Sunday 31 March 2019

The Yoohoos - Planet Heart

  Hello!  Today you get the final part of my look at recent Monster Zero Records releases, a song from Eggnog (vocals/guitar), Vanilla (bass/vocals) and Koko B (drums). Collectively known as The Yahoos, they're a pop punk 3 piece from Bamberg in the south east of Germany.

  Formed in December 2005 the band have released a couple of eps but after a long wait they've finally got round to regaling us with a debut album. Titled Up Goes The Rocket, it's mastered by the legendary Mass Giorgini (so you know it'll sound great) and it's available on vinyl (50 orange/250 black) here :                                                             

  You can find it on Bandcamp here :

  Pitched at being for fans of Groovie Ghoulies, Chixdiggit, Teen Idols etc it mixes male and female vocals to great effect. If you like your pop punk to be fun and upbeat then these are the guys for you. There's even a cool version of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle plus a guest appearance by Leftenant AR-7 of Oakland band The Phenomenauts. You can get more info on them here :

  The song I'm highlighting today is a song about love and loneliness, a bouncy little number called Planet Heart....

The Ratcliffs - Cease To Care

  Another Monster Zero Records release today, this time it's a song taken from Hell Mental, the latest album from The Ratcliffs. The band are a 3 piece from Innsbruck fronted by Paul Coyote (vocals/bass) and featuring Matt from DeeCracks (guitar) and Manu from Dorkatron (drums). For fans of The Queers, Hard-Ons, Mean Jeans etc the band have been around in one form or another since 2005 and Hell Mental is their 4th release on Monster Zero. It's available on green vinyl (though as it's limited to 50 copies I can't imagining it being available for long), black vinyl (250 copies) / and digitally :

  You can get more info here :

  Ticking all the requisite boxes, Hell Mental is 12 tracks of Ramones influenced pop punk that sits well with other recent Monster Zero releases from the likes of The Mugwumps, Jagger Holly etc. Well produced, wall to wall harmonies, driving guitars, pounding drums.... what's not to like! This song is called Cease To Care.

Saturday 30 March 2019

The Hangups - Stupid World

   It's been a great 2019 for punk music so far, the opening quarter of the year has seen plenty of killer releases. If you're a pop punk fan then the next few days on this blog you'll be pleased to see me feature bands from the Monster Zero Records roster. Based in Austria and run by Kevin "Aper" Stout they've been putting out some of the genre's best music and over the next 3 days I'll be illustrating how they're keeping up those high standards.

  First up, a song that I was certain I'd already posted but which I'd only played on the show. It's the lead track on the recent 2nd ep from Malmo 4 piece The Hangups. They formed in 2015 and I featured their debut ep here : They play late 90's/early 2000's style pop punk in the style of Screeching Weasel & The Parasites etc and after a couple of changes they line up with Ale (guitar/vocals), Hugo (bass/backing vocals), Poffe (drums) and Ludvig (guitar/backing vocals). They're one of my favourite new pop punk bands and you can get more info on them here :

  The new ep is called No Expectations, it's comprised of 4 catchy brain worms and it's available on black & blue splatter 7" vinyl (ltd to 300 copies) as well as digitally :

  This is the lead song, I can hear echoes of Teenage Bottlerocket running through the intro before Ale starts singing about nothing making sense to him as he's losing his mind in a world that feels upside down. The catchiest pop punk song of 2019 so far? Probably! This is timeless stuff guaranteed to get your feet moving. It's called Stupid World...

Thursday 28 March 2019

Vista Blue - Opening Day

  Yeah, it's Vista Blue again. The month started with an interview with frontman Mike Patton ( and now it's drawing towards a close with a new song from power pop-punk's most prolific outfit.

  This time around the band are celebrating opening day of what I assume is the baseball season. All this baseball stuff is beyond me but I'm sure as a cricket fan and someone who suspects himself to be at least dipping a toe into the autism spectrum (I'm quite interested in stats which is what seems to make up a large part of baseball plus I update this blog everyday which suggests an obsessive personality!) I think I'd enjoy it if there were enough hours in a day for me to give it a go. But it doesn't matter, knowing nothing about baseball doesn't detract from my enjoyment of today's song.

  It's available along with another new song (the more power pop orientated It Must Be Nice) on Bandcamp. It's currently name your price so snap them up now :

  The band are still aiming to get enough money pledged to record their next 7" in Memphis at Ardent Studios so if you want to help them you can check out details here :

   Also of interest, even though they don't seem to play too many live shows they've got what looks like an awesome gig lined up where they'll be on a bill with The Radio Buzzkills, The Prozacs and The Rip Taylors. It's at The Cobra, Nashville on 19th April and details are here :

  This song is typical Vista Blue. Bright and bouncy, catchy as hell and likely to be rattling around in your head for the rest of the day. It's called Opening Day...


Wednesday 27 March 2019

HAEMERS - NOISE (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

  I think it's fair to now call Dirk Ceustermans the official Just Some Punk Songs Belgian correspondent. Every so often he'll pop up with "I've got another one for you Mick."  He's yet to disappoint.

  Dirk's written a couple of paragraphs about a hardcore punk 4 piece from Ghent called HAEMERS. They line up with Bram (vocals), Joris (drums), Bert (bass) and Pieter (guitar). Their Facebook page is :

  Last year they released a Demo and you can find it Name Your Price here :

  And now over to the song that Dirk's chosen....

taken from DEMO released June 6, 2018

  Patrick Haemers was a criminal from Brussels who was part of a gang known for its violent robberies on money transports back in the 80s. At the end of that decade, this gang kidnapped a famous and rich Belgian politician, for whom they asked ransom which they got. However police were on his tail as they arrested a few involved. But by then Haemers was already in Rio De Janeiro. A bit like Ronald Biggs' story innit?
Brazilian authorities arrested him and sent them back to Belgium. 
Finally he committed suicide (some argue about that) in jail in 1993.

