tim Wold (guitar/vocals), Andre Fazio (drums) and Isabele Wallace (bass) and last month they released a rather splendid album titled Automatic Remorse. It's the follow up to their 2017 self titled album which saw a song from it feature on here courtesy of Rich Cocksedge (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2018/01/mod-vigil-driving-is-easy-reviewed-by.html).

  They mix elements of garage and noise punk and on this sophomore effort they manage to sound more polished than on the original whilst still retaining enough quirks and rough edges that you don't quite know what the next song will bring. It's available on 12", cd and digital and you can check it out here :  https://modvigil.bandcamp.com/album/automatic-remorse

  You can get more info on them here : https://www.facebook.com/modvigil/

  This is my favourite song on the album, I really like the guitar work on it, it's called Morbid Bug...

Sunday 28 April 2019

THICK - Your Mom

  Brooklyn trio THICK released their latest ep in March. A Self Titled affair it came out on Epitaph Records and you can find it here :  https://thick.bandcamp.com/album/thick-3

  The band is Nikki Sisti (guitar/vocals), Kate Black (bass/vocals) and Shari Page (drums/vocals). You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/Thickinbrooklyn/

The ep features 3 very decent tracks of riot grrrl meets 90's alt rock... Bikini Kill meets L7 round at Elastica's house. Opener So Sick is a mid paced poking of fashion punks. Track 3, Green Eyes, is more of a poppy would have been a hit 20 years ago kinda song (video here :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2_CVfvvpac). The song you're getting today is the meat in the sandwich, it's all gnarly guitars and shouty vocals rebelling against parental negativity. The chorus is almost like a cheerleader chant, it's catchy stuff indeed. It's called Your Mom...

Hetze - Selfish (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

(photo : Gwinny Punk)

  Another review by Dirk Ceustermans today of a band I was previously unaware of so thanks to him for introducing them to me.


taken from BEDBUGS (june 2018)


  3 ladies and a bloke from 2 different towns in Belgium teamed up to form the noiziest girl fronted band in Belgium that I know of. Hetze can be best translated as witch-hunt or agitation, and I believe they couldn't have found a better name for the music they create.

  Eva's vocals just rip through the blasting guitars, while the drums pound faultless beats with neat breaks, occasional backings of a high pitched voice makes it even scarier at moments. Damn I love this release from start to end.

  I chose selfish, as it makes me think of the days I was toying with the idea of starting a family.
Questions popped up in my brains back then (over 20 years ago) whether it is ok to put kids onto a world like this. In the end me and my then wife were SELFISH, and I regret nothing about that at all!!! har har.

  I haven't had the opportunity to catch them live, but listened to their release numerous times for while now. Although released already last summer, this -as so many other bands - was kept well under my radar. Yup, I'm lazy! Thank god there's Facebook friends getting bands like this one to my attention.

  11 furious tracks gathered on a plastic slab baptised "Bedbugs" and brought to you by a cooperation of the labels:
Loner Cult records - nico.vuur@gmail.com 
Emergence records - vincemergence@hotmail.com 
Up the Punx Records - upthepunxrecords@gmail.com 
Fucking Kill Records - killchris70@googlemail.com 
ZAS Autoproduzioni Records - zasrec@libero.it

  This is Selfish...

are we scared to be lonely 
is there an urge to reproduce 
commit to nature not humanity 
don’t worry and watch the news 

world population is out of control 

enough people in this world 
don’t drag someone in this misery 
a kid is not a band aid 
to fix and solve your tragedy

Saturday 27 April 2019

The Beatersband - Then He Kissed Me


  The Beatersband are a new 3 piece from Livorno, Italy who punk up classic 50's and 60's American rock n roll songs. Basically they breathe new life into old favourites whilst retaining the original soul. The line up of the band is Donatella Guide (vocals/guitar), Francesco Dell'Antico (drums) and Leonardo Serrini (bass). Leonardo has already featured on here back in 2015 with his band Bom Pro' (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2015/01/bom-pro-tromba-daria.html).

  They've just released debut album Vol Uno, it's 8 tracks you'll probably know dusted down and reinterpreted for both fans of the originals and for a younger generation who might not remember those originals. Fans of The Ramones are well served with covers of Baby I Love You, Do You Wanna Dance and Surfin' Bird whilst other treats include Charlie Blackwell's The Girl Of My Best Friend (made famous by Elvis), Richie Valens' C'mon Let's Go and Paul Anka's Diana. If it sounds like your cup of tea you can check it out here :   https://thebeatersbandvintagepunkrocknroll.bandcamp.com/releases 


  This song was written by Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry and was a hit in 1963 for The Crystals. Then He Kissed Me...

Thursday 25 April 2019

The Briefs - GMO Mosquito

  When a band as popular as The Briefs release a record as eagerly awaited as Platinum Rats I wonder if it's worth featuring it on here. You'll have no doubt by now read better reviews of the album by proper writers so what's the point in posting my substandard amateur musings? But as I've mentioned before, this isn't a blog that posts reviews. It's a blog that posts youtube videos of punk songs that I like and shouts "hey punk isn't dead, here's another new song!" Without me at least trying to add a couple of paragraphs of text plus a link or two it'd just be  much smaller version of Youtube (without the kittens or the idiots trying to be famous) so the music is very much the star of the show and the writing is an added extra. Either read it or just skip straight to the song...

