Sunday 10 December 2017

Booji Boys - Sister

  One of the best labels of 2017 has been Drunken Sailor Records. Possibly the most eagerly awaited release still to come this year, amongst the listeners of the Just Some Punk Songs show, is the new album by The Booji Boys. Today's update features both and throws in a superb "name your price" 21 track compilation as well.

  From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Booji Boys previously featured on here at the start of the year with a song from their self titled album ( and have since released the Sweet Boy ep (which includes their take on an Undertones classic) and a cover of Gang Green's Sold Out. You can check out all their released material here :

  Drunken Sailor have put out releases by many bands that have appeared on here including TV Crime, Downtown Boys, First Base, Liquids, Cheap Whine etc. They've collected together a track from each of their 2017 releases and made them available name your price here :

  Go snap it up now, it's essential listening.

    The new Booji Boys album is called Weekend Rocker and it'll be out in time for Christmas. From the comments I've heard it's going to be a classic. There was a very limited (17 copies!) vinyl version available to the public in October but the rest of us will have to wait a while longer to hear it. There is however a video for one of the songs, this is Sister.....

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