Wednesday 31 July 2019

Loose Nukes - Remote KKKontrol

  Loose Nukes are a 4 piece from Houston, Texas. They play hardcore. They feature Mike Grayum (vocals), Derek Harvey (guitar) and Matt Juarez (bass) and new recruit Frank Gold (drums). Other bands they've played in include Landfill, Crime Wave, Janitor, and Gone Rogue. Their Bandcamp profile says they'll rip your face off and use your battered skull as an ashtray. They shouldn't be confused with the hardcore band called Loose Nukes that are from Pittsburg/Philadelphia. Rather like the sentences in this paragraph, their songs are short and snappy. More info on them here :

  They've 3 releases. 2017's Fast Forward To Extinction lp. 2018's Violent Retribution ep and new ep Home Recording. They're all on Bandcamp with the latest available name your price :

  This is the lead track on Home Recording, it's called Remote KKKontrol....

Öldie Häwn - Fuckin' With My Heart

  The song you're getting today has been on the "to do" list for a while now, it's by ÖLDIE HÄWN who are from Corpus Christi, Texas and who formed last year. The line up of the band is Steven (guitar/vocals), Kyle (guitar/vocals), Roger (bass/vocals) and Skyler (drums). They play catchy old school pop punk and you can find more info on them here :

  Their recent S/T ep is available on limited edition 7" vinyl (300 copies, 175 silver/grey and 125 opaque sea blue) and digitally. You can find it here :

The "hit" from the ep is this infectious 72 second beauty, it's called Fuckin' With My Heart...

Monday 29 July 2019


  If you listened to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show you'll have noticed it was a female vocalist special and it concluded with a new song by Yur Mum. The listeners in the chatroom loved it and to be honest, I don't blame them, it's a banging tune.

  They're a multicultural rock band based in London who formed in 2016 and feature a line up of Akos Gado (guitar), Anelise Kunz (vocals/bass) and Fabio Couto (drums). They've released a single, a live ep and an album (Road Rage Now they've resurfaced with a new single and it's accompanied with a rather snazzy video. You can get more info on the band here : and here :   whilst the single is streaming here :

  A rocking critique of the buy anything generation, the Black Friday fake satisfaction, the waste your money on crap you don't need crowd. It's satirically vitriolic and the video is suitably shiny and disposable. This is SWEATSHOP...

Walking past the new Versaces 
Clean front doors and royal asses 
Sloan straight line of catwalk masses 
Showing off to broken classes 

It’s time to sweatshop 
On a Black Friday 
Fake Satisfaction 

Easy access to consume 
Has made me buy a lot of useless crap 
I never needed first place 
Now I wanna an upgrade 

Calling, calling! The dole dependents 
That deep inside do not depend on nothing 
Calling, calling! This generation 
That’s so selfish they get their heads up their asses

Sunday 28 July 2019

RISKEE & THE RIDICULE - Millwall Brick, Glasgow Kiss

  Forming in 2011, RISKEE & THE RIDICULE are a grime punk outfit from Ashford, Kent who's line up features Scott Picking (lead vocals/lyrics), Jimbo Aglony (guitars/vocals), Matt Verrell (drums/vocals/keyboards) and Jordan Mann (lead guitar/backing vocals). Fresh sounding and energetic they're a politically astute protest band with catchy tunes and intelligent lyrics. One of the comments in the chatroom when I played them on this week's show was "They're a bit like Sleaford Mods but not as bad" I'm assuming that was praise! To my grizzled old ears there's also hints of bands like Slaves, King Blues and even Carter USM. It's punk rock music for the current generation, it's very good.

  Last month saw the release of new album Body Bag Your Scene. It's full of big catchy singalong choruses and despite the anger in many of the lyrics the music is very definitely upbeat. I've not had the pleasure of catching them live but I'm sure there'll be plenty of sweating and bouncing around going on. In the confines of your home it'll be more a case of "right, lets check out that lyric sheet." They're a band that make you shake your head in despair at the nostalgia punks who refuse to acknowledge the existence of any decent music released since they were at school back in the late 70's/early 80's. The album's on turquoise vinyl via Bomber Music and it's streaming here :

  I could have pretty much chosen any of the songs to highlight but I'll go with Millwall Brick, Glasgow Kiss...

