Monday, 25 October 2021

Vista Blue - Ya Bang!


  Halloween is creeping up on us which means there's a new themed Vista Blue ( release to enjoy. This years creepy treat is a 4 track ep titled New Nightmares and the songs are inspired by a quartet of horror movies; Halloween III, Candyman, Terror Train & Friday the 13th VI. 

  As always with the Nashville power pop outfit what we get is a very catchy collection of songs and you can get the ep as a name your price download here :

  If that isn't enough, There's also a Vista Blue cd called Punching In available on back from the dead label Mutant Pop and you can find details of that here : 

  This track is the Friday the 13th VI inspired one, or to be more specific it's inspired by the cop in that movie who has a laser scope that he says he's been dying to use. He says, "Wherever the red dot goes... ya bang!" It's one of the most famous and cheesiest quotes from the series and there's a clip of the scene here :

  A fun love song, this is Ya Bang! 

Lady Bird - Infants


  A band today that have featured on both of the last two Just Some Punk Songs shows and have gone down a storm both times. They're a trio (Sam Cox, Alex Deadman, Joe Walker) from Tunbridge Wells who play a similar style of fresh faced indie punk to another excellent band from that area, Slaves. They're called Lady Bird ( and if you've not yet had the pleasure then their upcoming album will be a perfect opportunity to get acquainted. 

  The album's due out on Christmas Day via Alcopop Records and it's one I'm very much looking forward to. You can pre order it here :

  To promote the album they'll be touring throughout March. 

  There's a couple of singles from it streaming, as I mentioned earlier both are excellent. This is Infants... 

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Finale - Loco Loco


  Tune in later today to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (details : as there'll be lots of great new releases by bands you know and love AND by band's that may be new to you. 

 One of the band's that are new to me are Finale ( They're a quartet from Valencia (Oliver, Javato, Nick & Pepe) who's sound is quite aptly described as organized recklessness. I was going to make a similar description and call them gloriously chaotic. They've been compared with the likes of The Consumers and The Coneheads. Their riffs are frantic, their vocals shouty, you can check out their 2019 Demo and their debut album Visión de futuro here :

  December 3rd will see them release a new ep. Titled 225 o.p.m. it'll be out on Slovenly Recordings ( 

  There's a video available for one of the tracks. It's a blast. It's for a song called Loco Loco. Check it out... 

Saturday, 23 October 2021

The Lee Harveys - Motor City Bluez


  Hailing from Dublin and forming in 2009, The Lee Harveys ( love '77 style punk rock. Not only have they just released a new ep titled 77, they've enlisted one of punk's iconic figures, Rat Scabies, to produce and mix it. 

  If you've not come across them before you can catch up with 3 of their albums (Gun City, Still Angry, Bullet For The President) here : 

  Their 4th album was titled Resistance Is Not Terrorism and 6 of the tracks are streaming here :

  Earlier this year they released an ep on Rotator Vinyl titled 221 and it was where I first heard the song I'm featuring today

  That song is now the lead track on 77 and is joined by another 3 choice cuts from a band at the top of their game. Recorded in one take and pressed on pink vinyl with a good vibrations inspired sleeve you can check it out here :

  This is Motor City Bluez... 

Friday, 22 October 2021

Bart And The Brats - Livin´ In The Future


livin’ in the future, got no choice,
livin’ in the future, got to raise your voice

  Some of you may remember that earlier this year I featured a song by Bart And The Brats ( It was taken from their debut album Dogged ( They return today with a new single. 

   I say they but maybe I should say he as Bart And The Brats are (is?) the solo project featuring Bart De Vraantijk who you may know from bands such as Wild Zeros, Teenage Hearts, The Janitors, The Pneumonias, Skeptics and more. Based in La Rochelle, France, Bart has been brought up on a diet of late 70's punk and no doubt has plenty of Killed By Death and Bloodstains comps in his collection.