  If you're still reading, cheers mate! I'll just briefly (pun intended) tell you what the proper reviewers already have, The Briefs are the long running band from Seattle who haven't released anything much for donkeys years but who are back with the fab album Platinum Rats. It's available in the US from Burger Records on cd, cassette and digital (https://burgerrecords.11spot.com/the-briefs-platinum-rats.html). In the UK and Europe you can get it from Damaged Goods (ltd edition coloured vinyl  :   https://damagedgoods.co.uk/discography/the-briefs-platinum-rats/). For more info check Facebook :   https://www.facebook.com/TheBriefs/

  It was always fairly predictable that the album would be great (and it is). There's also a new single comprising album track I Hate The World and non album track Lonely Satellite but the song I'm highlighting today is track 5, the one about mutant genes created by human means etc.  Buzz Buzz Buzz.... it's coming for you.  This is GMO Mosquito...

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Latte+ - Lost In Berlin

  Yesterday I posted a song called I Don't Wanna Be A Ramone and mentioned there'd been at least 2 other Ramones related songs out this month, one of them being Hey Hey It's Dee Dee's Birthday Today by Latte+. Intending to feature something by Latte+ today it was tempting to try and lure people in by highlighting that song on this update but instead I've chosen a different one from their new album, Next To Ruin. For those of you that are unfamiliar with them, they're a 3 piece pop punk band from Empoli (Italy) featuring Chicco, Jay and Puccio and you can get more info on them here :   https://www.facebook.com/lattepiupunkrock/

  So, Next To Ruin. It's the follow up to the highly rated 2017 album Stitches. It's out on their own Phocomelic Music label and distributed in Europe, North America and Japan. It's available on cd and digital and you can get it here : https://lattepiu.bandcamp.com/album/next-to-ruin. It's 13 songs of 3 chord pop punk influenced by all your favourite old school bands (Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Queers, Riverdales, MTX, early Green Day etc). The production (by the band and Alessandro Sportelli) is pretty much spot on, the songs are all sub 3 minutes, all catchy, all guaranteed to please. The band have been around for over 20 years and like a fine wine they improve with age.

  When featuring an album that's consistently good throughout it's not easy to single out a highlight. As well as the aforementioned Hey Hey It's Dee Dee's Birthday Today, there's also the title track (which there's an official video for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_xi0fCU77o) plus should be hits like Waiting For You, Everybody Likes Your Wife...heck they should all be hits. The song I'm going with though is Lost In Berlin...

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Pavid Vermin - I Don't Wanna Be a Ramone

  Whatever your thoughts are on The Ramones you can't deny their influence. Do a google search for Ramonescore and you'll find links to a multitude of bands (some good, some not so good, several great) and it seems that barely a month passes without someone name checking them in a song. This month alone I can think of at least 3 (Cockwomble - Joey Ramone, Latte+ - Hey Hey It's Dee Dees Birthday Today and the song you'll find below), I wouldn't be surprised if there's more. They're long gone but their legacy lives on.

  Pavid Vermin is a new name to me. He's from Rhode Island and he records fuzzy pop punk songs in his bedroom. There's 3 songs on Bandcamp, Braincation, I Wanna Kill Everyone and the one I'm featuring today. All are good and all are name your price so go check them out...   https://pavidvermin.bandcamp.com/

  So today's song, it's Pavid lying through his teeth. Buzzing guitars and lyrics cribbed from some of the Forest Hills' foursome's most famous releases. As he says; "I only make fun of bands that I love. The Ramones are one of the best. I was thinking - are there any "I Don't Wanna" and "I Wanna" song titles left in the pop punk world? I think this is all that's left."  It's called I Don't Wanna Be A Ramone...

   Stop press : I just had a chat with Mr Vermin and it turns out he's been on here before with this song (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2016/12/glenn-robinson-dont-want-to-go.html) and he even chose a Top 10 for me (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2017/02/top-10-songs-chosen-by-glenn-robinson.html). There's a Pavid Vermin album in the works and it's going to be released on Bloated Kat Records at some point.

Monday 22 April 2019

Casual Nausea - Demons

  Casual Nausea are a "glorious frantic mess" from Ipswich who line up with Simon (vocals), Ed (guitar/vocals), Zoe (vocals) Shawn (drums) and Matt (bass). They formed in 2012 and a year later released debut album Change Your Reality
(free download : https://casual-nausea.bandcamp.com/album/change-your-reality). There's also a split album with Chewed Up.

  In ways similar to the band who featured yesterday (The Muslims), they make political music that's fast, heavy and despite conveying a serious message, great fun. They've just released new album Demons and it's a blast. 19 tracks of raucous punk, ska, folk and hardcore, you can't help but be impressed. It's out on TNS Records (TNS describe it as being akin to The Restarts meets Gogol Bordello) and you can find it on vinyl https://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/shop/tns-releases/pre-order/casual-nausea-demons/ and digitally https://tnsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/demons-2

  Another early album of the year contender, there's plenty of songs I could have chosen to highlight on here. On this week's Just Some Punk Songs show I played Zombie (an excellent reworking of a track from the debut album) so today I'm going with the title track. This is Demons...

