Monday 28 February 2022

Multiplex - Never Drink With Nazis


  Something on the noisy side today. 

  Multiplex are from Bremen in Germany and they play in your face D-beat and hardcore. They're new to me and if I was to say that their new release, Segway Cops, was their debut release I'd only be guessing but it's all that's on their Bandcamp page so I'm gonna assume it is. It's one of those releases that I'm not sure if I should call an ep or an album. It's 8 tracks in around 15 minutes so make up your own mind.

  The energy levels are high throughout, the music is bruising and the vocals benefit from being a mix of male and female. As I mentioned, it's very noisy but there's a hint of melody in there which I find I usually need to drag me in. You can grab it as a name your price download here :

  If I had to choose a favourite track I'd possibly go with Violent Idiot but the song I'm going to highlight today (in the hope that the title is a bit more attention grabbing and gets a few more views for the band) is called Never Drink With Nazis... 

Saturday 26 February 2022

Cyanide Pills - The Kids Can't Be Trusted With Rock 'n' Roll


  Do you wanna know who are the catchiest UK punk band since The Buzzcocks? 

  Well that would be Cyanide Pills (

  They're one of those bands that you just know are going to turn out a classic whenever they get into the recording studio. They know how to exactly pair up the melody of power pop with the grittiness of punk rock to conjure up music that would definitely have bothered the upper reaches of the charts and been on regular mainstream radio rotation if it had been released in the late 70's. You probably already know and love their 3 studio albums, Cyanide Pills (2010), Still Bored (2013) & Sliced And Diced (2017). You'll definitely be looking forward eagerly to their new album which is scheduled for later this year.

  Will the new album be a departure for the band or will it be more lovingly crafted musical ear worms? The obvious answer after listening to their new single appears to suggest it's business as usual. 

  The single is available on 7" vinyl and digital download via Damaged Goods Records, both sides are equally as good and you can get it here :

  This is called The Kids Can't Be Trusted With Rock 'n' Roll...

 Ever been interrogated by the punk rock police? 
 Are you manufactured by a company?
 Is your band real or plastic?
 Have you ever paid a thousand quid for a poster?
 Can the kids be trusted with rock n roll?

Friday 25 February 2022

Da Groins - The General Pub(l)ic


  Now here's a song that went down a storm when I played it on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show. It's by a new trio called Da Groins ( who claim to play "sloppy garage shit" on cheap and broken instruments. Their line up is Jim Groin (guitar/vocals), Matt Groin (drums) & Zero Groin (bass/vocals). 

  I'm assuming all three members are genre veterans and I feel I should know all their identities but the only obvious one is the ubiquitous James Domestic who's vocals seem to grace a different project every other week (for example this year so far he's turned up in Botched Toe & Tokyo Lungs and is preparing to release his debut solo album Carrion Repeating).


  The Da Groins debut ep is titled 100% Groin and it boasts 4 invigorating tracks of budget garage punk fun that the press release says is for fans of bands such as The Hives, The White Stripes, Thee Headcoats, The Mummies & Armitage Shanks. It's scrappy but catchy as hell. It's out on 7" vinyl as a joint release involving Kibou Records (UK), Amok Records (Germany), No Front Teeth Records (UK) and Serial Bowl Records (UK). You can check it out here :

  This is the lead track, it reminds me somewhat of City Hobgoblins era fall with it's cool as fuck manic garage guitar stylings. It's called The General Pub(l)ic... 

Wednesday 23 February 2022

The Nilz - So!


The Nilz ( are the "4 scruffy Irish purveyors of Punk Rock entertainment" from Dublin who featured on here last September with Ginger Jesus, a song that I said would feature on an upcoming album titled Unicorn Hardspots. I predicted the album would be somewhat of a banger and now that it's released I can confirm I was spot on. 
  It's a raucous affair. 13 tracks of shouty punk rock bursting with energy, this is a band that don't seem to have many quiet, introspective moments. They just seem to want to batter you into submission and I can't fault them for that. 