  The new record is an ep featuring 3 tracks with sharp guitars, loud bass, pounding drums and snotty vocals. It's titled Livin' In The Future and it's out next week on Spanish label Take The City Records

  All 3 songs are winners but it's the title track that's on Youtube so that's what you're getting. A prime cut of budget rock, this is Livin' In The Future...

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Mad Mulligans - Hatebreeders


  Did you all catch the debut album by New York City punks The Mad Mulligans? ( 8 tracks of rowdy street punk/oi/hardcore that was a very promising introduction to a band of genre vets playing music in the vein of Sham 69, The Business, Cockney Rejects etc. 

  They returned earlier this year with 4 tracks on a compilation from Dammit Records titled Dammit, Blast And Other Expletives Volume 1 ( 

  Now they've reared their heads once again in what to me is a somewhat unexpected place. Outloud Records have featured on here several times over the last few years and are a label I associate with pop punk and Ramones influenced type bands. They've put out some great music and their latest project is timed to coincide with Halloween. It's a compilation album titled We're A Fiend Family! which features "a bunch of fine folks contributed covers of their favorite songs from MISFITS family of bands!" I've already played The Black Russians on the show and other artists include the likes of J Prozac, The Putz, The Moans, The Anxieties and many more. You can check it out here :

  A very spirited rendition of a classic, this is Hatebreeders...

Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Hate breeders
Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Hate breeders
Whoa oh oh
Brain invasion goin' on in everyone
You feel the things that make your world turn angry red
Because the next time you can't take it
Next thought murderlation
And hate is all you want to know
Murder one inborn into your every cell
It's in your blood and you can't shake it
Because you were bred to take it
Next stop annihilation
They bred the hate right in your bones
Because you were bred to take it
Next stop annihilation
They bred the hate right in your fuckin' bones
Hate is your mistress and you shall not want
You shall not want because your breed is strong
Because when they try to break you
New world desolation
And strength is all you gotta know

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Abrazos - Dying In Denial


  A marriage made in heaven today as south coast hardcore punks Abrazos ( team up with Scottish anarcho-punk duo Brain Anguish ( to release a new 7 track split ep titled We're Still Angry All The Time. 

  Featuring 5 tracks by Abrazos and a couple by Brain Anguish, it's getting a vinyl release and you can snap up a copy here :

  You may have already heard the Brain Anguish songs as I've featured them previously : 

  Abrazos, who feature members of bands such as Hack Job, Armoured Flu Unit, The Officials, The Shorts etc, have also appeared a couple of times so it's easier to share the links than write their info again

  Still angry all the time is a good summation of the ep and Abrazos kick off proceedings by asking why are you not angry too. They also deal with like minded people coming together with a common bond to create music but also go onto mention that not everyone in the punk scene practices what they preach. They finish their section of the ep off with a powerful look at animal rights (or the lack of). There's a song about hunting and one about keeping animals caged for vivisection. This is the latter, it's called Dying In Denial...   

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

The Chevelles - Steve McQueen (I Wish I Was)


  Another timeless sounding and very cool garage rocker for you today. 

  With a tagline of "the Who meets the Ramones meets the Easybeats meets Beach Blanket Bingo" The Chevelles ( are from Perth, Western Australia, and have been around for over 3 decades. They play a mix of power pop, punk and garage rock and feature a line up of Duane Smith (Vocals/guitars), Adrian Allen (Guitars/vocals), Jeff Halley (Bass/vocals) & Ian Tubbs (Drums). 


  They've been pretty quiet in recent times but are going to be releasing a new album next year. They recently showcased the first single from it. It's on Wicked Cool Records and it's streaming here :

  A nice blast of infectious psychedelia, this is Steve McQueen (I Wish I Was)... 

Monday, 18 October 2021

The Courettes - Won't Let You Go


  Surfbort aren't the only band who've just released an album of the year contender. Brazilian/Danish married duo Flavia & Martin Couri have had a busy year. You'll probably know them better as The Courettes ( You've hopefully heard their excellent single Hop The Twig ( Maybe you caught the cd rerelease of their first 2 albums which came out earlier this year on Damaged Goods Records ( Maybe you've even managed to see them on their current UK tour. 