  So this band took up his name to unleash their violent attacks onto us, successfully so. There's more bands in Belgium that use the names of famous people over here, Travolta comes to mind, or the yet to be unleashed band called Johnny Flamingo.

  I wanted to write more about the band but by the time you've read this, the song will be over.

  This is NOISE...

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Becky & The Politicians - If Boys Got Pregnant

  Today's song came out a while ago (May 2017) but it's been getting plenty of plays in the Just Some Punk Songs household recently and deserves it's place on this blog.

  Becky & The Politicians are a lo-fi synth punk band who I know very little about but who released an ep called Options in 2016 ( and followed it up a year later with a mini album of covers titled Punk Rolls Over The Hill. On this release they put their own unique spin on classics originally recorded by The Ramones, Zeros, Swell Maps, Wire, Snatch, Buzzcocks and The Orchids. You can check it out here :

  There's plenty of fun to be had in listening to their versions of Orgasm Addict, Jackie & Judy and 12XU but my favourite is the Orchids cover (original version here : which asks the question what would happen If Boys Got Pregnant...

Monday 25 March 2019

Litovsk - I'll Never Forget You


  Litovsk are a post punk band from Brest, France who's line up features Clair, Damou, Gwen, Manu and Mitch. They've been together for around 5 years and you can find their music here :

  Their most recent release came out last month and was Volume 4 of the Build Me A Bomb Records singles series. It's titled I'll Never Forget You and it's available name your price here :

  The flip side of the single is the languidly paced 4 and a half minute Dit Wil Ik Nooit Vergeten. The A side is a shorter, jauntier version that's sung in English and is a little like early Cure on happy pills. I like both sides.

  This is I'll Never Forget You...

Sunday 24 March 2019

Freak Genes - Nothing In Between Us

  Charlie Murphy has already appeared on here this year with his band Internal Credit ( and he returns today with a song from the new album by his band Freak Genes. A duo, as well as Charlie there's Andrew Anderson (Hipshakes/Proto Idiot), this is their third album (following on from Playtime and Qwak Qwak) so not unreasonably it's titled 111.  It's available from the ever reliable Drunken Sailor Records.
  Vinyl :

  They're pitching the album as garage rock meets Gary Numan and also throwing names into the mix such as Wire, DAF, The Units, Flying Lizards and Lodger-era Bowie. What you get are 12 playful and inventive synth pop songs that are a joy to delve into. Quirky and unconventional, there's plenty of repeat play value.

  They've released a video for the song Waxing Moon ( but I've decided to highlight a different one today.

  This song would have probably been a Top 40 smash if it had been released before the charts went to shit. It's called Nothing In Between Us...

Cockwomble - Conspiracy

  Brighton band Cockwomble are preparing to release their 3rd ep (their first 2 were great and featured here : and here : It'll be available on cd and digital download on the 5th April and the title track is highlighted today. There's a video for it online so you may have already heard Conspiracy but thanks to bassist Vicky Smith I'm playing a song you possibly won't have heard (Joey Ramone) on today's Just Some Punk Songs show. Definitely worth tuning in for, join me at 8pm (UK TIME) here :

  Alongside Vicky Smith (who you may also know from her other band The Ramonas) Cockwomble also feature Ali Gavan (vocals/guitar) and Leah Dennison (drums). Combining anger and humour they shine a light on modern day society. Their songs are catchy but take no prisoners, razor sharp and biting. The new ep is released in advance of support slots with classic bands Subhumans and UK Subs and their first appearance at the Rebellion Festival. For more info check here :  

  If you want to pre order the ep go here :  

  They claim their music is for fans of Idles, Ramones, Undertones, Adverts, McClusky, Supergrass, Beastie Boys, Peter, Paul & Mary and Husker Du. An eclectic bunch indeed! The ep features 4 songs (all winners); Goebbels & Orwell is about how there's a fight coming and everyone's going to have to choose a side (community can triumph over hate). It's OK To Punch A Nazi is self explanatory (if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, goosesteps like a duck then punch it you're in luck...). Joey Ramone was written as the band hate U2's song about the great man so much they thought they better write a decent one (yep, they've definitely written a decent one!). 

  And then there's the title track. It's about how dumbass conspiracy theories distract from life's real villains "It's not aliens mate, and it's definitely not the Jews."  As I mentioned earlier, anger and humour (plus clever lyrics and great riffs). A killer ep. 

 This is conspiracy... 

Saturday 23 March 2019

Bring the War Home - White Hoods, Red Hats, Black Eyes


  Bring The War Home are a revolutionary communist agit-punk three piece from Hamilton, Ontario who's line up features Dael (guitar/backup vocals), Gross Biff (drums) and Martin (bass/vocals). They list amongst their influences Marx, Lenin and Mao and they've recently released a very promising debut Self Titled ep. With songs firing barbs at the bourgeoisie, nazis, those in authority, those who meekly bow down to those in authority and "proud patriots" they're a band in it's embryonic stages but they're very promising so hitch a ride at the beginning of their journey and check them out :

  You can find more info here :

  This is the final song on the ep, a topical call to arms to fight the rise of the far right. Racism has no place in any society, especially in these so called enlightened times. As it says in the song, EVERY GENDER EVERY RACE PUNCH A NAZI IN THE FACE.

