Saturday 18 December 2021

The Jasons - Murder at the Jarvis House


  They say that good things sometimes come from tragedy
  Well baby, this ain't one of those times...

  A welcome back to Just Some Punk Songs to "four mongoloid brothers pissing people off with their immature antics and playing pure Red-Blooded American Punk Rock from Crystal Lake!"

  That's right, Friday The 13th obsessives The Jasons ( have a new release. They've been stalking and slashing their way through the pop punk scene since their 2014 S/T debut album, writing songs about the blood thirsty movie franchise with titles such as We're Gonna Ki-Ki-Ki- Kill That Girl, You Should Never Have Reopened That Camp, Mommy Got Beheaded By A Bimbo etc... Not only do they do pop punk exactly as it should be done (catchy as hell but with more emphasis on punk than pop), they're great fun. 

  Their new release is the Jarvis House ep. The Jarvis House features in Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter and sees Jason Voorhees escaping from the morgue and returning to Crystal Lake to continue his killing spree. The ep features 4 tracks, 2 new and a couple of re recorded favourites from the band's 2016 Get Fucked album. 

  The first ever Jasons 7" release, available in different ltd edition vinyl variants (several of which are already sold out), is available from Moms Basement Records

  This is the lead track, it's classic Jasons. Turn out the lights, let the screaming start, this is Murder At The Jarvis House...

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