  If you are a fan of the garage rocking twosome then you need a copy of their new album, Back In Mono. Pitched as “spit ´n´snarl garage rumble-meets-Phil Spector pop” it's a modern day classic. It's 14 killer garage rock tracks given an impressive production job. It's the 60's transported into the modern age. It's an album full of delights. It's available on vinyl, cd and digital download here :

  As well as Hop The Twig, the album also boasts more singles in the form of Too Late To Say I'm Sorry,  Want You! Like A Cigarette and the newly released R.I.N.G.O. There's a reworking of Xmas song Christmas (I Can Hardly Wait) plus another 9 tracks that could easily be given a single release. The album deserves a place in your collection. 

  This song reminds me a little of Love You So by The King Khan & BBQ Show ( It's a vibrant up tempo rocker that'll have you bopping around. You may recognise it as a reworking of a track from the 2019 Too Late To Say I'm Sorry ep. It's called Won't Let You Go... 

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Surfbort - Never Nude

(photo : Parker Day)

  Sunday morning, chilling. Listening to music after completing the playlist for this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (8pm today (UK time) if you wanna come listen 

  An album that's providing me with much pleasure this morning is Keep On Truckin'. It's by Surfbort ( and it's essential listening. It's packed with should be hits. It's commercial enough to pick up mainstream acclaim but cool enough to keep us more discerning types happy too. 

  We've already had the pleasure of a few of the tracks such as FML, White Claw Enema Bong Hit and new single Big Star but by no means are they the only high points. Songs such as Open Your Eyes, Dicks In Space, Youth Group Therapy (just to name a few) are equally infectious. It's an album that's consistent throughout. 

  I've a different song lined up for tonight's show but for the blog, it was a bit of a coin toss. So many great highlights to select from. I'm going with this, it's called Never Nude... 

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Flangipanis - Good Little Taxpayer


  Brisbane 4 piece Flangipanis ( are back today with their new single. It's an incendiary track, blazing a trail for a new album (their 8th) titled Fuckin' Woo which will be released on October 29th.

  If you're hanging around the bottom of the planet, you might be interested in the album launch party on November 5th at The Zoo in Brisbane. 

    The single is typical Flangipanis, walking the line between hardcore and pop punk, there's a big, beefy pummelling sound that doesn't forget to simultaneously be very catchy indeed. Vocalist Jodie Lawlor is on fine form bemoaning the daily grind of the over worked & under paid. We're expected to shut our mouths and be good little drones. It's not just work though that's the problem, society in general is pretty shitty. Jodie's advice, burn it fucking down.

  This is Good Little Taxpayer...  

Friday, 15 October 2021

Wonk Unit (featuring Isaac Holman) - Disco Fever


  Only a week left to wait now until the release of the highly anticipated new album by London's finest, Wonk Unit ( It'll be titled Uncle Daddy and it'll be available next Friday from Plasterer Records (UK), Kidnap Records (Germany) and Rad Girlfriend Records (USA). You can pre order the vinyl version here : 

  We've already been drip fed a few singles so we know it's going to be a very fine album indeed but if you want that little bit more confirmation then here's one last teaser. This time around the band are commenting on lad culture. It's Friday night and the boys are back in town busting out a few moves on the dancefloor. Just don't get in their way. 

  We also get a guest appearance from Isaac Holman who'll you know from Slaves ( (and who's now  going solo under the name Baby Dave; debut single here 

  Accompanied by a video in which we're treated to some top notch dance moves, this is Disco Fever...  

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Jackson Reid Briggs - Move


  A song for you today from a very fine new ep from Melbourne punk rock n roller Jackson Reid Briggs  ( 

  With a sound "sandwiched somewhere between The Saints and Neil Young at his most ragged" Jackson's featured on here several times previously and can always be relied on to deliver the goods. On this release (the ep's titled Fear/Move) he sings and plays guitar and drums whilst Ryan Potter is on guitar and Deon Slaviero plays bass & organ. The Heaters contribute backing vocals.