  This is White Hoods, Red Hats, Black Eyes...

Walking down the street one night 
Tragic fascist spoof 
Deadbeat dads in leather jackets 
Bunch of fucking goofs. 
Say they're just proud patriots, 
That Muslims aren't a race. 
They want to scare some immigrants and put them in their place.

Viking bikers on the prowl 
Praying to Norse gods. 
Feel real tough behind police lines 
Hit for hit we like our odds. 
We know where they live and work 
Yeah we've got them good. 
Gonna make sure that their neighbours know there's a Nazi in their neighbourhood. 

White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
Better watch your back. 
The people will attack. 
We'll smash you like it's 1945. 

Now here come the cavalry, 
The frat-boy reject crew. 
Promised not to touch themselves, 
Don't know what to do. 
Say they're 'Western chauvinists', 
We'll get them in the end. 
Whiney little Eich-boys, pretending they're Eich-men. 

Shitty SA wannabes 
In black and yellow shirts. 
They've got a secret weapon, 
They're so stupid that it hurts. 
All of them are incels, 
'Cause all of them are creeps. 
Grab them by the collar and then twist 'til they're asleep. 

White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
Better watch your back. 
The people will attack. 
We'll smash you like it's 1945. 


White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
Better watch your back. 
The people will attack. 
We'll smash you like it's 1945. 

Every time they take a loss 
They all turn judge and juror 
Turning on each other because 
Each wants to be fuhrer 
We'll appropriate their banners 
Tear up their maple leaves 
Bruised bodies and bruised egos will be all that they receive. 

The people are united 
Organized we'll strike. 
Red fists and feet and flagpoles 
Will smash up their fourth reich 
They celebrate a legacy 
Of genocide and theft 
We'll make sure that their dying words are: so much for the tolerant left. 

White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
White hoods, red hats, black eyes. 
Better watch your back. 
The people will attack. 
We'll smash you like it's 1945. 
We'll smash you like it's 1945. 
We'll smash you like it's 1945.

Thursday 21 March 2019

The Chats - Pub Feed

  One of the most popular bands I've featured on here (and played on the show) are Sunshine Coast shed rockers The Chats. Like many punk bands they write songs about stuff that's important to them. Unlike most other bands though, rather than writing about politics, gender issues or the environment, Josh Price, Eamon Sandwith and Matt Boggis are more concerned with the stuff that affects their daily lives. Like getting stranded with no bus money, their mum stealing their stuff or getting bothered whilst on a smoke break. As you'll hear on their new single (their first since last summer's Do What I Want) they're still sweating the big stuff.

  I'm assuming you're all familiar with The Chats by now but just in case here's a couple of links :

The new single, available on vinyl from Bargain Bin records, doesn't disappoint. It's another slacker anthem that will leave everyone hoping a debut album is imminent. There's only one thing they crave this time around and it ain't world peace or an end to discrimination. They're simple folk, they just want a nice greasy meal. This is Pub Feed...

Wednesday 20 March 2019

F. Emasculata - What's in the Jar

  F. Emasculata is the 22nd episode of the 2nd series of The X Files. A gruesome episode in which the titular insect carries a deadly parasite that's responsible for some gory deaths. It questions the public's right to know the truth about an outbreak of a deadly virus. It's a good episode. It's also the name of a hardcore punk band from Cornwall who I think it's fair to say have seen an X Files episode or two.

  Featuring members of Rash Decision and Swansong, the band lines up with the unlikely monikered Skinner (drums), Samantha (vocals), The Smoking Man (bass) and Krycek (guitar) (In real life they probably have names like Jimmers, Nat, Craig and Dave). Rather than write songs about girls or smashing the state they concentrate more on fictional government cover ups and alien abductions. If you know Eugene Victor Tooms can squeeze his body through narrow gaps and is partial to eating human livers or that The Great Mutato was a genetic creation who ended up on the dancefloor with Cher as she sings Walking In Memphis then this is the band for you.

  They recently released a new 6 track ep called Take Me Home. The title is a reference to the episode of the X Files in which murderous, inbred brothers live on a remote farmhouse. It's available via a bunch of labels on cd and is also a name your price download on Bandcamp (as added value they've included remixed and remastered earlier releases IAXFE and The Truth). Check it out :        

  For more info :

  This song asks the question, What's In The Jar....

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Pandemix - Downward Trend

  Pandemix are a band that have had several plays on the Just Some Punk Songs show but don't appear to have been covered on here yet. That's going to change today.

  They're a hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts who announced themselves in 2016 with the Pathological Culture Demo. The following year they released debut album Scale Models Of Atrocities (opening track Exit Strategy was a particular favourite). 2018's Rank and File single was another winner so their new album, In Condemnation, was always going to be highly anticipated (especially as the track that featured on the Pulsebeat compilation was so damn good  (

  The album came out last month on Boss Tunage and Dirt Cult Records and didn't let anyone down. 10 tracks of deliciously dark, anarcho influenced, hardcore it's available on vinyl and digitally here :

  The line up of the band is Shannon Thompson (vocals), Tommy Draize (bass), Matthew Woellert (guitar) and Ryan Berry (drums). Whilst the music is feral, the lyrics are considered and well written. The track I'm featuring today is Downward Trend...