Like when a Millwall Brick meets a Glasgow Kiss. 
Like when a Glasgow Kiss, meets a Millwall Brick 
Like when a Millwall Brick meets a Glasgow Kiss. 
Like when a Glasgow Kiss, meets a Millwall Brick 

Verse 1 
They slander you and you keep coming back 
You pander to their perpetual attack 
You slam the views that you’ve got and they lack 
I guess the eyes in the back of your head have got your back 
You already know 
Like what you gonna give to a weapon that has already blown? 
Another bullet? Bro, get to stepping, feeling’s already gone 
You wanna do it? Give it a second. The seeds already down. Let them come now 
They’re gonna fall down! Like step in to the pit at your own risk 
You already know, you fall down you get picked up, you get pulled down you’re not alone 
There’s a safe space round here, it’s called the back and sides. Collide like trains or not, decide 


Verse 2 
Step off the tube at Camden - there’s a sea of CDs, in the palms of the hands of 20 road men M.C’s 
I don’t want to buy your mixtape, I’m walking...Jeez!. 
Which one of youse dropped the best album of 2019? 
‘It wasne me’. Well it was fucking one a yis! Disgusting! 
Thanks for confronting us, but on a serious note 
The longer the note, the more dread 
You’re making me walk faster than I normally tread 
I can’t knock them hustling, I can’t knock the hustle 
You might think them man crazy, but them man ain’t nuts at all 
They’ll eat you alive, Hannibal cannibal…”keep the change ya filthy animal!” 
This ain’t made for the faint-hearted, this ain’t made for the snakes, mate 
You can’t wipe the slate clean if the slate’s caked in hate, mate 
I’m a Silverback on steroids, twice the size of Grape Ape and I’ll beat on my chest until the earth shake

Gimp Fist - Easy Target

  Gimp Fist are one of those bands that aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. They know what they're good at, knocking out excellent punk songs and so that's exactly what they do. It's a way of life, it's in their blood. The Darlington trio (Jonny Robson , Chris Wright, Michael Robson) have been releasing catchy street punk singalongs since 2005 and with an impressive 16 songs on their new album it's a knack they aren't losing the hang of. The album's titled Blood and it's available on cd and coloured vinyl from Sunny Bastards

  The lyrical themes are familiar staples of the genre; "just a bunch of kids with nothing to lose", "not enough hours in the working week", "dirty tricks won't tear us apart," "I've taken all that I can take" etc and in lesser hands they could sound tired but that's definitely not the case here. This is the sound of a band that are going to whip a packed Empress Ballroom crowd up into a frenzy at next week's Rebellion Festival. You can get more info on them here :

  The song I've chosen to highlight is the one they've made a video for. this is Easy Target...

Saturday 27 July 2019

Cockwomble - Gammon

  In 1966, Robert F. Kennedy said "We live in interesting times." In 2019, with climate change, the rise of far right extremism, Brexit, Trump & Johnson etc I suppose it's fair to say that we still live in "times of danger and uncertainty." We need bands like Cockwomble to shine a light on current affairs and to attack deserving targets with scathing satire.

  And on their debut Self Titled album they do just that.

  For those that haven't yet discovered them, a quick recap. They're a 3 piece based in Brighton with a line up of Ali Gavan (vocals/guitar), Vicky Smith (of the Ramonas; bass) and Leah Dennison  (drums). They got their distinctive name after hearing ex PM David Cameron described as a Ham Faced Cockwomble and they've previously released 3 very impressive eps. You can get more info on them, including details of their appearance at the upcoming Rebellion Festival, here :

  The new album. Released on cd yesterday, available here :

  It's a riot. It deals with serious subjects but often using humour to point out the stupidity of the subject they're writing about. Several of the songs are taken from their previous releases (rerecorded). The remainder are new and match those early faves. They address topics such as conspiracy theories, crappy pop radio stations, the idiocy of taking national pride too far, the complicity of ordinary people, headless chickens buying shit, the Royal Family, having loads of money but no style. Not only is it observationally spot on, it's also very catchy. You can sing along whilst simultaneously grinning and seething inside. There's plenty of new UK bands proving that punk didn't die in the early 80's and Cockwomble are one of the best.

  This song is about middle aged, angry men with (no doubt) names like Nigel, Piers, Jeremy, Boris etc. It's called Gammon....

Friday 26 July 2019

The Chats - Identity Theft


  So 2019, a great year for Australian punk music. So many great releases by killer bands such as Pinch Points, Vintage Crop, Civic, Ausmuteants etc and of course leading the way Amyl And The Sniffers. Or are they? Because another band that create an equal buzz whenever I feature them or play them on the show are the Sunshine Coast's favourite shed rockers The Chats. Not totally sure what shed rock is (I assume they don't have a garage) but in this case it means fucking killer punk rock. They've already thrilled with a couple of eps and a single, they deal with everyday subjects such as smoke breaks, doing whatever the hell you want and pub grub and they're back today with a new single that deals with the problem of having your details stolen.

  As well as a new single (I'm sure I'm not the only one salivating at the thought of a debut album?) they're also touring their arses off (they being Eamon Sandwith, Josh Price and Matthew Boggis). Aussie, Euro & UK dates. You can check details here :

  The new single. Taken from the forthcoming album, it's fun, it's got a killer riff, it's a modern day classic. They do write them like they used to. If you don't want your bank account emptying or you don't want watching whilst you wank on your webcam, take care.

  This is Identity Theft...