   All 4 tracks are lean, mid paced garage influenced rockers and all are worthy of your attention. The ep is available via Legless Records and you can get it as a name your price download here :

  This is my pick of the bunch, it's called Move...

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Joe & The Shitboys - Save The Planet, You Dumb Shit


  Anyone for some queer, vegan, shitpunk? 

  Joe & The Shitboys ( are creating something of a buzz. They're the Faroe Island punk quartet whose debut album The Reson For Hardcore Vibes got more than a few genre heavy hitters sitting up and taking notice. 10 tracks in around 10 minutes, it was a blink and you'll miss it delight. 

  Fast forward a year and they're preparing to return with a follow up. In what very much looks to be a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it, we look as though we'll be treated to more of the same. Even the album's title, The Reson For Hardcore Vibes (Again), seems to be saying "Hey, you liked the debut? Here's part 2." 

  As with the debut, it'll be available on 7" vinyl (1st 150 copies in pink). You can pre order it here (4 tracks are already streaming)

  This is the latest single, frontman Joe is offering up some sage advice; recycle, take shorter showers, stop using plastic, be a vegan, sort your trash, kill your firstborn! 

  It's called Save The Planet, You Dumb Shit...

Shove - Chopper

(photo : oldkingjardine)

  There looks to be a few decent releases coming on Friday. One which might not get the same fanfare as a couple of the bigger hitters but looks as though it'll be no less worthy of your attention is the new Self Titled ep by Melbourne quartet Shove. 

  I played them on the show early in 2020 (an excellent and very promising track called No Through Road) and made a mental note to keep an eye out for future releases. I then seem to have missed their next song, Non Essential Citizen. Happily, I'm back on the ball and am today highlighting one of the new songs. 

  Lining up with Bella Kranjec (vocals), Adrian Vernon (guitar), James Hale (bass) & Hamish Storrie (drums), they're a band who feature members of the likes of Shit Sex, Eat-Man and Burger Chef. Their sound is shouty hardcore with guitars that squeal as though they're being tortured. It's exhilarating stuff.

  The ep will be available on 7" vinyl (ltd to 200 copies) via local label Rack off Records. You can pre order it here (and stream a couple of tracks, including new single Eddie) :

  This song's's called Chopper...


Sunday, 10 October 2021

Cherry Cheeks - Alone


  Cherry Cheeks is a project started in 2020, in Orlando, by Kyle Harms (he's since relocated to Portland). Born out of boredom & frustration, we've been blessed with a slew of very decent eps in a short spell of time (check 'em out here : Playful and inventive budget priced synth punk that might have once been tagged as Devocore but is more likely to be filed under egg punk nowadays.

  The most recent release, a Self Titled album, came out last month on Total Punk. On it, Kyle is joined by Kyle Elferdink on lead guitar. I was impressed with the 3 songs that are streaming on Bandcamp and with the one posted to Youtube ( but it wasn't till the weekend just gone that I had the pleasure of sitting down and enjoying the full record. Unsurprisingly, it's excellent. Brimming over with invention, full of catchy tunes and all in all a top listen. You can grab it here : (vinyl, cd or digital

  It's hard to choose a track to highlight as they're all of a similar high standard but I'm going with something that isn't on Bandcamp yet. This song displays some hardcore influences and some cool guitar playing to compliment the synth. It's called Alone...

Campaign Of Terror - Divide And Fall


  Campaign Of Terror ( are a new UK punk band that have recently posted a couple of songs to Bandcamp ( and are promising more to come.

  I've no info about them to share but going off the image at the top of this update they look to be a 3 piece. I'd recommend them to fans of bands such as Conflict, Oi Polloi & Armoured Flu Unit etc. Their music is hard hitting and on the evidence presented thus far it's lyrically political. One of the released songs, KTB (which stands for Kill The Bill), deals with the threat to free speech and the policing bill being pushed through by Priti Patel which aims to prevent peaceful protest. It's a topical look at a draconian threat that aims to shut down public dissent. 