  You can get the album on vinyl, cd or digital download from Rotator Vinyl :

  I played one high spot, Get In The Van, on a recent show so here's another. This is called So!... 

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Guitar Gangsters - Built To Last


  You probably already know and love London punk band Guitar Gangsters ( They've been around since 1988 and have released a healthy number of studio albums. When I played a new track by them on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show, one of the listeners in the chatroom (Atti) claimed to have bought all those albums and stated the band kept getting better and better. I'm pretty sure he'll be splashing out on their new one. 

  That new one is titled Fortune Favours The Brave and it's the sound of an experienced band demonstrating how to write melodic punk anthems. It's nothing we've not heard before but if this is the kind of music you love then you'll have to look hard to find anything better. I can't find a bandcamp link to share with you but you can check it out on Youtube :

  If, like Atti, you want to buy the album, it's available on vinyl (green or black) and cd from Breakout Promotions :

  I'm a bit spoilt today as there's so many great tracks on the album but I played the title track on the show so I'm going to highlight a song that manages to bring to mind both early 80's era Stiff Little Fingers and There She Goes by The Las (or it does in my mind at least!). This is Built To Last...

Monday 21 February 2022

Ingrates - Kickin Down the Doors


  Ingrates ( are the duo (Justin Jurgens & Nick Norrman) from Joshua Tree, California, who featured on here last December with their terrific debut single Don't Wanna Work ( It was a mash up of golden era punk rock with catchy as hell power pop and it impressed a lot of people. 

  Now they're back with a brand new single and this time around I'm hearing elements of 70's style glam rock added to the mix. Both singles show the band wearing their influences proudly on their sleeves but managing to sound fresh at the same time. Whereas last time out I was making comparisons with Los Pepes, Exploding Hearts & Tommy and the Commies on this single Kickin Down The Doors puts me in mind of The Clash, something along the lines of their excellent early b sides, whilst Learn To Love It is pure bovver boy rock, a glam stomp romp. 2 singles in and I'm very much looking forward to hearing more.

  You can get it here : 

  This is Kickin Down The Doors... 

Stuck in a rut and you don't know what to do
Down in the dumps cause they got the best of you
You're in a tight spot with your back against the wall
You started so big but now you're lookin so small

But in the end all you really wanna do is rock!
When the sun goes down and you're marching on down the block

When the knife of life is running you through BANG BANG!
Kickin' down the doors And There's only one thing you can do BANG BANG!
Kickin' down the doors When you're sick and tired of hangin around BANG BANG!
Kickin' down the doors You can bet you're gonna wanna kick it down BANG BANG!
Kickin' down the doors

There's times in life when you jump and hit your head
These stale times can lead you to regret
And when you don't know how to get through
You gotta be the law and do what you can do

But in the end all you really wanna do it split!
When the sun goes down and you're just so sick of it

When the knife of life is running you through
BANG BANG! Kickin' down the doors
And There's only one thing you can do
BANG BANG! Kickin' down the doors
When you're sick and tired of hangin around
BANG BANG! Kickin' down the doors
You can bet you're gonna wanna kick it down
BANG BANG! Kickin' down the doors

Sunday 20 February 2022

RAVAGERS - Shake the Reaper (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Another one from Ralph today...

  Baltimore, Maryland's, "RAVAGERS" ( have been on my radar since 2013. There was something about them that reminded me of one of my favourite bands ever from that city "The Beatings". They had that same grimy, Punk Rock & Roll aesthetic that only comes from living that life.

  After dropping one of my favourite songs/videos from last year "Down That Road", the boys have followed it up with what I'm going on record as saying will be my "Rock & Roll Album Of The Year" for 2022! "Badlands" is EVERYTHING I love about this kind of music!

 If you miss those early 2000 days when bands like American Heartbreak, D Generation, Libertine, NY Loose and Trash Brats were stomping everyone's ideas of what "Rock" should sound like into the ground - well HERE'S your new favourite band! 10 songs that could have come out in 1984, 2001 or right f'ing now! This is as classic and as timeless as it gets in 2022 my friends.

