Saturday 16 December 2017

Material Support - Know Your Rights


  Material Support are a "Filipina-fronted agit punk band from Queens, New York City, agitated by state repression, government corruption and patriarchy." They formed in 2015 and feature a line up of Jackie (vocals), Simon (guitar), Miles (bass) and AJ (drums).

  2016 saw them release debut ep Balikbayan Box Demo, Balikbayan Box referring to the boxes Filipino migrant workers filled with supplies to send back home to their families.

  Earlier this year they released the Solidarity single, 2 songs, both powerful & intelligent, that whet the appetite for the debut album which will be on Aklasan Records.

  The flip side of the single is presumably inspired by The Clash classic of the same name and was released in support of the protest in Charlottesville against the Unite The Right gathering. The single is available name your price....

  This is Know Your Rights.....

Know your rights x3 
You don't have to talk to the cops 
You don't got to talk to no cop 
But if you have to talk to the cops, be firm and assertive 

Am I being detained? 
Am I free to go? 
I do not consent to this search 
Am I free to go? 

Do you have a warrant? 
Slide it under the door 
I choose to remain silent 
I want to speak to my lawyer 

Why did you stop me? 
Do you have reasonable suspicion? 
Officer please give me your badge number 
It is my right to film the police


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