Monday 8 April 2019

Bad Affair - Bad Affair

  I was put onto today's band by Jamie Bay from the Not The Punk Rock Show and was mightily impressed. They're a garage punk 4 piece from Hamburg who (I think) formed in December 2017 and who've recently released a 4 track Demo ep. It'll be available soon on tape (limited to 100 copies) via No Spirit ( but is already on Bandcamp as a name your price download :

  Now their first release is available, they're preparing to play their first gig. It's on the 12th of this month in Breman. Other gigs they've got line up include a couple of support slots with top Canadian band No Problem. You can get more details here :

  The Demo is an extremely promising female fronted (I'm not sure it's allowed to call bands female fronted anymore but sod it, I love female fronted bands and it's as good a way as any of describing what the singer sounds like!) debut. It's raucous, it's powerful, it's a blast. It leaves you yearning for more which I suppose is what a good demo should do.

  This is the opening track, I'm guessing it's an autobiographical tale of a relationship that quickly turned sour although feelings still linger. It's called Bad Affair...

when i first met you 
it was all heat and flash 
those days were so intense 
and i thought it was love 

why does it still hurt me? 

later i could see 
what was all obvious 
you were just fucked up 
and i was too naive 

why does it still hurt me? 

it´s said that time heals 
i guess that´s somehow true 
so here´s my goodbye 
along with a fuck you! 

why does it still hurt me? 

it will stop hurting me!

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