Thursday 25 July 2019

Stubborn Hearts - Our Hearts Are Turned To 10 Tonight


  Today's song comes highly recommended by Greg Mongroll ("this song is so great, play it again and again and again..."). After thinking it's about time The Mongrolls   ( released new material I immediately checked out the song and thought, damn Greg, you're right. So without further ado....

  Stubborn Hearts are a melodic punk duo from Rhode Island featuring Jenn Lombari (guitars/vocals) and Doug Metivier (drums). A new name to me but not new to some, Jenn Lombari has also released solo material ( and featured in heartfelt punk rock n roll trio Lucky United ( With Stubborn Hearts the influences include the likes of City Mouse, Gameface, Mobina Galore, The Muffs etc and the songs are about relatable stuff like relationships, anxiety issues and pets. You can get more info, including show dates, here :

  They announced themselves earlier this year with a song that managed to touch on all 3 of relationships, anxiety and pets (I'm Alright) and you can find it on Bandcamp alongside their new 5 track ep Trixie

  Trixie is heartfelt, it's energetic (track 2 Down With It being pretty damn punchy) whilst ep closer Afterlife (Happy Anniversary) is a touching slowed down acoustic post breakup song. The song I'm featuring today though (as recommended by Greg) is the opener. To my ears, this conjures up memories of some of those awesome 90's bands such as After School Special who wrote quality indie punk love songs, it's called Our Hearts Are Turned To 10 Tonight...

Our hearts are turned to ten tonight 
I cried my eyeballs dry
As sunsets we’d romance about
Sorry about the way I left your house
And I know – that I’m a little bit broken
And I know – that you’re a little bit broken
I know how to live without you enough to know that I don’t want to
I know how to live without you enough to know that I don’t want to
I’m getting better baby I’m getting better
I’m getting better baby I’m getting better
I wished upon a star tonight
Like kids in movies do
I shouldn’t say what I wished for out of fear it won’t come true
Broken things Broken Things
We are all just broken things

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF - Some Unknown Reason

  Usually the bit I write before the video at the bottom of the update is an introduction to the band but today I don't think any introductions are necessary. Wild Billy Childish has probably been as prolific as anyone since the late 70's when he was a member of The Pop Rivets. A career spanning retrospective recently appeared on Damaged Goods, 3 slabs of vinyl featuring 48 tracks from the likes of The Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Headcoats and many more.

  His current project is with CTMF ( and they've just released their 6th album in 7 years. It's called Last Punk Standing and it's "full of bangers and ballads with the usual Childish charm, no nonsense approach and wit." There's 1200 vinyl copies (600 red, 600 grey) and you can get it here :

  As well as Childish (guitar/vocals) the band features Nurse Julie (bass/vocals) and long time collaborator Wolf Howard (drums/percussion). The title track of the album is about time and knowledge running out and how when a generation passes there's no one left to explain the true nature of their experience such as how we're seeing the passing of the last of the veterans of World War 2 or how one day there'll be no one left to pass on the essence of what punk was about. I'll play it on a future Just Some Punk Songs show.

  The song you're getting today has similar menacing vibe to The Stooges' I Wanna Be Your Dog and The Fall's Elves and it's fabulous. It's called Some Unknown Reason....

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jon K (World War IX)

  Following on from yesterday's update which featured the new single by Brooklyn hardcore punks  World War IX today I've a Top 10 for you from their drummer Jon K.

  Just before we get to Jon's Top 10 though, I'll post a link to what will be the band's next single :

  And now to Jon....
  These are my favourite 10 punk tunes of all time....

1)  RAMONES - You Should Never Have Opened That Door

2)  UNDERTONES - Get Over You

3)  BLACK FLAG - Wasted

4)  BLACK FLAG - Rise Above

5)  SEX PISTOLS - Pretty Vacant

6)  UNIFORM CHOICE - Screaming For Change


8)  ANGRY SAMOANS - My Old Man's A Fatso

9)  MC5 - Tonight

10) The Clash - Janie Jones

Monday 22 July 2019

World War IX - Coke Machine

(photo by Matthew Sheahan)

  Do you yearn for the days when American hardcore bands such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans etc were churning out classic punk tunes seemingly every other week? Well even though it's now 2019, there are still bands like that releasing quality short, sharp blasts of furious tunage and I've one of them for you today.

  World War IX are an adrenaline rush, a band with fire in their veins. A throwback to the 80's when the term faster and louder reigned supreme. They've been releasing "booze induced rockers" since 2012, they hail from Brooklyn and feature a line up of Johnny C (vocals), Justin (guitar), Mike Moosehead (guitar), Brian "Chinatown" Jackson (bass) and Jon (drums).  You can get more info here :

  They've a new ep on the way, it'll be titled Phoning It In and it'll be their first with new vocalist Johnny C. As a taster they've released a song from it, a 66 second blast of noise that you'll find streaming here :

  Get your fix of legal speed, this is called Coke Machine....

