Monday 13 December 2021

Heart Attack Man - Cool 2 Me

(photo : Courtney Emery)

  One of my favourite songs from last year was by a trio from London called Rabies Babies. It was titled Rape Is Rape, Even If The Rapist Is In A Band That You Like ( The band commented on it thus; "Just because a man is in your favourite band it does not mean that he is incapable of sexual assault. This song is made from comments on social media after some men in bands on our local scene were accused of sexual assault. We are shocked at how the ‘cool guys’ are excused for their actions and the victim of the assault is blamed or accused of lying."

  Today's song deals with the same topic and whilst somewhat different in style is still every bit as powerful. 

  Heart Attack Man are from Cleveland, Ohio and feature a line up of Peric Peegan (vocals, guitar), Adam Paduch (drums), Ty Sickels (guitar) & Logan McNeal (bass). They play a mix of hardcore, emo & power pop and if I'm being honest, I'm not a fan of all their music. It's not bad by any means but it doesn't quite connect.

  I have to admit though, new ep, Thoughtz & Prayerz is more my cup of tea. Opener, Puke, is an angry rant. It's a beast of a song about the disdain felt for someone who's crossed the line. Next up is the title track and it's another sonic behemoth about a phrase that seems all to often to roll off the tongues of uncaring celebs and world leaders. The last couple of songs on the ep revert to type and are big chorus pop punk singalongs but are decent enough and will please long term fans. 

  But it's the meat in the sandwich which is the standout. Track 3. The one that would possibly be written off as a 90's pop punk throwback if it wasn't for the scathing lyrics and the underlying sense of rage that spews out. It's a song that addresses an issue that shouldn't be an problem in 2021 but unfortunately still is. 

  You can get the ep on white or black vinyl from Triple Crown Records and on digital download here :

  This track is called Cool 2 Me...

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