Sunday 5 December 2021

Imploders - Beatin' On The Brain


  Imploders are a hardcore punk band from Toronto who impressed earlier this year with a Self Titled      7 "ep ( Riding high on a wave of positive feedback they recorded a radio session for Toronto's long running Equalizing Distort Radio show. 10 live tracks on cassette including 6 new songs, they've just released it as a killer new cassette titled EXD. 

  If you love your music to be short, fast and heavy as fuck then you need to check it out. There's 300 copies of the cassette and it's available along with the digital download from Neon Taste Records :

  Neon Taste are also working with the band on a new 12" which will surface in 2022. 

    This is the explosive opening salvo from EXD, it's also pretty damn catchy as far as hardcore stompers go. It's titled Beatin' On The Brain... 

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