It’s a downward trend, decay that never ends 
Jam the signal then complain your messages won’t send 
Downward trend, some breaks never mend 
What’s it supposed to mean when you call somebody your friend

Living by your wits while you're drinking them away 

Run your mouth, spiral and flame out 
As your lacquered sneer’s so quickly fading to a pout 
No remorse, fucking a dead horse 
Diagnosed the sickness after it had run its course 

I can’t see the point anymore. 
In love with your uneven score 
Wondering just what to do now 
And where have all your friends went 

Living by your wits while you’re drinking them away 
Made your own problems and some are here to stay 

Lines were crossed, can’t get back what was lost 
Bought the fantasy without examining the cost 
It’s a sharp decline, prisoner in your mind 
Looking worse for wear but you swear that you’re feeling fine

Monday 18 March 2019

Teenage Bottlerocket - I Never Knew

  A few days ago I commented that there'd been some great pop punk releases already this year and how there were several more upcoming. A song from one of those features today.

  I'm sure you all know Teenage Bottlerocket by now. 7 studio albums (plus the Stealing The Covers homage to some of their favourite obscure songs) of top quality pop punk. Their sound hasn't changed much in the last decade and a half (maybe the production is a little more polished) but as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing. The latest of those albums, Stay Rad! dropped last week on Fat Wreck Chords and it's another winner. You can get it on vinyl in various colours here : or digitally here :

  There's more mature tracks about parenthood and how singer Ray misses his late brother Brandon as well as fun rockers like Night Of The Knuckleheads and I Want To Kill Clint Carlin. This is the only song on the album about a girl. It was written by bassist Miguel Chen about his wife Lily and it's called I Never Knew....

Sunday 17 March 2019

Gutter Knife - Boots on the Ground

  Gutter Knife are from Brighton and have just released a raucous new 12" titled Boots On The Ground. It's a hardcore banger with elements of oi mixed in that'll appeal to fans of both genres. I often post these borderline oi releases to the Church Of Oi! Facebook group to gauge their reaction and my mate Baldy invariably replies with either "good authentic gritty oi music done with their own unique twist" or "that's too poppy, sounds like Simple Plan after they listened to a few Pennywise albums!" When he hears Boots On The Ground I'm confident he'll be impressed.

  The line up of the band is Luke Austin (vocals), Ethan Stahl (guitar), Luca Selvaggio (guitar), Sam Rack (bass) and Ted Foster (drums).

  There's 8 tracks on the album, Jonah Falco (Fucked Up/Career Suicide) compares it to the likes of Arms Race and Violent Reaction, I can hear bits of Crown Court in there too. Hardcore music that's accessible to those of us that like a good tune You can check it out here :

  "You've had your day, we're here to stay"  This is the title track, Boots On The Ground...

The Bity - Let's Go UK Subs


  Today's song wasn't going to be featured as today's update but it's Sunday morning and my wife kicked me out of bed at 7am due to the dog barking and as I didn't have anything else to do I started pissing about uploading a few songs to Youtube. I quite liked the way my cut and paste video for this song came out so decided to post it here.

  The Bity are a prolific band from Ukraine who featured last year with their collaboration with Maria Surfinbird ( Since then they've put out numerous releases which you can check out here :

  The album which concerns us today came out in January and is titled Songs About People. Some of those people that have songs sung about them include Lemmy, Joe Queer, Joy Division, Ramones, Kepi Ghoulie, Ben Weasel, Grim Deeds etc. The Bity aren't the slickest of bands, they're endearingly scrappy. They're also fun. Give them a listen.

  This song was also on a single with another tribute song to a rock icon (Lemmy). It's simple and effective and will hopefully brighten up your day. Let's Go UK Subs....

Saturday 16 March 2019

Dress Forms - Annette's Got The Hits

  Yep, it's a cover of the classic song released on their self titled ep in 1981 by Red Cross. It's by Portland, Oregon synth punks Dress Forms and it's taken from their recent mini lp (maxi ep?) Display. You can check it out on the Kennel Jitters Recordings Bandcamp page :

  Dress Forms are a 3 piece; Jenny L (synth/vocals), Izzy D (synth) and Jacyn P (drums/vocals/synth). As you may have noticed, that's a lot of synths. Add the off kilter vocals and the playful song arrangements you get a release that's both brief and fun. As well as the Red Cross cover, there's also a reimagining of Swell Maps' Blam! The other 5 songs are originals.

  So, song of the day. I played this on last Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show and I think it's fair to say the chatroom was a little divided in their opinion of it. Feedback was mostly positive though and if it's not your cup of tea it only lasts around a minute so you've nothing to lose by clicking play. This is Annette's Got The Hits.... 

Friday 15 March 2019

BRUCE - What Fuss (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

   Everyone's favourite Belgian (he just edges out Tintin and Hercule Poirot) Dirk Ceustermans returns today to select a song from the new album by fellow Belgians BRUCE. You can find the album here :

For more on the band click here :

  And now over to Dirk...

What Fuss

Taken from - Captain, we've lost Bruce" 2019

  The new release from Bruce is out and the boys are proud of it. They should be!

  As true as they stick to their catchy formula of short tunes and words that are interrupted 
with wahwah wailing guitar intermezzos, the result is yet another tuneful release which
pleases this man's ears!

  They're a 3 piece band of youngsters of a respectable age that do songs they like 
to define as garagepunk inspired by Australian punk as in Cosmic Psychos meets Zeke meets Ramones!
And we can relate to that. 

  Bruce has been around for decades, always keeping low profile and having a 
blast everytime they come out and play. I first saw them when they'd released their first
CD in 1997, playing in a moisty cave under a pub in my town. I liked the band's stuff instantly,
Ever since, their releases get regular spins in my car!