Sunday 21 July 2019

The Dialers - I've Had It

  So we've all got those friends that lose their shit when they hear a great new band and if you're anything like me then you probably take great delight in finding those bands before they do then with a bit of a knowing smile you suggest they take a listen. Well guess what, one such friend is that bastion of good taste Josh Rutledge. You may read his excellent Faster and Louder blog (if not then you're missing out on an aural treasure trove). Anyway, I rather too smugly sent him a link to the debut album by Houston and Sacramento power pop four piece The Dialers and as I thought, shit was lost. I could see the dust cloud as he hastily scurried off to type out a glowing review

  A couple of bits of info on the band. They'll be playing their first show in Texas later this week (quickly followed by their 2nd, 3rd and 4th) and you can check details here :

  Secondly, the album has been picked up by top label No Front Teeth and it's available on vinyl and digitally

  As members of the band also featured in Boats! they've already featured on this blog 5 years ago (

  The album? If you like catchy tunes with killer hooks, harmonies and enough balls to give them the Just Some Punk Songs stamp of approval then you can't go wrong. Check it out and hopefully you'll lose your shit too.

  This song is called I've Had It...

Saturday 20 July 2019



  Don't you just hate it when you come across a new band and you click the "about" section of their Facebook profile with the intention of discovering something about them to aid with you writing a couple of introductory paragraphs in your shitty blog and all it says is A BAND FROM CHEPSTOW. Means I'm going to have to combine a spot of pointless waffle with a bit of digging but here goes....

  From Chepstow (Wales), BOTTLEKIDS ( are a pop punk trio who started life as a covers band and who's first posted song appears to have been 2017's self penned Way She Goes. Not to be confused with a hard rock band of the same name from Reading, these guys line up with Joe Grogan (vocals), Jonny X Thomas (bass) and Ben Chappell (drums). They've just released their debut ep, containing 4 tracks it's self titled and is available on 7" vinyl (ltd 300 copies) and digitally :

  Soundwise they're a fresh take on 90's era pop punk seemingly with influences from both the UK and US scene. It's melodious but with enough grit to avoid sounding anodyne. For a debut effort it's very polished and well produced so it's obvious they're a talented bunch. The video you'll find below is for the lead track. It's extremely catchy and reminds me somewhat of Green Day or maybe The Copyrights. It's called 25 Days...


Friday 19 July 2019

Hammered Hulls - Written Words


Hammered Hulls are from Washington DC and feature an impressive roll call of members : On vocals there's Alec MacKaye (Younger brother of Minor Threat/Fugazi's Ian MacKaye and veteran of the likes of Untouchables, The Faith, Ignition etc), on bass is Mary Timony (Autoclave, Helium, Wild Flag, Ex Hex, The Spells etc), on guitar is Mark Cisneros (Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, The Make-Up, Des Demonas etc) and on drums is Chris Wilson (Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, Titus Andronicus etc).

  On 9th August they'll be releasing their debut single, it features 3 songs recorded by Don Zientara and Ian Mackaye and it'll be available on 7" vinyl via Discord Records. You can pre-order it here :

  If you clicked the Bandcamp link you'll have noticed the lead track is already streaming (you can also listen at the bottom of this update). It's classic Discord, hard hitting post punk, snarling barely contained fury. As an introductory missive it's a roaring success. It's titled Written Words...

Thursday 18 July 2019

Knock Off - One Life

  Knock Off are back today the first video from their upcoming 4th album. The 80's influenced London punk 3 piece feature Andy T (vocals/guitar), Andy C (drums) and Lozz (bass). They formed in 2013 and with 65 songs already recorded I guess it's fair to call them prolific.You can check out their back catalogue here :

  As well as being prolific on record, they're also regular gig players and you can check all their dates for the rest of the year (including a return to the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool here :

  The album, titled You Get One Life, will feature 14 street punk anthems on both cd and vinyl (500 copies, a choice of various colours) and is available via Sunny Bastards

  This track is called One Life...

I’m not the past, I’m not the future Take it or leave it, Do whatever suits ya Play silly games, Win silly prizes You fucked it up, There’s no surprises You had it all, But then you lost it You had your warning, But you ignored it Some people will, Some people won’t You either do it, Or you don’t One Life Two Choices Freedom for me Forever more

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Radium Grrrls - No Violence

  Radium Grrrls are a hardcore punk band from Falun and Borlänge in Sweden which features members of Totem Skin and Livet Som Insats. The line up is Emilia Henriksson (Vocals), Christoffer Öster (Guitar), Andreas Bustad (Bass) and Tord Simon Eriksson (Drums). They take their name from the female American factory workers who suffered from radiation poisoning after working with radium paint during and after World War I. They were women who fell ill or even died, bodies still glowing in their coffins. They were also women who organised themselves and decided to fight their employers. Their struggle had a groundbreaking impact on labour rights.

