Tuesday 7 December 2021

Ingrates - Don't Wanna Work


  One good thing about this blog (at least as far as I'm concerned as it keeps things fresh and keeps my enthusiasm levels up) is that I can be sitting there thinking I've not seen much to excite me today, maybe I'll have a break and look again tomorrow. But then just as I'm about to step away from the pc I'll see a comment on Facebook like the one I've just seen from Richter Scale Records' head honcho Steven Milton in which he says "Decent power-pop from California. Could see Drunken Sailor or No Front Teeth releasing this..."  The comment, plus a decent looking record sleeve led me to take a listen and to be honest, I think you should have thrown around a few more superlatives Steve!

  So, gleaning what little I can from Bandcamp, Ingrates are Justin Jurgens & Nick Norrman, a duo from Amboy, California who's charged up punk and power pop sound is a homage to some of those classic 70's punk singles that we all know and love. The A side (the one I've posted below, is "a covid era pub rock anthem about finally being paid a decent working-class wage through unemployment." It makes me think of scruffier version of Los Pepes. It has all the melody of that band but with a more rough and ready feel. The flip side, Leather Lover, is "a bittersweet power pop love stomper about a long lost lover (a stolen leather jacket)." This one brings to mind The Exploding Hearts. 

  I think it's their debut release (although that's based on nothing more than a lack of anything else on Bandcamp!) and it excites me as much as when I first heard another similar sounding band, Tommy And The Commies. You can get the single here, it's excellent so don't miss out on what will hopefully  be the genesis of a killer new band... https://ingrates.bandcamp.com/album/dont-wanna-work-b-w-leather-lover-2

  This is just getting shoved into the folder marked Best Songs Of 2021 ready for the end of year chart. It's called Don't Wanna Work... 

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