  The track I select is called "what fuss". It showcases the lyrical style of tongue in cheek nonsense
but with some social-commentary-aftertaste, not always as obvious, but lurking underneath.
A bit like death by Belgian chocolate: Appearing sweet at first, but bitter as cocoa

What fuss for name dropped heroes what fuss for men who play the blues 
what fuss for Hollywood zeroes It’s a case of wearing the right shoes 
what fuss no fuss make fuss and you got guts what fuss for a mongoloid baby 
bad luck for all those family dreams what fuss it won’t look like his daddy 
be sure it got his mother’s ears what fuss no fuss make fuss and you got guts

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Clowns - I Wanna Feel Again

  No strangers to this blog, Clowns are the Melbourne 5 piece that formed in 2009 and who seem to get better with every release. This bodes well for their upcoming 4th studio album which is called Nature/Nature and which is due for a 12th April release on Damaged Records (Aus/NZ) and Fat Wreck Chords (everywhere else). They've already fired up our expectations with a track called Prick and now they've teased out a new single (see below). You can pre order the album here : or here :

  The band line up with Stevie Williams (vocals), Jake Laderman (drums), Jarrod Goon (guitar), William Robinson (guitar) and Hanny J (bass/vocals). You can get more details here :

  Titled I Wanna Feel Again, the single starts slowly but soon moves up through the gears and morphs into a more familiar rocking sound. The production is slick but not too slick. It's a "poignant tale of perseverance" about battling on through mental health struggles. It' s about how you're told to avoid the kind of environments where your issues thrive but how the most unsafe place is often at home, alone with your thoughts.

  One can only conclude the album is going to take the band to a whole new level...

I wake up everyday with a hole in my head and chest.
I needa feel something so I burn my arm on a cigarette, but if you said you were cold, I’d set myself on fire and try and use your existence to feel inspired, once again. You know I hate your guts, but you’re my one true friend? I swear I won’t give up, I wanna feel again. I went and saw my GP and they said my brain has a cold, try to get some rest and use this medicine to make the feelings go. They told me ‘Stevie, your issues will amplify, if you continue to allow environments where they thrive.’ You know I hate your guts, but you’re my one true friend? I swear I won’t give up, I wanna feel again. Don’t hang out in wrong crowds or walk around at night, I was taught. But, there is irony in that I’m most unsafe at home with my own thoughts. You know I hate your guts, but you’re my one true friend? I swear I won’t give up, I wanna feel again. I’m sitting up on my roof, looking out over Brunswick Street, and looking down, wondering… Hoping… Tomorrow will come and get me outta my head.

Covert Flops - Spy Code 492


  We've been blessed so far this year with some great pop punk releases. It's only March and already I've had killer music on here by Damones, Black Russians, Conmen, The Anti-Bodies, Black Russians, Evil O'Brians and The Hawaiians. There's also upcoming releases from the likes of Teenage Bottlerocket, Dan Vapid And The Cheats and The Prozacs to look forward to. Another great song that impressed me came out as the 5th installment of Something To Do Records' monthly singles series. It's just been augmented with a video so I'm featuring it today. If you want to download it go here :

  Whilst there, check out the other releases in the series as there's some impressive contributions.

  Covert Flops are from Pendleton, Indiana and feature Chad (guitar/vocals), Adam (drums) and Billy (bass). They're one of the kind of pop punk bands I like, ie they sing about fun stuff with horror & sci fi themes. If you like The Lillingtons, Ramones, Queers etc then you'll like these guys. There's an album in the works which I'm excited about. You can find more info here :

  The video is taken from an old Twilight Zone episode, the song is about undercover shenanigans involving Russia infiltrating the CIA and it's a treat. It's called Spy Code 492... 


Tuesday 12 March 2019

Rites Of Hadda - Keep Buying Things

  Rites Of Hadda are from London and tag themselves as an anarcho, pagan, gothic, psychedelic witchpunk band. They were born from a weekly jam session in a London squat and have released 3 eps;  Samhain Ritual #1 (Live At The Gunners), From The Blow and the recent 7 track Witchpunk. If you're wondering what a combination of anarcho, pagan, gothic, psychedelic and witchpunk sounds like, all 3 releases are name your price on Bandcamp :

  Listening to the opening track on the latest release (From The Blow), it sounds like fairly pacy bass led post-punk. I was expecting something akin to Bauhaus and maybe the deep vocals do remind me a little of them but the sound overall is less gloom laden. And then we get track 2 (Raven), which actually does bring to mind Bauhaus. Then the next track, the one that you'll see a video for at the bottom of this update, is more of a politically motivated garage stomper railing against corporate greed. Rather than have me struggling to describe the rest of the songs, check them out yourselves but to sum up it's good stuff. Even the threat of psychedelic meandering didn't really come to pass so a sigh of relief was given.

  For more info go here :

  And onto my favourite song. This is Keep Buying Things...

Is the point of life just to have more things 
To earn more cash get super thin 
buy the next TV, the right Asian food 
Feed the fads, feel anew. 

Is the point of life to drift aimlessly 
Down the tow path with the family 
Dress the kids in the latest threads 
Then drown the puppies ripped from their beds 

Is the point of life just to have more fun 
Keep on drinking girl fuck everyone 
Keep the vomit down although that seems absurd 
Keep trudging through, don't speak a word 

What am I looking for in all this fun 
What am I looking for on the canal with Mum 
TV is shit and makes me scream 
I've starved myself and shaved pristine. 

What are we looking for in the latest car 
As we drive about poisoning the stars 
Is this the peak of it our time here 
Buying things because we're lost in fear 

Created woes are now our everyday 
As we take the kids to the park to play 
Our thoughts are locked by those who know the game 
Those who work against us, with no shame. 