  The other track, the one you'll see below, is about how those in power are encouraging a Them vs Us society. Divide and conquer.

  Divide And Fall...



Saturday, 9 October 2021

Angerboys - I Wanna Be a Nihilist


  Angerboys ( are from Recklinghausen, Germany and they're one of the bands I stumbled across this week in my constant search for cool new music to put together on a playlist for the weekly Just Some Punk Songs show ( 

  They announced themselves in 2019 with a demo boasting 9 tracks of "weird n' nervous hardcore punk" ( Those tracks have been dusted down and added to and now make up the bands debut album. It's titled How To Profit From The Panic, has a cool sleeve and is available on pink vinyl (Plastic Bomb Records : ) & cassette (Rilrec : You can also get it from No Front Teeth

  So what do they serve up? A bunch of short, shouty and wonderfully undisciplined hardcore punk bangers. Pitched as Vengaboys, only angrier, and compared with the likes of Loli And The Chones/Nina Hagen etc, the band are fronted by 'singer' Taylor Snifft who's mission statement seems to be to shred her vocal chords as quickly as possible. It's an impressive debut. You can listen on Youtube :

  This is one of many highlights, it's called I Wanna Be A Nihilist... 

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Loose Nukes - Inferno


  Formed in 2016 and from Houston, Texas, Loose Nukes ( featured on here a couple of years ago with a song from their Home Recording ep  (

  That song went on to feature on the following year's Cult Leaders album (which was described as a mutant sound of hardcore/punk fused with elements of speed and ferocity in grindcore/power-violence). This year has seen a split 7" with Under Attack and now the Black Mass demos lp which features 11 hard hitting cuts.

  If you like your punk music to pummel you senseless then you can find the album here :

  This track's called Inferno... 

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Bitch Queens - Burn It Down


  November 5th promises to be even more incendiary than usual this year, not only is it Bonfire Night over here in the UK, it's also the date that Swiss "action rockers" Bitch Queens ( release their new album. 

  The band hail from Basel and have been rocking out for over a decade now. If you've not been fortunate enough to discover them yet, expect a heady brew of '77 era punk, sleazy garage and glam rock. Expect catchy tunes and big choruses, expect to be impressed. 

  The album will be titled Custom Dystopia, it features a dozen tracks (4 of which are already streaming on Bandcamp) and it's available in various packages including black, white or red coloured vinyl. It'll be released by Spaghetty Town Records (North America) and Lux Noise (Europe). You can pre order here :

  Given the album's Bonfire Day release date, the first single is aptly titled, it's called Burn It Down... 


Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Sniff - Queer


Bisexual über alles...  

  Hailing from Falmouth, Sniff ( are (is?) the new project from Alex Smith from Bobby Funk ( & Tinnedfruit (

  He's recently released a debut Self Titled ep. He's been sat on the tracks a while but they're now out there for everyone to enjoy and he's already added a new track called Horizontal Friend to Bandcamp. Gigs will follow soon once a band has been put together. 

  The ep features 5 tracks of indie meets punk and very enjoyable they are too. You can find it here :

  This song originally surfaced earlier this year via The Seabin Podcast's Spicy Noodz & Spicy Tunez - Vol 1 comp ( It's called Queer... 


Sunday, 3 October 2021

Kate Clover - Crimewave


  Kate Clover's ( from Los Angeles and earlier this year she released a debut 4 track ep titled Channel Zero. She'd been playing in local bands before deciding to go solo in 2019 and then taking herself off to Mexico to record the ep. You can check it out here : 

  Since then she's been out on the road, including a support slot on the Black Lips' West Coast tour. She's also just released a cool new single (from an upcoming debut album) which features guest vocals by AJ Davila and Brandon Welchez & lead guitar by Johnny Davila of Davila 666. With lyrics inspired by the writing of Hunter S. Thompson, it's a song that looks at the police force both in the present and historically. It's an upbeat slice of garage influenced pop punk that has a subtle riff running through it that reminds me of classic Buzzcocks. I think you'll enjoy it. 