  Their debut ep, Pro Choice came out in 2017 (it's available name your price on Bandcamp). The hard hitting follow up is a 7 track ep called Up To No Good and it's a snarling ferocious beast of a record. As well as an eponymous track ("girls are back to continue the fight, strong as hell, with glowing veins...") they fire off invective against "bigots with pale skin" (Suits Or Sheets) and deal with the subject of mental health ("this is the dark side of my head, an ugly scary side full of hate..."). You can check it out here :

  This is the lead song on the ep, it's titled No Violence...

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Proto Idiot - Erase / Rewrite / Repeat

  A few weeks ago whilst posting a song from Wild Zeros' side of their split ep with Manchester post punk faves Proto Idiot, I mentioned that there was a new Proto Idiot album on it's way ( The album's now out, it's titled Find Out For Themselves and if you liked their previous releases you'll love this.

  The band features Andrew Anderson (who's also in The Hipshakes and Freak Genes), Callum Darley and Michael Seal. The album is on Third Uncle Records in the US and Rigmarole Records in the UK. There's a limited number (150 from each label) of coloured vinyl lps. It's also on Bandcamp :

    There's a video for one of the songs (I Like To Think : but I've chosen to highlight a different track today. This manages to showcase the band's quirky inventiveness whilst at the same time being nice and shouty and it has a cool earworm chorus and some great off kilter guitar playing. It's called Erase / Rewrite / Repeat...

Monday 15 July 2019

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Alex Howard and Gabby Dos Santos (Pardon Us)

  No strangers to this blog, Pardon Us are a melodic punk 3 piece from Liverpool formed by members of Down And Outs, Flamingo 50, Town Bike and The No Marks. They've a debut album on it's way, it'll be titled Wait and it's out in September on Everything Sucks Music (UK), Fixing A Hole (Japan) and Johann's Face (USA). They're streaming a song from it called Inconvenient Reminder and it's damn good so check it out :

  Today, a couple of members of the band, bassist Alex and drummer Gabby have each chosen 5 of their favourite songs. Guitarist/vocalist Morgan Brown chose a Top 10 back in 2017

  Alex's Top 5 

1)  LEMURIA - More Tunnel

I always look forward to new Lemuria music; partly because it’s always the most interesting thing on any playlist, and partly because they seem to get better and better with every album.

2)  PROPAGANDHI - ...And We Thought-Nation States Were A Bad Idea

For me, Less Talk More Rock was the sweet spot between Propagandhi’s early snotty punk and their recent thrash stuff. The thunderous melodic start to Nation States rolls perfectly out of a spoken word interlude, and still gives me goosebumps every time.

3)  WORRIERS - Yes All Cops

Worriers are my favourite pop punk band. Lauren Denitzio’s haunting vocal is my main influence when I occasionally take the mike for a lead. If only I could sing as well as her!

4)  BUZZCOCKS - Promises

I got into the Buzzcocks in typically ignominious style through their ‘best of’ - though Singles Going Steady must be one of the best best-ofs ever. I later found my favourite track Promises on 7-inch in Dig Vinyl in Liverpool. Love lyrics, frantic drums, buzzsaw guitar - epic.

5)  ADOLESCENTS - Amoeba

I first heard the Adolescents playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater in my teens - it was this track, and it’s still my favourite off a ridiculously strong first album.

 Gabby's Top 5

1)  THE DISTILLERS - City Of Angels

The Distillers were one if the first punk bands I got into, and this song on Sing Sing for me was just a great driving track with awesome drums and a boss melody. Honourable Mention, Gypsy Rose Lee.


It was pretty hard to pull a single favourite track out by OWTH, but here’s one. These guys write some amazingly powerful songs and are catchy as hell.

3)  GOOD LUCK - 1001 Open Hands

There are loads of amazing songs by Good Luck, but this one just makes me very happy! The lyrics in this song for me are awesome.

4)  THE ORGAN - Brother

Non-punk mention. Grab that Gun is probably one of my all time favourite albums, and this track is awesome. I really love all the different elements to this track, the organ adds a depth to it that I really love.

5)  THE DRIPS - 16, 16, Six

This song has stuck with me since the first time I heard it. Its punchy and has an awesome chorus. I loved Dave’s drum part then, and very much still do.

Sunday 14 July 2019

PI$$ER - I Won't Repent

  Usually these introductory write ups are a couple of paragraphs long before I leave you with the bit you come for, the music. For today's band though I could probably fill those paragraphs just by listing the other bands the members of PI$$ER feature in. So let me do that then I don't have to write much more...







  I guess they're what you could call a supergroup!