Keep buying things don't think beyond 
Keep buying things and you'll belong 
Keep buying things you dunno why 
Keep buying things that make you cry 
Keep buying things that make you coo 
Keep buying things that manipulate you 

Our thoughts are boxed our thoughts are holed 
By corporate greed and those in the know 
It doesn't pay if we search for truth 
In the soil we walk on, in horn and hoof 

It doesn't pay if we look around 
At all her nature at the profound 
Then you're lost in the world unknown 
Despatched departed dismissed as stoned 

Keep buying things don't think beyond 
Keep buying things and you'll belong 
Keep buying things you dunno why 
Keep buying things that make you cry 
Keep buying things that make you coo 
Keep buying things that manipulate you

Sunday 10 March 2019

The Evil O'Brians - Don't Call Us Evil O'Brains

  The best pop punk songs are often the simplest. Today's update features one of those.

  The Evil O'Brians last featured on here in 2016 with the short but sweet Star Wars themed Stormtrooper ( They return today with another ear worm lightheartedly reprimanding those who may spell their name wrong. The video (recorded at the 2019 Puke Fest) is fun too.

   Raised on a diet of Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers etc, they're a "Teenage horror bubblepunk" 5 piece from Braunschweig singing about some of the scariest things around; zombies, vampires and love! The line up is Hansel O'Brian (vocals), Gasi O'Brian (guitar), Holle O'Brian (guitar), Timo O'Brian (bass) and Ole O'Brian (drums, vocals, artwork -( ).

  This song is taken from an upcoming split 7" with Fil Mcrackin & The Hens which is pencilled in for release in April. Whilst you wait for it, you can check out previous releases here :

  I've just double and triple checked this update for spelling mistakes and I think I'm ok so I'll just leave you with the song. This is Don't Call Us Evil O'Brains....

Overwhelmed - Destroy All Nuclear Weapons

  Overwhelmed are Eilidh, Chrissy, Liam & George. "Peaceful freaks in a world bent on destruction." They're from Glasgow, have graced bands such as Kaputt, Public Service and Rapid Tan and recently released DEMO 2019. 8 short aggressive songs that barrel along in a pleasingly ramshackle way. The music blisters paint, the vocals are shouty, it's all good fun and reminds me a little of fellow Scots Bratakus. It's a debut release that's attracting plenty of positive comments and you can check it out here :

  This song manages to stretch out the syllables in the title into something resembling a Munchian scream. It's both a worthy sentiment and a great calling card by a band I'm looking forward to hearing more from. This is Destroy All Nuclear Weapons...

Saturday 9 March 2019

L.O.A.D. - Peaky Blinders


  L.O.A.D. stands for The League Of Angry Drunkards. They're a 3 piece loud, proud punk and oi trio based in Lowestoft and comprising Al Tiffen (bass/vocals), Tony Cullingford (drums/backing vocals) and Dave Brown (guitars/backing vocals). They formed in 2016 and list amongst their influences the likes of Cockney Rejects, Sex Pistols, Anti Nowhere League, Cock Sparrer etc.

  They recently released an album called Seaside Special which they describe as having speed, power, great music and lyrics, humour, hope and glory. You can check it out here :

  The album deals with the life of the working man, getting pissed up at the weekend, reminiscing about life as a young skinhead, gangland violence, the good old British cuppa etc. I'm assuming they're writing mainly from experience. If you want more info or tour dates check here :

  This is a song about the Shelby Family from the hit BBC gangster series. It's called Peaky Blinders...

black country boys with no real future 
in 1914 they done their duty 
tunnel rats for generals and majors 
volunteered for the ultimate danger 

black brogue boots and baker boy hats 
razors in the peaks of their hats 
running the numbers, a violent reminder 
by order of the peaky blinders . 

six gun danger, no regard for life 
cutting, maiming , a gun or a knife 
the suits are sharp, the blades are sharper 
Tommy's the boss, Polly runs the numbers 

hard as a rock, don't be on their list 
Arthur beats you to a pulp with his fists 
Pikeys and whores, tinkers and guns 
Garrison lane ,where the blood ties run.

Thursday 7 March 2019

The Hawaiians - Four Headed Shark Attack

   It's summer. The sun's out, the beach is packed and the factor 50 is essential!

  Actually, it's still March, it's pretty grim weather wise in Chorley and there ain't a grain of sand to be seen. Suntan lotion not needed.

  But today's song will inject a burst of sunshine into your day.

  The Hawaiians are Beppo, Paul, Jens Dance and Juke. They're a 4 piece pop punk powerhouse from Westerkappeln in Germany who've released a couple of albums; Teenagers Love (2003) and Hula On Mars (2007). They cherry pick the best bits of bands like The Ramones and The Beach Boys, play catchy as fuck songs with titles such as My Girl's Radioactive, Monsters From The Sea, Vampire Girl etc and to be honest, I wish I'd discovered them 16 years ago. I'm late to the party and what a party it is.

  Fortunately, their new 7", Four Headed Shark Attack, surfaced from the depths of the internet and grabbed my attention. It's available from Kamikaze Records (as well as the gloriously named title track you also get Fourty Feet Spider and Bats From Outer Space). It's mixed & mastered by Perry Leenhouts of The Travoltas and it's terrific.

  Possibly the best song of this kind since The Queers were in their pomp? This is Four Headed Shark Attack...