The Muslims - Fuck The Cistem

  The Muslims are a hardcore rock-rap politically motivated all queer black and brown punk trio that burst forth out of Durham, New York, "following the inauguration of Donald (fuckface) Trump." Lining up with Laylatul Qadr (lead vocals/guitar), FaraH BaHbaH (drums) and Abu Shea (bass) I think it's fair to say they aren't your typical band. Not for the faint of heart they're only too willing to speak out against "oppression, racism and white people problems." They've recently released new album Mayo Supreme (on Don't Panic Records) and damn, it rocks. It's a fuck you from the heart. Check it out....   https://themuslims.bandcamp.com/

  The music will have you bouncing off the walls, the lyrics will get you thinking. The album is an important critique of modern society and should be heard by a wider audience. It reminds me a little of one of last year's best releases (Material Support's Terror Prone Nation   https://materialsupport.bandcamp.com/). To find out more about them check out Facebook...   https://www.facebook.com/TheMuzlimz/

  This song starts slow, asking the question why are men such fucking trash? before exploding into a joyfully upbeat attack on 50% of the human race. You think you're a good guy? They don't buy it and they certainly don't trust you. If you don't enjoy getting poked with a big pointy stick then this might not be for you. For the rest of us, enjoy. Fuck The Cistem...

Why are men such fucking trash 
You hinge on dominance to last 
You chase the money to catch the ass 
I’ll pay for dinner, nigga 
I’ll hold the door, you cracka 

So fuck the system 
Fuck these cisdudes 
they are useless 
It is proof that men are trash. 

So fuck the system 
Fuck these cisdudes 
they are useless 
It is proof that men are trash. 
We’ll reproduce without your ass — and that’s scary 

Why don’t you admit that you hate women 
Reject your compliments, and you get violent 
You say that you’re the good guy, we don’t buy it. 
I don’t trust you in close space 
I don’t trust you in no space 

So fuck the system 
Fuck these cisdudes 
they are useless 
It is proof that men are trash. 

So fuck the system 
Fuck these cisdudes 
they are useless 
It is proof that men are trash. 
We’ll reproduce without your ass — and that’s scary 

So fuck the system 
Fuck these cisdudes 
they are useless 
It is proof that men are trash. 

So fuck the system 
Fuck these cisdudes 
they are useless 
It is proof that men are trash. 
We’ll reproduce without your ass 
I say me too - and it’s fuckin sad 
I’ve gotta prove that shit to you 
Though I’m sure you had a clue. 
There are predators in your crew — and that’s scary

Sunday 21 April 2019

Corner Boys - Waiting For 2020

  No strangers to this blog, The Corner Boys are the epitome of a modern day snotty, classic punk throwback. The Vancouver trio have previously wowed us with a Demo and a couple of killer singles ( https://cornerboys.bandcamp.com/) and now they make good on that early promise with a debut ep that'll transport you back in time to the late 70's. Released on one of the best labels out there, Drunken Sailor Records, the album's titled Waiting For 2020 and you can pre order the vinyl (100 mustard/200 black) here : http://www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk/products/640377-corner-boys-waiting-for-2020-lp-drunken-sailor-records-drunkensailor-107

  Fans of digital downloads go here : https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.com/album/waiting-for-2020-lp

  The advertising blurb describes the album as being a pogo-worthy punk classic and compares the band with the likes of Rudi, Protex, The Undertones and Pointed Sticks. High praise but justified. Whereas The Undertones sang about Norman hiding in the dark, chasing girls and poking out eyes, the Corner Boys kick things off with a song called Norman (...please don't go out and kill tonight). Other highlights include the frantic title track (see below) the equally frenetic Spit At You, As Seen On TV (I'll be playing this on tonight's Just Some Punk Songs show   https://www.facebook.com/events/284058985865750/) and previous single Joke (Of The Neighbourhood). To be honest though, they're all highlights.

  Sirens ring out, drums pound, guitars chime and we're Waiting For 2020....

Saturday 20 April 2019

The Radio Buzzkills - She Died On That Death Star


  A return to the blog today for The Radio Buzzkills, the Ramones/Screeching Weasel influenced pop punk 5 piece from St Louis. They wowed us last year with their debut album, Get Fired and now they're back with the equally impressive Get Lost! No bells, no whistles, just 11 old school ear worms in the vein of Teen Idols and Dance Hall Crashers. It's out on Outloud! Records and is available on cd and digital download...  https://outloudrecords.bandcamp.com/album/get-lost

  The band have spent all of this month on the road promoting the album and reports suggest their brand of snotty, irreverent old school pop punk went down a storm. There's still a number of dates lined up and you can check details here : https://www.facebook.com/theradiobuzzkills/

  So, Get Lost! It's Zac on lead vocals with bassist Jen providing counterpoint backing melodies. The songs have titles like Cannibal Girlfriend, Shark Surfer, Vampire Of Sacramento, She Hails Satan etc. It's catchy, it's fun. What more could you ask for?

  This is the song who's title made me check it out first and it didn't disappoint. A sad tale of vaporized love, it wasn't the KKK that took his girlfriend away it was the rebels. This is She Died On That Death Star...