  They've just released their debut ep, it's a pounding punk rager combining Swedish inspired D-Beat/Hardcore with a saxophone that'll conjure up thoughts of The Cravats. It's titled Wretched Life and it's available on 7" (limited to 300 copies so be quick) via Kibou Records :

  A couple of tracks are on Bandcamp :

  Find out more here :

  Now that the formalities are complete I can quickly tell you that this is my pick of the bunch, James' dulcet tones battle that discordant sax and a thunderous backbeat to produce a glorious racket. I Won't Repent...





Saturday 13 July 2019

Ramona - Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Hearts


  Now here's an energetic bundle of pop punk tunage...

  Ramona formed in Seattle before the lure of cheap drinks lured them to Philadelphia. This led to them gigging with the likes of The Lawrence Arms, The Menzingers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Iron Chic and Toys That Kill. Probably no surprise then that the band's new album is getting plenty of attention. The fact that it's very good no doubt also helps.

  They're a 3 piece with both male and female vocals, the line up being Diego Merano (guitar/vocals), Abby Vickderman (bass/vocals) and Shannon Ledbetter (drums). The new album is titled Deals, Deals, Deals! and whilst still meriting the tag pop punk it's the sound of a band beefing up their sound a little. There's noticeably more oomph than was present on 2016 debut ep Sad Brunch, all their gigging has helped transform them into a much tighter proposition. It's available from Red Scare ( and a few tracks are streaming on Bandcamp...

  You can get more info on the band here :

  This is one of the songs that features Abby on lead vocals and the title is eye-catchingly great. Happily the song itself is also great. It's called Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Hearts...

It’s all in my mind when you invite me inside,
weighed with past mistakes, so afraid to try.
You smell the same, you haven’t changed.
Repeating moves we used to make.

And I wonder if you’re thinking about it too.
And I wonder if you’re thinking about me too.

Falling far down the rabbit hole,
hoping maybe this will make me whole.
You slip right in, I’m breaking under weight.
Running through a loop of past mistakes.

Devastated, our separation, I know we always part this way.
While I’m hoping, that you’re staying, you’re always walking away.
And I’m hoping that you’re thinking about it too.
And I’m hoping that you’re thinking about me too.

Now you’ve left, I can’t stop dreaming of death.
Lie in my bed, clutch the hole in my chest.
And thrash around in a fitful rest.
Better to remember or forget?

And I know that you’re thinking about it too.
And I know that you’re thinking about me too.

Now I know that you’re thinking about it too.
Now I know that you’re thinking about me too

Thursday 11 July 2019

Suspect Parts - You Know I Can't Say No

(photo : Imke Wagener)

  You know what, I'm really proud of the Just Some Punk Songs Show. Crap host but he plays some awesome music. Some of the great bands that have featured on there include The Briefs, Red Dons, Clorox Girls, More Kicks, Radio Dead Ones and Maniac. Rather amazingly, members of all those bands are in "apocalypse pop" super group Suspect Parts (another cool band that have featured several times on both the show and this blog. Vocalist and guitarist Justin Maurer was even kind enough to select a Top 10 a couple of years ago ).

  Anyway, there's a new single from the band, it's released today and it's bloody good. Lining up alongside Justin is James Sullivan (guitar/vocals), Chris Brief (drums) and Andru Bourbon (bass). Think 60's pop, bubblegum, 70's Californian beach punk and powerpop. Think The Seeds, The Kinks, Buzzcocks, The Knack. Think spiky, infectious harmonies.... If you're a fan of the band you'll already have a good idea of what to expect.

  3 songs, 7" vinyl available from Wanda Records (Europe) and Dirt Cult (USA/Canada)

  In support of the single, there's a German tour arranged for late August/early September and you can check out details here :

  This is the lead track, a heartbreak anthem of resilience, regret and romance, it's called You Know I Can't Say No...

Wednesday 10 July 2019

No Spoiler - Satana

  No Spoiler are from Rome and play a mix of garage punk and glam rock. They formed in April 2017 and feature a line up of Marco (guitar/vocals), Gianka (drums) and Sterbus (bass). They recently released their debut album, it's titled Please! and you can find it streaming here :

  So what does it sound like? To be honest I was pretty much hooked after the first couple of seconds of lead track Teenage Lust. Some tracks are garage rockers which bring to mind fellow countrymen Idol Lips (No Spoilers frontman Marco Cicchella guested on their Street Values album lending his vocals to Feelin' Blue Other tracks (such as Game Of Mirrors and Wide Open) are 70's glam stompers that conjure up images of glitter, satin and platform boots. All in all a very enjoyable album. You can get more info on the band here :

  All the tracks have English lyrics except the one I'm sharing today but as it's the first single and they've made a video then it'd be rude not to feature it. This is Satana...

Non devi consultare l’internazionale
per imparare a vivere.
Non c’è la panacea nella farmacopea
in cui ti ostini a indulgere

Cosmopolitan mente
L’apericena è alienante
Ascolta la soluzione
che il poeta propone.