Wednesday 6 March 2019

The Cowboys - Bodie, Don't Jump

  The Cowboys are from Bloomington, Indiana and feature a line up of Keith Harman (vocals), Mark McWhirter (guitars), Zachery Worcel (bass/vocals) and Jordan Tarantino (drums). Last month they released their 4th album, The Bottom Of A Rotten Flower, on Feel It Records (cd/lp) and Burger Records (cassette) or you can download it Name Your Price here : 

  Don't expect a punk album (even though the spirit of punk rock runs through it). Their sound is more eclectic than that. Their Bandcamp write up mentions the likes of Pete Townshend, Ray Davies and Sparks. The songs have a definite 60's and 70's influence but still feel fresh. You can get more info on the band here :

  This is a damn catchy song called Bodie, Don't Jump...

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Breakout - In Our Time

  Breakout are from Austin, Texas. They've been together since 2012 and have released a few singles, New Blood, Razor Wire and True Crime as well as recent album Say Hello. You can check them out here :  (True Crime here :

  Their Facebook page is pretty much devoid of info on them so I'll skip that other than providing a link :

  The album contains 11 tracks influenced by both classic post punk and hardcore that manage to sound fresh rather than derivative. My favourite is the opening song which bounds out of the starting gate in a flurry of pounding drums and swirling guitars and gallops through it's 2 and a half lively minute run time. It's called In Our Time....

Monday 4 March 2019

An Interview With Mike Patton (Vista Blue)

  I did an interview with Vista Blue's Mike Patton a couple of years ago which went down pretty well and as I've not done one for a while and Vista Blue have an interesting project in the works I thought it might be a good idea to have another chat. The first interview is here if anyone wants it :

  Now here's the new one :

  Hi Mike, has anyone ever mentioned you share a name with the singer in Faith No More?

Wait, really? Never heard of him!

What's the current line up of Vista Blue?

We've had the same basic lineup for four years. Live, it's me, Mark on bass, and Reese on drums.

Todd lives in Cincinnati and is very busy with two young sons. He still contributes songs, and we're recording at least a couple of his tracks this year at some point. He'll record a track with me from time to time if I need him to. When we played in Cincy a few months ago, Mark couldn't make the trip, so Todd played bass. We grew up playing music together, so he can jump in whenever and wherever needed.

On our upcoming 7-inch, we'll be adding my friend Richard Bates (Sally Stitches, The Hons) on lead guitar to give us a little more of a power pop sound.

When I started this project, I was always open to having friends contribute at various points. We've had a lot of different guests join us on recordings, and you'll probably see more of that in the future.

Whenever I play your songs on the show they split the chatroom with some people liking them but others not being fans as they prefer something a little heavier. Do you consider yourselves as a punk band? Or a power pop band or maybe something straddling both genres? How would you describe your audience and does not being easy to pigeonhole you into a certain genre maybe make you outcasts to some degree?

This is spot on. Coming up in New Orleans, anyone who knew us called us a punk band. Not because of our sound, but because that's what we were. We were booking shows, we were giving all the money to the touring bands, we were doing community benefit shows, and mostly, we just fit in with that scene. So even though our music sounded more like the Beatles than hardcore punk, all the punk bands accepted us, and many of them actually "got" it.

But then reviews would always be mixed, which holds true to this day. For some reason, the Loblaws got a pass, I guess because we were on Mutant Pop. But put those same exact recordings on any other label, and no one is calling them punk.

Yet, on the other hand, so many of the power pop guys dismiss us as well for being too "punk," which is just absurd.

I can totally understand people listening to your show and not liking our music. But anyone who really understands the history of Buddy Holly/Chuck Berry to the Beatles/Beach Boys to the Ramones and then to Lookout Records and beyond knows that our sound does fit somewhere in there.

Of course, if people don't like us, it's fine. I come across people all the time who don't like The Zombies or The Carpenters or The Smiths or Pulp and on and on. All of that is crazy to me, but it also shows me that music is really just an individual, personal thing.

Your output is prolific and you have loads of digital releases available through bandcamp....

One thing people can never say about us is that we don't work hard. Physical releases and comp appearances aside, we had 28 digital releases in our first four years as a band. Again, this project was all about having fun from the moment I started it. My goal was to do whatever we wanted to do whenever we wanted to do it. And it really has been so much fun.

You're too power pop for the punks and too punk for the power pop fans, which other modern day bands would you compare yourselves with?

I never know who to compare us to! I love Parasite Diet. I think they're great. Hopefully I'll play with them eventually if I ever have the time and we can make it work. I love Neon Bone. The Riptides. The Travoltas, of course. Again, I don't know if we sound a ton like those bands, but I like to think we all share some of the same pop sensibilities.

Do you never get tempted to put out a hardcore punk ep under a false name just to see what the reaction is of the people who don't think you're proper punks?

We joke about a lot of things, and that's definitely something we've joked about. But the thing is, I know that's not even something I could do well enough to make it a proper joke.

Again, people like what they like. As long as they don't make it personal, we really shouldn't be concerned about someone not liking our music or anyone else's music. You know, I have actually supported A LOT of bands in the past that didn't have one song that I liked. As long as we remember that punk is more about the community than the notes being played or the speed at which they're being played, it's totally fine. You can't please everyone!

Tell me about Radiant Radish Records

Back in New Orleans, starting around 2001, the Radiant Radish was a collective of friends who booked shows, hosted events, and just hung out a lot. We released all the Robinsons stuff on CD-Rs, along with a few other local bands. Right before Hurricane Katrina, we started setting up our first real CD release, but the storm wiped that out. Over the last few years, we've revived the Radiant Radish to distribute digital stuff and released our first 7-inch last year. I'd love to do more with it, but it comes down to money of course.

You released your debut 12" (Seasons) on Something To Do Records. There was also a split 7" with The Zambonis. Are vinyl releases something you want to do more of? How much more difficult is putting out vinyl compared with digital (or even cd) releases?

