Wednesday 1 December 2021

The PCBs - Riot Riot Riot


  A great song AND a great compilation to say nice things about today. 

 First up, The PCBs. A trio I know very little about other than that they line up with P J Curran (Vocals/ Guitar), Andy Nazer (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) & Charlie Waygood (Drums/Vocals) and that they released an album in 2020 titled View From My Window (check it out here : I've had a listen and they're fun, old school punk rock with on occasion, a healthy dose of cynical humour.

  Earlier this year they released an ep on Weekend Offenders Records called The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives and it's more of the same. They're the kind of band that leave you kicking yourself for not discovering sooner but relieved that you got there in the end. Get the ep here :

  Now for the reason why I stumbled upon them. One of the tracks from the ep is a highlight on the 3rd instalment in The Hunt Sabs series of benefit compilations. Like the first 2 comps, it's crammed with music from some of the best bands around; Rubella Ballet, The Cravats, The Menstrual Cramps, Icons Of Filth, MDC, Virus, Omega Tribe and loads more. Plenty to enjoy with all profits going to North Wales, North London & Glasgow sab groups. You can get it from On The Run Wreck Chords on cd and digital download :

  From The PCBs, this is Riot Riot Riot...

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