Friday 19 April 2019

Control - Violent World


  Control are the hooligan rock n roll band that formed in 2008 who featured on here back in 2016 with a track from their United In Blood album (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2016/07/control-no-help-for-heroes.html). Now they're back with brand new album Democracy Is Dead and it's definitely one fans of street punk and oi will want to snap up. The red vinyl version appears to have quickly sold out but black vinyl and cds are available here :  https://mainstagemerch.com/collections/control

  Lining up with Iain Kilgallon (vocals), Glen "Shifty" Johnson (bass guitar/vocals), Ryan Smyth (lead guitar), Reesy (guitar) and Fraser (drums), the band write songs straight from the heart. They deliver hard hitting missives about the things that affect all our lives. There's songs on the new album about self serving leaders, global conflict, the nanny state, keyboard warriors and the state of the nation (as Iain sings, he just doesn't understand why our leaders don't seem to care about the decline of the NHS, overcrowded schools and beggars everywhere). Big business reaps massive profits,  paying minimal tax whilst the majority of us struggle to get by. They say their influences are people who have something to say and this shines through in their lyrics. You can get more info on them here : https://www.facebook.com/Controlhooliganrocknroll/

  This song comments on how everyone seems to be in a rush nowadays looking inwards and having no time to help their fellow man. Meanwhile the "idiots who make the plans don't live in crowded streets, they're all in posh estates in their countryside retreats." With a video that shows global strife and suffering this is Violent World...

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Pawns - Monuments of Faith

  I think it's fair to say the chatroom exploded when I played today's song on the latest show. It was definitely one of the best received tracks I've featured. It's by Oakland, California, band Pawns and it's definitely going to be in my best of 2019 list.

  Pawns are a dark punk (goth/anarcho/post-punk) 4 piece comprising Jenna Rose (bass), Noel Mateus (guitar), Gage Allison (vocals) and Stephen Reader (drums). They've been together since 2014 and previous releases include a couple of 7"'s and 2017 album The Gallows. Earlier this month they released a new ep, Monuments Of Faith, and it's a bit of a stunner. It's on Near Dark Records and available on 12" vinyl or digitally : https://neardarkoakland.bandcamp.com/album/monuments-of-faith-ep

  You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/pawnsnyc/

  Of the 3 songs on the eph, the one I'm featuring today is the title track. When I was much younger, I'd go to a pretty cool student night club called the Sugar House. My drunk younger self would brave the dancefloor to shuffle around to tunes like Temple Of Love (Sisters Of Mercy), Walk Into The Sun (March Violets), Spiritwalker (The Cult), Kick In The Eye (Bauhaus) etc. With it's stunning juxtaposition of gloomy ambience and frantic uptempo drumming this would have gone down an absolute fucking storm. Monuments Of Faith...

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Pink Room - Cokehead (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

  The Just Some Punk Songs' guide to Belgian punk music, aka Dirk Ceustermans, returns today with another winner so without further ado I'll leave you in his capable hands...

Pink Room - Coke Head

Taken fromp Zum Kotzen single sided 12"
Zoe Zoe Records/Belly Button Records
Released: 22.03.2019

  I need to relocate to Ghent, that city flourishes with amazing talent the past couple of years.

  So these gentlemen recorded 8 tracks live in a studio, it does sound very lively to say the least. Pink Room is a band that does not sound 
like your average punkrock teenage combo, no sir, these are
Ugly, Dirty, Sleazy, Noisy & ANGRY all at the same time, it gets
you in sick state of confusion, and that might explain the title of this 12".
("Zum Kotzen" is German for "Makes me puke")

  I witnessed these guys live back in December last year and was totally 
blown away. Like a little groupie I asked if they had something out already, 
there was this CD EP I could buy for a couple of coins.

  Pink Room, a three piece outfit, frontman on bass and vocals looking like 
walking straight of the set from a 70's crime series, and oh no! He ain't the good guy!

  Well one thing's for sure, their sound is loud and their presence doesn't go

  Handle with care.


Monday 15 April 2019

DIÄT - Foreign Policy

  Today I'm posting a song that was probably the favourite track of the night with the guys in the chatroom when I played it on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show (show saved here : https://www.mixcloud.com/mick-fletcher/just-some-punk-songs-070419/). It's taken from the album Positive Disintegration by Berlin post punkers DIÄT. It's their 2nd album (following up from 2015's Positive Energy) and you can find it on Bandcamp here :   https://ironlungpv.bandcamp.com/album/positive-disintegration-lp-lungs-121

  It was available via Iron Lung Records on vinyl but it quickly sold out (it's being repressed). There's 8 darkly atmospheric tracks which sees the band "add a bit more of a pop zap to the ever present post punk dreariness of modern Berlin life." Comparisons are often made with the likes of Killing Joke, Joy Division and even Wire. I find the best way to listen is laid on the sofa with my eyes closed and my headphones on. It's easy to float away on a tide of swirling guitars and insistent beats. Embrace your inner goth and go with the flow.

  This song is one of the more upbeat ones, it's called Foreign Policy...

Sunday 14 April 2019

Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind - Satan's Got His Heart Set On You (Review by Wayne Elliott)

  A guest review today from ex Dr And The Crippens bassist (and host of Pulsebeat Radio show https://www.mixcloud.com/Wayne_Elliott/) Wayne Elliott. Wayne's now relocated from his native Morecambe and is living in Abingdon which gave him the opportunity to catch Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind perform a blistering set in Oxford last week. Suitably enthused Wayne's chosen a song to highlight from the band's new album, Collectiv. You can check out the album here :   https://jimjonesandtherighteousmind.bandcamp.com/album/collectiv

  And now over to Wayne...