The coolest thing about Vista Blue is that, no matter how much I say this is all about having fun, new awesome things keep happening.

Our first vinyl release was the split with PEARS. We wrote a song for our friends' NOLA record store (Sisters in Christ), and they put out the 7-inch with PEARS covering our song on Side A and our version on Side B.

Then yes, Something To Do put out the first 12-inch I've ever had. Matthew is doing some really cool things with that label, and I feel like people are sleeping on it. But it's seriously an honor to be on that roster, and we have more releases coming up with them.

The split with The Zambonis was another cool thing that just sort of happened. I'd been a Zambonis fan for years, and they were one of my biggest inspirations when I started this band with the idea of doing themed releases. I joked on Facebook about doing a curling record for the 2018 Olympics and tagged Dave Zamboni. Next thing I knew, I was on the phone with one of my favorite songwriters discussing our options. In the end, we had to put it out ourselves, making it the first vinyl release I've done on my own, but we're so glad to have it in our collection.

I would LOVE to do more vinyl releases if I could generate the money to do so. The curling record barely broke even. But the vinyl releases are just so much fun. Of course, I've been lucky to have guys like Tim at Mutant Pop and Rami at Killer Records who have done vinyl for us, which is obviously such a huge financial commitment.

Is it hard finding the right label to release your music?

Honestly, I've just about given up on trying to find labels at this point. We have a great relationship with Something To Do. Other than that, I think it goes back to what you said about your show. The punk labels won't touch us cause we're really not punk. But we're too DIY (and unknown) for anything bigger.

The weird thing is that I feel like I have friends who run some of these labels, so it's not a personality conflict. And if I can move 250 records about curling by myself, imagine what a decent label could have done with it! We don't tour, and I'm a terrible salesman. But in the end, if I need to do it myself, I will.

Is this why you've launched the new Kickstarter campaign?

Exactly. I know I'm not Dr. Frank or Joe Queer. I don't plan to be doing this when I'm 50, at least nowhere near as active. So I'm starting to look at the final things I want to accomplish before thinking about shutting things down.

Last summer, I went to Memphis and got to interview Jody Stephens of Big Star for my Nashville radio show. It was such an amazing experience. I couldn't believe I was in that building with the drummer from one of my all-time favorite bands. Afterward, we talked about Vista Blue coming in to record, and the guys in the band were really into it, of course.

I'd also been talking a little bit to Perry from the Travoltas, who is also just a great guy that I've learned so much from over the years. In the fall I wrote a Travoltas-ish song called "Don't Go Out With Judy (She'll Break Your Heart)," and I sent it over to Perry. He felt like he could really help us with mixing and mastering on a release, so we decided we'd do it as soon as the right project came up.

So this is definitely something that I wanted to do before Vista Blue was done. We don't have a strict deadline, but July works best for all of us to make it over to Memphis at the same time. So we launched the kickstarter now to have it wrapped up in time for the summer, and hopefully this will all work out.

I understand crowdfunding is not ideal, and I don't even have the added marketing punch of the Zambonis on this one. So it's going to be tough. But I feel like we've been as supportive as we could be to all our friends over the years, so we'll just see what happens.

What else does Vista Blue have planned?

We have a digital single coming out on Something To Do on May 1st. It's one of our favorite songs, actually, but it's a little different, so it'll be interesting to see how it's received. I can tell you that we had it in our live sets in the fall, and it went over really well.

We'll likely do at least a baseball single this spring. I don't know if it will be out for Opening Day, and I know it definitely won't be a nine-track release like the last two years. Those releases really took a toll on me, especially the last one (End of the Season), which was a concept release that I worked on for four months straight, writing the story, the character arcs, and of course, the songs. But we've had at least one baseball release each year, so we'll do something for 2019.

We're doing another covers EP soon, probably in the next month or so. And then those tracks will go on a CD we're putting out on Radiant Radish called "Around the World," which will also feature songs by The Barbecuties, The Screaming Dogs, and Los Padrinos!

After that, it all depends on what happens with the kickstarter.

How do you think the proposed hit the floor 7" will differ from your previous material and do you think if it's a success crowd funding is something you'd do again in future?

This 7-inch will be a little different. I don't think you go to Ardent Studios to make a record that sounds like the Queers, especially when we already rehearse at Drastic Sounds, where so many great pop punk records have been made!

We're bringing in my buddy Richard Bates on this project to add a second guitar. If anyone is familiar with my New Orleans project Sally Stitches, Richard was in that band, which is the only real band I've been in with two guitars. So you could probably expect something closer to Sally Stitches, to be honest. We have 4-5 songs on the table and will likely choose 3 of them. One for sure is a cover of a really great song by an old school New Orleans band, which I'm sure most of our fans have never even heard.

As for crowdfunding, I really hope this is it! I hate it so much. I am SO thankful for the people who have supported the other two campaigns I've done (our horror zine in 2013 and the curling record campaign in 2017). Like I said, this could end up being one of our last vinyl releases anyway, aside from whatever we can do with Something To Do.

The main thing that I hope people take away is that the "pre-order" level should serve as just that. If 130 people chose that level, that's all we'd need. But it doesn't happen that way, so I'll be promoting the thing for two months. People do like test pressings and some of the other rewards we have, so I'm pretty confident that we'll make it. But again, I am fully aware that it truly takes a community to make something like this work.

In the end, I never say never. I could end up doing it again if it were for something else I considered to be a cool accomplishment. But if I never crowdfund again, I'm totally fine with that as well!

Thanks Mike for answering my questions. If anyone wants to help Vista Blue with the Hit The Floor 7" you can get more details here :