  It's called Crimewave...

Saturday, 2 October 2021

DJ Paula Frost - Sex Pistols VS Ramones Remix


  Something a little different today...

  I'm guessing if you're reading this you may have heard of an obscure old English band called The Sex Pistols? The more adventurous of you might even have stumbled across a band from all the way over in America called The Ramones. Not much information is to be found about either band on in the internet so I'll quickly jump to the song I'm featuring today.

  Paula Frost is a London dj who's influenced by the likes of The Prodigy, DJ Shadow, Shy FX & Underworld and who has toured New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia and Croatia. She's worked with Tippa Irie, played Rebellion online festival and supported rock duo Slaves. She's is set to support Ska legends Los Fastidios in Italy for their 30th Anniversary. Her debut EP 'Orbit' was released on Glasstone Records in 2020 and a debut album titled Mesmeric Soundsystem is due for release later this year. Also upcoming is a new single called Warfare (Crass Remix). 


  She's mixed a couple of songs together, Pretty Vacant and Blitzkrieg Bop. When I was sent the track my first thought was "This is probably going to be a bit naff." But I was wrong. She's done a good job. The end result being a fresh and worthwhile mash up which works well. 

  It's accompanied by a rather fun video which features a couple of legendary figures from back in the day, Glen Matlock and Ed Tudorpole. 

  If you're like me, you may be approaching this with trepidation but I think you'll enjoy it (feel free to let me know)...

Thursday, 30 September 2021

cutters - Midnight Bus


Me and my baby, we left on the midnight bus

  Yay! A nice surprise. It's been less than 4 months since Melbourne punks cutters ( released their excellent Australian War Crimes ep (How do I know it was excellent? Because the folk in the chatroom when I played tracks from it on the Just Some Punk Songs show kept telling me it was) but they've just popped up with a new track.

This time tomorrow he'll be mine

  It's a cover of a song written by John D Loudermilk
 which was a big hit in Australia for Betty McQuade

We fell out and had an awful fuss

  cutters' take on the song is unsurprisingly the most raucous version. To my ears it's almost veering off into garage punk territory (in the way that Mark E Smith did with a few of the more ramshackle Fall covers). It's might fine indeed and you can snap it up here : 

He's gone, my baby's gone and I'm alone

  It's called Midnight Bus... 

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Pozi - Typing


  Pozi ( are a 3 piece post punk band from London comprising of Toby Burroughs (Drums/Vocals), Tom Jones (Bass/Vocals) & Rosa Brook (Violin/Vocals). Like Austerity, who I featured yesterday, they went down a storm when I played them on this week's show. 

  One of the comments on their new single in the chatroom was "clever arrangement" and I'd certainly agree with that as the song nags away at you slowly insinuating its way into your consciousness. It's the title track of the band's upcoming 5 track ep and it's called Typing.


   The ep will be out on October 29th on limited edition sea green 12" vinyl via Prah Recordings and you pre order (and listen to 3 tracks) here :

In support of the ep, there'll be a lengthy UK tour

    Dealing with the anxiety and paranoia that can be experienced when you're in a conversation with someone on Whatsapp, this is Typing... 

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Austerity - Am I Trending Yet


  A song today that went down very well with the listeners in the chatroom on this week's show. They seemed especially keen on the lyrics. 

  Austerity ( are a three piece post-punk / dance-punk band from Brighton. They want to make nerds dance and we want to make punks join unions. They list amongst their influences the likes of XTC, Scritti Politti and Wire and are often compared to Gang of Four, A Certain Ratio and Fugazi. I played a couple of tracks from their excellent 2019 album Anarcho Punk Dance Party on the show but this is their first time on here. 