On Friday night I was part of a packed crowd in Oxford witnessing Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind testify to the glory of rock ‘n’ roll with a dazzling display of musicianship and showmanship. But I’m not here to do a live review. I am here to talk about their new record.

Jim Jones has been doing what he does for years. From 90’s psychedelic garage rockers Thee Hypnotics through to the dirty garage rock of The Jim Jones Review and since 2014 his new outfit The Righteous Mind. The fact that the audience in Oxford had members of Ride and Radiohead in attendance gives you some idea as to his standing amongst his peers. He’s a musician's musician ploughing his own furrow much in the same way as Billy Childish or Graham Coxon do.

The new album is called ‘Collectiv’ and amongst it’s many highlights, ’ Shazam’, ‘Sex Robot’ and the Wilson Picket cover ‘I Found Love’ is what may just be my favourite song of 2019 so far. It’s called ‘Satan’s Got His Heart Set On You’ but that may not be what he sings. Sonically it brings to mind Tom Waits' class ’16 Shells From A Thirty–Ought Six’, Lyrically some of the more out there Zodiac Mindwarp couplets spring to mind. Whatever, it’s a lot of fun and has already had two outings on Pulsebeat. Enjoy....

Slow Faction - Haters Hate (Demo)

  As they've featured on here numerous times already I don't really need to tell you too much about London's finest, Slow Faction. All I need to let you know is that they've posted another "name your price" demo on their Bandcamp page and recommend you go and snap it up...   https://slowfaction.bandcamp.com/track/haters-hate-demo

  Now that you've done that, hopefully you'll also read and digest the lyrics. I have to say that frontman John Youens is up there with the UK'S best songwriters. He always has something important to say about the society we live in. Don't think this song is a one off, just check out their back catalogue for a well thought out commentary on modern life. I think it's safe to assume their next proper release (be it an album or an ep) is going to be an absolute classic.

  This song is about the legions of angry, predominantly middle aged, white males who infest our country, yearning for a Britain that probably never even existed. Their best years are behind them and frustration with lives unfulfilled is bubbling up. It's called Haters Hate...

Where did it go wrong? 
You feel so powerless 
Now the potency of youth has long gone 
The dying of the light 
There’s nothing left to do 
But to stand your ground for one last fight 
Repelling the tide with all your might 
But your anger makes you blind and you’re losing your grip 
You think you’re being robbed of your white male privilege…and… 

Haters hate – so what you going to do? 
When everything turns out the same… 
Haters hate – so what you going to do? 
When there’s no one left to blame… 

An imagined history 
A better time and place 
When no one dared to challenge your patriarchy, and… 
A past that isn’t yours 
You’re just deluding yourself 
When you talk of victory and two World Wars 
You’re stealing memories of a justified cause 
You’re dragging us back to the previous century 
In a vain attempt to assert your authority 

So you hate your wife because she earns more than you 
And you hate your kids – they never listen to you 
You hate your neighbours as they don’t look like you 
And you hate everyone who doesn’t think like you 
So you hate all the liberals and the socialists 
You hate the tree huggers and the communists 
And you hate all the students and the feminists 
You hate all foreigners and the antiracists 

Burn down this nation 
No hope for the future generations 
Your toxic legacy 
Of fascism cloaked in the word democracy

Saturday 13 April 2019

The Mistakes - Pride And Fetishes

  Poole punks The Mistakes have been working hard constantly touring the UK and Europe for over 6 years and they're making something of a name for themselves amongst discerning genre fans. All their hard work, combined with the success of their Anti-Social Media album (available on their own NBQ Records : http://www.nbqrecords.com/) led to them being asked to play last year's Rebellion Festival. They went down a storm and have been invited back this year. Other forthcoming gigs include the Cream Of The Crop punk and oi all dayer in Bedford, the Watford Punk Collective's Two Night Stand and the Morecambe Punk Festival. You can check out details here :   https://www.facebook.com/themistakesuk/

  The band are a 5 piece featuring Ross Sutcliffe (vocals), Shane Creech (rhythm guitar), James Gould (lead guitar), Richie Blandford (bass guitar) and Lewis Willoughby (drums). They list amongst their influences the likes of Rancid, NOFX, Offspring, UK Subs, Pennywise etc. They make in your face but catchy street punk music and never disappoint, each release is an event to look forward to.

  The song you'll find below is taken from new album Upstarts And Heretics (listen on Spotify :   https://open.spotify.com/album/4lTIOjAXmaZH9ZBlTdWKnb)  and has just been complimented with a pretty cool lyric video. The song comments on the impending regulation of online adult content. As Ross sings, "Give back my fucking porn." It's an anthemic hands off warning to modern day Mary Whitehouse's called Pride And Fetishes...

Thursday 11 April 2019

Battery March - No Good Cops

  Unfortunately I know Sweet Fanny Adams about today's band other than...

1)  They're called Battery March
2)  They're from Boston
3)  They recently released a 5 track Demo
4)  They're bloody good

  There's lots of hardcore bands from Boston, I find many sound similar, there definitely seems to be a Boston signature sound. To me, Battery March stand out from the crowd. Whilst still sounding a product of their locale, to me they sound equally influenced by the early 80's UK scene. To be honest, I think I've got a pretty decent ear for good music but I've never been very good at saying why I like it or describing it so you're probably better just downloading the Demo, name your price, and making up your own minds. https://batterymarch.bandcamp.com/album/2019-demo-tape

  This is the lead track and probably my favourite. Underneath the gruff, hardhitting exterior there's a catchy as hell tune kicking and screaming to be heard. It's called No Good Cops...