Invoca Satana, Satana, Satana

Se sei una fagiolina, priva di autostima e non risolvi l’edipo.
Se instagrammi e twitti, su whatsapp ti sbatti ma non hai mai seguito

esiste un’alternativa
alla follia collettiva,
ai selfie photoshoppati
ai corpi scarabocchiati

Questo è un mondo d’amore
Questo è un mondo d’amore
Questo è un mondo d’amore
Questo è un mondo d’amore

Invoca Satana, Satana, Satana

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Neutrals - Hate the Summer of Love

  Towards the end of 2017 I posted a song I'd stumbled across by Oakland (California) band Neutrals. Titled Motorcycle Cop (, it was a catchy indie singalong and it featured on their Promotional Cassette 2. A band worth keeping an eye on I thought.

  Fast forward to June 2019 and the release of debut album Kebab Disco. The first thing you'll probably notice about the band is that vocalist Allan McNaughton has a Scottish accent. He's a native Glaswegian. Alongside him in the band are a couple of Phils, Phil Benson (bass/vocals) and Phil Lantz (drums). The next thing you'll notice is the music. It's indie punk. It's C86 inspired post punk. It'll have you racking your brains to decide who you think it sounds like (Maximumrocknroll suggests they'd fit in next to Monochrome Set on the Cherry Red Roster or maybe alongside Meat Whiplash on Creation). The album's a loose life story of singer Allan, side one set in Scotland, side 2 in San Francisco. If you were a fan of Scottish bands like Ballboy or Arab Strap, Neutrals might be for you (though they're possibly a little more lively). Give them a try, they're good.

  There were a few songs I was toying with highlighting but as they've released a video I'll go with this. It's "a reaction to the celebrations around the anniversary of the summer of love in San Francisco; there was something gross about this place which is the most visible representation of the vast imbalance between the haves and the have-nots, patting themselves on the back for some celebration of ‘revolution’ that was really about flares, tie-dye and drugs, ignoring any of the positive ideas or true radicalism of the 60's counter-culture. A rose-tinted John Lennon specs view of the world as it was then."  I Hate The Summer Of Love...

Monday 8 July 2019

Material Support - All Bosses Are Bastards (ABAB)

  A true story, which is just me venting so feel free to skip to the music but last November after 24 years working in the same place I decided I'd had enough of the daily 70 mile round trip (in a shitty car that was on it's last legs) so left and got a new job nearer home. I got rid of the car, bought a bike, felt fitter for it and didn't mind the job. Then as I was finishing for the weekend the boss announced that they were shutting the place down at the end of this month and relocating 120 miles away. Supposedly they love my work and the fact I've never had any time off and want me to stay with the company but a 240 mile commute without a car isn't really my idea of fun, especially for not much more than minimum wage. So now I have to find another local job within the next few weeks and after looking over the weekend it ain't going to be easy! With all that in mind, I can heartily sympathise with the sentiments behind today's song...

  Material Support last featured on here with their excellent Know Your Rights ( and their 2018 album Terror Prone Nation was one of last year's best releases so the news of a new ep was always going to be of interest. The ep is now out, it's titled Specter and it's available as a name your price download :

  5 Filipina-fronted agit punk bangers dealing with subjects such as racist cops, exploitative bosses, racism, sexism and the The Amerikkkan Dream, it's both ferocious and politically astute. Get more info on the band here :

  This is the lead song and one I'm currently empathising with, it's called All Bosses Are Bastards (ABAB)...


9 to 5
10 to 6
12 to 12
8 to 8
I give you my labor, my blood, sweat, and tears
You don’t bother to pay me a living wage


Sunday 7 July 2019

Crocodile God - Clown

  So, Crocodile God, the highly rated and much loved Liverpool band that started putting out quality releases (often about girls) in the mid 90's and who you could easily mention in the same breath as other UK melodic punkers such as Chopper, Annalise and Skimmer are back with a new album. It's their first since 2012's Once Upon A Time In The North and sees guitarist/vocalist Mark Murphy ably supported by Ravo Stanley (bass) and Liam W. Ashcroft (drums). You'd have thought that 7 years between albums would give them ample time to write a classic and although it doesn't always work like that, on this occasion they've given it a damn good shot. Titled Thirteen, it's also the first new release by Crackle Records for 14 years. It's available on ltd edition (300 copies) orange vinyl and digitally :

  Given the album's title it's probably no surprise that it boasts 13 tracks, all with one word titles (Around, Drunk, Idiots, Twat....). They're all easy to listen to catchy ear worms from a band at the top of their game. The band are currently touring over in Japan and you can get more info here :

  The song I'm highlighting today is called Clown...

Mum - Luka

  Mum are another of the many cool Australian bands currently releasing great new punk music. They're a 4 piece featuring Lauren (vocals/bass), Allie (vocals/guitar), Sam (guitar/bass) and Mia (drums). They recently released a demo tape on Meatspin Records which is also available as a name your price download here :

  Despite this being their debut release, the members have previously featured in bands such as Photogenic, Basic Human, Draino etc... Their sound is angry lo-fi female fronted punk, I've seen them compared to The Rezillos, X Ray Spex and Bikini Kill but I'd say a better comparison would be with someone like fellow Aussies Cold Meat (although maybe not as abrasive).

