Thursday 9 December 2021

Kids On A Crime Spree - When Can I See You Again


  Some very catchy indie/power pop for you today from Kids On A Crime Spree. They're a California based trio featuring a line up of Mario Hernandez (vocals/guitar), Becky Barron (drums) & Bill Evans (guitar) and they've been releasing melodic bubblegum gems for a decade or so. 

  January 21st will see them releasing a new album titled Fall In Love Not In Line and on the evidence presented by 2 early singles it could well be a little bit special. They aren't a punk band per se, just as regulars on this blog such as The Exbats and The Courettes aren't punk bands. But without punk, none of those bands would exist, at least in their current form. As much as Kids On A Crime Spree have a love of Phil Spector and 70's power pop, there's also plenty of other influences to pick up on. Take latest single All Things Fade, is that a Jesus And Mary Chain/Shop Assistants style intro? (watch the video here : 

You can pre order the coloured vinyl, cd, cassette or digital version from Slumberland Records :

  The other single they've teased us with is even better, It really is totally moresome, you'll want to play it on repeat. It's called When Can I See You Again...

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