Show me a good policeman, and I'll show you a rat
Cause 'serve and protect' don't just mean watch your buddy's back
It's right under their eyes, but suddenly they're blind
If you can't police your own backyard then fuck off out of mine
There's no good cops, just bad and worse

Another crooked copper busted but they just turn and shrug
Another racist murder by another blue-shirt thug
From Amadou to Homan Square, Rampart to Johnny Burge
Show me 'law and order' and I'll show you empty words

There's no good cops, just bad and worse
The ones that pull the trigger and the ones that steal your purse
And the ones that look on sadly like there's nothing they can do
Well fuck the thieves, and fuck the killers, and fuck the good cops too

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Amyl and the Sniffers - Got You

(photo : @lacay.o)

  I suppose there's always a danger when you seem to be the name on everyone's lips that you'll be hit by emperor's new clothes syndrome. I know there's plenty of people that have been gagging for an album by Melbourne's Amyl And The Sniffers and it's going to be difficult to live up to expectations but on the evidence of the song I'm featuring today, and the previous teaser releases from it (Monsoon Rock, Cup Of Destiny and Some Mutts (Can't Be Muzzled) ), the Self Titled debut album is going to blow long standing fans away and gain the band plenty of new ones. It's out on 24th May on Rough Trade, ATO Records and Flightless Records and you can pre order it here :     https://amylats.ffm.to/amylats

  There'll be 11 tracks on the album and if song titles like Gacked On Anger, GFY (Go Fuck Yourself) and Punisha don't whet your appetite then nothing will. The band have been busy touring to sell out crowds and gave us another taste of what to expect from the album in the form of an incendiary live version of Go Fuck Yourself  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaTys06uyNY

  Roll on May 24th!

  This song comes with a cool video that sees Amy treating the rest of the band mean. It's about those exciting first throes of love when you're starting a new relationship. It's called Got you...

Tuesday 9 April 2019

The Serpent Motors - Rollercoaster

  The Serpent Motors are a 4 piece punk n roll band from Chesterfield and The Peak District. They've been gigging for around 5 years, mainly in the North of England but they ventured down to London last year to play the Dublin Castle. Their next gig will be at The Tipsy Toad in Matlock on 19th April. Their influences include old school punk bands Ramones, Sex Pistols and Sham 69 as well as the likes of Nirvana, AC/DC and Slaves. You can find more info on them here :   https://www.facebook.com/TheSerpentMotor/

  Last year they released a 7 track album titled Rock n Roll Radio. Sharing a name with the classic Ramones song there's definitely hints of the Forest Hills legends in their sound but they definitely aren't a Ramonescore band. You can check out the album here :   https://theserpentmotors1.bandcamp.com/album/rock-n-roll-radio

  This is the opening track, it's called Rollercoaster...

I've been waiting all my life 
I've been waiting all the time 
I've been waiting all of my life 
I've been waiting all my life 
I've been stood, stood in line 
I've been waiting standing in line 

Now I'm going to ride the Rollercoaster 
I'm going to ride the times getting closer 
I'm going to ride the Rollercoaster with you 

I've been waiting for my chance 
I've been waiting for my dance 
I've been waiting all of my life 
I've been doing what I like 
I've been doing it all the time 
I've been doing what I like 

Now I'm going to ride the Rollercoaster 
I'm going to ride the times getting closer 
I'm going to ride the Rollercoaster with you 

Whoa oh ride the Rollercoaster 
Whoa oh ride the Rollercoaster 
Whoa oh ride the Serpent Motor with you

Monday 8 April 2019

Bad Affair - Bad Affair

  I was put onto today's band by Jamie Bay from the Not The Punk Rock Show and was mightily impressed. They're a garage punk 4 piece from Hamburg who (I think) formed in December 2017 and who've recently released a 4 track Demo ep. It'll be available soon on tape (limited to 100 copies) via No Spirit (https://www.facebook.com/nospiritzine/) but is already on Bandcamp as a name your price download : https://badaffair.bandcamp.com/releases

  Now their first release is available, they're preparing to play their first gig. It's on the 12th of this month in Breman. Other gigs they've got line up include a couple of support slots with top Canadian band No Problem. You can get more details here : https://www.facebook.com/BadAffairPunk/

  The Demo is an extremely promising female fronted (I'm not sure it's allowed to call bands female fronted anymore but sod it, I love female fronted bands and it's as good a way as any of describing what the singer sounds like!) debut. It's raucous, it's powerful, it's a blast. It leaves you yearning for more which I suppose is what a good demo should do.

  This is the opening track, I'm guessing it's an autobiographical tale of a relationship that quickly turned sour although feelings still linger. It's called Bad Affair...

when i first met you 
it was all heat and flash 
those days were so intense 
and i thought it was love 

why does it still hurt me? 

later i could see 
what was all obvious 
you were just fucked up 
and i was too naive 

why does it still hurt me? 

it´s said that time heals 
i guess that´s somehow true 
so here´s my goodbye 
along with a fuck you! 

why does it still hurt me? 

it will stop hurting me!