  This is the opening song, it's called Luka...

Saturday 6 July 2019

Crudez - Don't Trust Anyone


  Crudez is a "raw, primitive and provocative UK-82 style" punk band from Istanbul who formed in 2017 from the ashes of Ugly Shadows. The line up features Gizem Xaocy (vocals), Can Charged (guitars), Güney Yaker (bass) and Murat T. (drums). They're a band born out of political frustrations and have received comparisons with the likes of Vice Squad and Uproar. They recently completed a successful Scandinavian tour and have a home town gig lined up in August sharing a bill with Career Suicide. You can get more info on them here :

  Last month saw the release of their debut album. Titled Jungle Jeopardy it's available both on vinyl (300 copies) and digitally via Byllepest Distro and you can find it here :

  The album is both powerful and frantic. They weren't kidding when they drew comparisons with the UK-82 scene, there's also a bit of a dark goth vibe and a fabulous cover of Warsaw (the eponymous song by the band that became Joy Division). Female vocals, pounding drums, buzzsaw guitars...what's not to like? Check it out.

  This song is called Don't Trust Anyone...

Thursday 4 July 2019

Sanction This - Messy

(photo : Will Binks photography)

  Sanction This are a 3 piece from Blyth who formed in 2015 and who's line up features Adda (bass/vocals), Nick (guitar/vocals) and Ellis (drums). Their influences include the likes of Amebix, Rudimentary Peni, Oi Polloi, Subhumans, Crass, Killing Joke, Icons Of Filth, Anti System, Burning Flag, Anthrax and Antisect and if I told you that their new album is released by Grow Your Own Records you'd probably correctly guess that their music is loud whilst their lyrics are political. You can find more info on them here :

  Their previous releases include the 2015 album And Still They Fucking Continue and the eps Wipe Us Out and Subject To No One. The new album is self titled, it was recorded live over 3 days at Ranscomb Studios, Kent and it's available in an impressive vinyl package, cd and digitally. It's both powerful and impressive and you can find it here :

  A highlight is this pounding wall of sound, it's called Messy...

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Proud City Fathers - Sten Guns

  From what I can make out, Proud City Fathers began life on the council estates of West London and Henry Compton school. Forming in 1983 and originally called Suicide, they've had several names down the years; Systematic Death, The Filth, National Cunts and eventually Proud City Fathers. The line up features Mason (vocals), Gripper (guitar), Gello (bass) and Gaz (drums). You can find more info here :

  Recently they released a new album titled Outposts, it's available on cd (ltd to 200 copies, over half of which have already gone) and digitally here :

  I came across the band last week when I noticed Grow Your Own Records describing their recent live gig as "blistering" and I notice Bandcamp tagging them anarcho which would tie in with Grow Your Own's roster of bands ( To my ears though they also incorporate elements of oi & street punk into their big and bold sound. It's a good album and you should check it out.

  This song tells us that come the revolution the red and black flag will be flying high (yep, definitely anarcho!), it's called Sten Guns...

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents - Talk to No One

(photo : Alex Wall)

  Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents are a 4 piece from Petersham which is a suburb of the inner west of Sydney. Alongside vocalist Nick (Leighton) Nuisance the band also features Cameron Holdstock (guitar), Declan Press (bass) and Cath Conlan (drums). Listed amongst their influences are the likes of Gun Club, Stooges and Modern Lovers. They've been releasing music for a couple of years, their most recent ep coming out last month featuring "5 blistering tracks from their live show" recorded live to tape and titled Dumb Fuzz. You can find it here :

  They're touring their home land this month in support of the ep and you can find dates here :

  This is probably my favourite track on the ep, it's called Talk To No One...

Monday 1 July 2019

Zex - Eternal Torment

  Forming in 2014 and hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Zex feature a line up of Gab Hole (bass), Mark Useless (drums), Gretchen Steel (vocals) and Jo Capitalicide (guitar). They've released a couple of albums and half a dozen singles (including this one : And now they're gearing up to unleash album number 3, It's out in a couple of weeks and will be titled Execute. If you're in Europe you can order it from Plastic Bomb or Cortex It's also up for preorder on Bandcamp

  In support of the album they've a European tour planned for August and you can find dates here :

  They've already previewed a couple of songs, there's an video for Firepower   ( whilst teaser song number 2 can be found below.

  Attracting comparisons with classic bands like Avengers, Runaways, Girlschool etc as well as several of classic 80's label Riot City Records' roster they write songs that are both personal and political. Going off the evidence presented so far, there's no reason to think Execute will be any less impressive than previous releases. This is Eternal Torment...