  A couple of months ago they released a song about social media commentary and how the likes of Katie Hopkins can make cash from spewing out mock outrage which is lapped up as fact by the easily led ("What do you pay to see them get outraged every day? What will we pay, dividing our nation every day?"). It's not without humour but is also biting and sadly all to true. It features Rhi Kavok from Gulls on backing vocals. You can find it here :

  It's called Am I Trending Yet... 


Monday, 27 September 2021

Pep Talk - Sleepwalk Girl


  Another one from Hey Pizza Records today. 

  Pep Talk ( are from New York and line up with Rocky, Rookie, Guli, Azeem & Grivet who are also members of The Young Rochelles, New Rochelles, Sketchy and Weird Skin (and have previously been in the likes of The Steinways, House Boat, Isotopes etc...).

  Last month they released an ep titled Next To Me which was a teaser for their upcoming album. Titled Live, Laugh, Lobotomy, that album is out now on various coloured vinyl, cd and digital download. You can snap it up here : and here (digitally) :

    The album is a mighty fine debut, 14 tracks of upbeat Ramones influenced pop punk with hooks aplenty. If you like your punk music to be more infectious than Covid then you'll love it. They've just released a video so I'll feature that today. This is Sleepwalk Girl... 

Sunday, 26 September 2021

The Nilz - Ginger Jesus

  So what's on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (8pm UK time today I'm not telling you other than to say tune in and you'll hear another hour's worth of the best new releases, including the song I'm posting today...

  The Nilz ( are from Dublin and last featured on here a couple of years ago with the title track of a rather tidy ep (

  They've a new album in the pipeline, it's going to be called Unicorn Hardsports and on the evidence presented from this teaser track, it's going to be somewhat of a banger. Maybe they'll play tracks from it when they share a stage with Paranoid Visions at The Opium Rooms in Dublin on Friday 8th October?

   The new song is a rip snorter and is accompanied by a video that comes with a graphic content warning. It's called Ginger Jesus...

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Capgun Heroes - That Girl (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Another recommendation by Ralph today...

 Well one of the most anticipated albums in the Pop Punk scene finally dropped this Friday. Has it lived up to expectations? You better believe it! Following in a long standing tradition of remarkable bands that have come out of the Chicago "Punk" scene, Capgun Heroes (Joe Capgun (vocals), Matt Cappy (guitar), Andy Hero (guitar), Nick Hero (guitar), Jimmy C. (bass), and Scotty (drums) have written a debut lp that somehow embraced ALL those influences into an album that they can be damn proud of.

 From flat out scorchers like "Lobotomy", the obvious hit song "That Girl" and if they weren't personally trying to get my approval - covering my favorite Ramones cover ever with "Do You Wanna Dance" and hitting that sweet spot that makes us ALL wanna hit the dance floor. This album pretty much touches on all aspects of our music. You got some Melodic type songs, some Street Punk type songs and the catchy as Hell Pop Punk songs. This is DEFINITELY gonna be up there in my end of the year Top 10.

 I gotta tell you if you love this album - check out their debut EP also because that's what put these guys on my radar and those are also 5 of the catchiest Pop Punk songs you'll ever hear. 

  The album is called Last Call For Adderall and it's available on coloured vinyl & cd from Hey Pizza Records : and it's available digitally here :

  I'm not gonna rock the boat, I'll just go with the video for "That Girl" because it's just that friggin' good!...

Thursday, 23 September 2021

OC Rippers - Eyes Of Satan


  A raucous cover for you today of a song originally released by Cleveland, Ohio punk legends The Pagans (check out the original version here : 

  OC Rippers are from Beachwood, New Jersey and earlier this year released a very fine album called Wasteland Blues. A song from it and accompanying write up by Ralph J Rivera featured here :

  The band are back with 3 more tracks of energetic, sleazy punk n roll in the form of the Born To Fuck (Fall '21 Demo) and as with the album, it's an excellent listen. HI octane, bad taste rock at it's finest, you can get it here :

  This is The Pagans cover. It's not always easy to do justice to a song by what many people consider to be one of the classic bands in the genre but OC Rippers knock it out of the park. This is Eyes Of Satan...