Sunday 7 April 2019

City Miles - Empty Vessels

  One of my favourite bands that I've posted on this blog are City Miles. I was lucky enough to stumble across them early on. If I remember rightly I think when I put Skinhead Till The End on Youtube it was their first song to be posted on there. I used it for the short piece I wrote about the song (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2017/04/city-miles-skinhead-till-end.html), it was short because no one knew anything about them. Pretty much all that seemed apparent at that time was that they were 3 genre veterans who wore balaclavas and back when I wrote the article they'd only got 13 likes on Facebook. Someone from the band noticed the blog update and messaged me, I didn't know who it was as they were keen to keep their identities secret though I now assume it was frontman and songwriter Marc 'Mates' Maitland. Mates had previously been in a number of other bands; he played drums in Blocko, The No Marks and Weeks but wanted his new project to stand on it's own two feet. I received a few messages from the mystery contact and even got a Top 10 selected jointly by the band : https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2017/05/top-10-songs-chosen-by-city-miles.html

  Tragically Mates passed away shortly before the release of their debut album. The album is titled Social Upheaval and it's wonderful.

  The band are an oi band but their songs are very catchy singalongs that whilst showing an obvious love for the genre also hint that the members have previously painted on a broader canvas. Whilst they sing about typical oi staples such as boots & braces, football hooligans, criminals, riots etc there's a twinkle in their eye and a sense of glee. You get a feeling if you were to meet these balaclava clad skinheads down a dark alley, rather than beat you up they'd greet you like a long lost friend and take you for a pint.

  The album is out on Rebellion and you can find it here : https://www.rebellionshop.com/

  This song is about the loudest voice in the pub. The guy who can't take his drink. It's called Empty Vessels...

Pizzatramp - I Got Work In The Morning

  Yay!  The new Pizzatramp album, Grand Relapse, is finally out and boy does it rock. It's 15 tracks of fast as fuck skate thrash that'll be turning up on more than a few Best Of 2019 lists. Unlike many hardcore bands though, the Welsh 3 piece aren't trying to take down the state, they're taking the piss out of it instead. They might sing about the rise of the far right, climate change or the systematic destruction of the NHS but they don't come over all po-faced and preachy. That doesn't mean they don't care, they'll tackle the important stuff but they'll have fun doing so. And, as in the case of the song that's featured today, they'll also sing about booze & drugs! It's an adrenaline rush of the highest order and you can get it on picture disc or orange vinyl from TNS Records    https://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/shop/distro/cds/pizzatramp-grand-relapse/

  It's also on Bandcamp : https://tnsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/grand-relapse

  I'll be playing a different song on tonight's Just Some Punk Songs show (https://www.facebook.com/events/2179639002114442/)  but on here I'm posting their new video. Pointing out the dangers of getting wasted on a school night, this is I Got Work In The Morning...

"This one goes out to all the heroes worldwide who go to gigs and clubs and pubs on school nights and still get absolutely fucking off their trees on spirits and pills regardless of the consequences"


No pills
No shots
I got work in the morning

No keys
No lines
I got work in the morning

No fun
No life
I got work

Late nights in vans
Guinness in cans
Won't cancel my plans

No gigs
No weed
I got work in the morning

No clubs
No speed
I got work

25 shots 5000 watts I can see spots

I got work 

Saturday 6 April 2019

Rumours Of War - Declaration of War (Review By Brian Curran)


  Brian Curran has featured on here a couple of times as a member of Scottish band Brain Anguish (https://brainanguish.bandcamp.com/releases) and he's been in several other bands (Disaffect, Debris, Quarantine, Ruin, Scatha, T.R.I.B.E.). Today he's kindly reviewed the new 4 track ep by "noisy, angry" north east of Scotland band Rumours Of War. You can find the ep here :   https://rumoursofwar.bandcamp.com/album/sloganeering-ep

  More info on them is here : https://www.facebook.com/rumoursofwar/

  Now over to Brian....

Rumours of War - Sloganeering

Rumours of war is the new band from the mind of singer songwriter Mark Ayling, or Mark A as he also goes by. If you asked me what would Mark A sound like if he had other musicians and plugged in my answer would probably be what Rumours of War sound like. I've always like what Mark does as a solo artist, so I was pretty excited to hear what he'd sound like as a band. If I would put any similarities on this I would say it reminds me of The Mob, Zounds, The Astronauts with hints of The Jam thrown in for good measure. Opening song 'Declaration of War' has all the hallmarks of traditional anarcho punk, which starts off with a catchy guitar riff that builds up and keeps marching along with a sense of urgency all the way through to a singalong chorus (well I was singing along anyway). The urgency of the music reflects the lyrics that are relevant of the current economic climate and all that is wrong with capitalism. It's a call to arms and a cry for help all at the same time as they ask what is it going to take for the people to fight back against the ruling class, which kind of highlights how fuck all has changed over the years. Second song Clean continues where Declaration of War finishes off. An upbeat song about privilege, the dirty tricks used to accumulate their wealth and how they can hide their money whilst the rest of us get hammered by tax via our income and purchase of goods. The music is simple, repetitive, but not dull or boring and it pulls you in along for the ride and it's a ride that I'm enjoying. The bass line to 3rd song 'Sloganeering' instantly reminded me of The Jam and indeed as I was listening to this in the kitchen my 11 year old son came in with a spring in his step. It's the stand out song for me, catchy hooky song that grooves along. Lyrically, it's about bands/artists who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. You know, say all the right things about safe subjects but don't do anything actively to put those views into action. Final song 'Half Mast' is about the futility of war and the pointless murder of people (military personnel and civilians alike) by governments and how powerful bodies, such as the media, are charged with the job of feeding the masses with enough propaganda to justify the murder. The lyric "But there's no time to remember the thousands who fell. Each with a family, a life, a story to tell. Justified in the hatred you felt. But every bullet you fired feels like a bullet you aimed at yourself" it shows how pointless it is, but sadly relevant. Musically like the rest of the songs on this EP it's got an upbeat hooky riff that marches along and grabs you along. To sum up this is a strong debut release that is well recorded and well played, with Mark playing all the instruments as well as vocal duties. All in all a great EP that leaves you wanting to hear more.

This is Declaration Of War...

Thursday 4 April 2019

State Funeral - Built For Destruction

  State Funeral are a hardcore punk band from Brighton who I came across a couple of years ago when I heard their incendiary debut ep Tory Party Prison https://statefuneraluk.bandcamp.com/releases

  They first featured on here in Dec 2017 when Darren Bourne reviewed Age Of Pigs (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2017/12/state-funeral-age-of-pigs.html).

  Now they're back with a new 5 track ep on Static Shock Records called Built For Destruction. I think it's fair to say that they haven't mellowed with age. There's a limited pressing on red 7" vinyl and it's also available digitally here : https://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/built-for-destruction

  Earning comparisons with bands like Dead Mans Shadow, The Abused and The Insane, it's music that'll strip the paint off your wall. If you thought I was posting too much pop punk last weekend then this is something you'll probably enjoy. It's the title track, Built For Destruction...

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Virvon Varvon - Mind Cancer

(photo by Matthew Stewart Hunter)

  Virvon Varvon are a new band to me but damn they're good. They feature members of the likes of Black Time, Wake Up Dead, Candy Highway and The Jazz June, they're from the UK and the line up is Hanne Highway (vocals), Stix Champion (drums), Koala (guitar/vocals), Rob Bass (bass) and Lemmy Caution (guitar). They play "Angry, Gnarly, Claustrophobic, Paranoid punk anthems for our times!"

  They've just started taking pre orders for their new cassette, it's titled Mind Cancer and it'll be released on one of the most interesting labels around, Girlsville. Based in Portland, Oregon, the label has been responsible for super cool recent releases by The Prissteens, Hood Rats, Coachwhips, Mr. Airplane Man, Towanda etc. You can order the cassette and/or stream 8 of the songs here :   https://girlsville.bandcamp.com/album/virvon-varvon-mind-cancer

  Garage punk that's catchy as hell, scuffed up pop that brings to mind the kind of trashy but oh so cool bands that Tina Lucchesi has graced, the album is a definite winner. I'll play a different track on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show but today you're getting the title track. This is Mind Cancer...


Tuesday 2 April 2019

Cocaine Piss - Eat The Rich

  Cocaine Piss are from Liege, Belgium and are preparing for the release this week of their 2nd album Passionate And Tragic. As with their debut (2016's The Dancer) it was produced by the legendary Steve Albini. They're a noise rock band who this time round promise beefier outbursts with stronger impact. It'll be on Hypertension Records and you can order it here :   https://hypertensionrecords.bigcartel.com/

  It's available digitally on Bandcamp : https://cocainepiss.bandcamp.com/album/passionate-and-tragic

  They'll be venturing out on a lengthy European tour soon and you can check out dates here :   https://www.facebook.com/cokepiss/

  Below you'll see their latest video, it's called Eat The Rich...

Monday 1 April 2019

Flinch - Breathe

  Flinch are a melodic hardcore band from Novi Sad, Serbia, featuring Jovan (vocals), Nikola (bass/vocals), Ognjen (guitar/vocals), Pavel (drums) and Nina (guitar). Those of you that really pay attention may recognise some of those names as the band were previously called Against The Odds and a song by them featured on here in 2017 (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2017/09/against-odds-from-kids.html). As guitarist Nina Zvezdin says, "We changed the name of the band but it's pretty much the same crew. There have been a lot of line up changes over the years and it's a completely different sound than it was 6 years ago when we started. A name change was long overdue."

  Their new ep, Ask For Help, was released in February and is suitably shouty and hard hitting. The 4 tracks on the ep seem to focus on those times when you're struggling mentally. Lyrics include "Is anyone listening? Can you hear the muted screams?" / "I know I can do it but I don't want to all alone." / "I've been running scared all my life."etc. I guess that's why it's titled Ask For Help. Anyway, you can download it name your price here :  https://flinchhc.bandcamp.com/

  There's also a limited edition run of tapes available from Underground Disco Beočin

  This is the opening track, it's called Breathe...

With short quick breaths, 
Heart rate skyrocketing like a weight on my chest, 
I can’t face society, anxiety consumes my life. 

Water burning down your throat, 
While heat drowns out your insides, 
Is this what it’s supposed to feel like, 
Or have I just lost my mind? 

Is anybody listening? 
Can you hear the muted screams? 
Are you listening? 

Let’s raise the stakes, 
Not like it matters it’s only one life. 
Is it bad or just getting worse? 
"It’s not over before it’s too late" 
That’s what they think will keep you calm, 
Nothing will cost you more. 

Take the weight off your chest.