If vinyl is your thing then head to Spaghetty Town Records (US) or Wanda Records (Europe) 

 Here's a video for their song "Shake The Reaper"

The Radio Buzzkills - I Want My Records Back (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  There's been plenty of great pop punk songs down the years with titles such as Ursula Finally Has Tits (The Queers), Tina's Got Telekinesis (The Jasons), Jeannie's Got A Problem With Her Uterus (Screeching Weasel) etc etc etc. Maybe a great new song title would be Ralphie's Got A New Laptop as occasional Just Some Punk Songs guest reviewer Ralph J Rivera has managed to sort out his pc problems and he's back today with a new recommendation for you all to check out...

  First off I have to say THANK YOU to Mr. Mick Fletcher for bearing with me as I waited for my new laptop to arrive and then set it up (20+ hours later!). Okay... How do I write a review of one of my favourite modern Pop Punk bands that I'm also really good friends with? I DON'T!!! I just tell you that whatever you've heard, whatever hype you've read - These guys deserve every bit of it.

  I remember when the first album "Get Fired" came out and I was totally floored by the speed and the catchiness they could write songs with. I REALLY hate to use this comparison but you remember when the first The Steinways album came out and EVERYONE went apeshit over that band? Well the Radio Buzzkills ( take that kind of hype/greatness to the next level! Since then they put out one of the best Pop Punk albums of the 2020's in "Get Lost" and continued on a rampage until Covid slammed the brakes.

 They kept plowing on, recording when they could & even put out an EP in that time called "Get Bored". Plus a little split EP with some "Commie" band that I shall not mention LOL! But here we are in 2022 - Valentine's Day and this St. Louis powerhouse have dropped their statement to the world. "Get Even" is all that and more!

  Zac, Jenn, Gene and Bass Amp have easily written one of the most "mature" albums any snotty Pop Punk band could have. 14 songs of pure perfection. I'm really glad they're giving Jenn more lead vocals and her stand out song "I Fell For You" is an instant classic. I absolutely LOVE this band and I'm personally glad to call all of them my friends! You want my favourite song? If I didn't know better I'd swear Zac wrote this one for me! Here ya go - I Want My Records Back... 

Saturday 19 February 2022

Ättestor - In This Together


  "Maybe it's time to open your fucking eyes"

  Brighton D-beat noise makers Ättestor ( are another one of those bands that I was lucky to pick up on early (shortly after they formed at the end of 2019 following the breakup of an outfit called Watchcries). They've featured on here a couple of times with tracks from their 2 demos and they return today due to them releasing a debut album titled Even In Death. 

  It's a joint vinyl release from Autoreverse Records, Blind Destruction Records, Darcy Trash Records, Dead Invoices Records, Opiate Records, Suspect Device Records & Toxic Wotsit Records. It's an album that doesn't fuck about, 13 tracks that average out at a little over a minute each (the song I've highlighted below being the longest at an epic 2 minutes 10 seconds). Lyrically the band deal with both the political and the personal. The music is an energetic wall of brutal noise. You can check it out here :

  I'll play a different track on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show but today I'm going with a passionate song about how the right wing media are controlling the masses. It's a track that calls out Tory bullshit. It's called In This Together... 

Friday 18 February 2022

Rifle - The Flag


  Whilst preparing to write about today's song (and wondering how I could fill a couple of paragraphs as I know pretty much nothing about the band I'm featuring today) I received a message from Kirill  Kutchokokov from Dboy thanking me for featuring them and commenting that "You're the first one that gave us the time of day years ago, so we are in your debt."

  Whilst it's always nice to feel appreciated, no one's in my debt, this is just my hobby and without all the great band's out there it wouldn't be much fun. And I'm not blowing mine or anyone else's trumpet by posting the above comment, I'm A) padding out what would otherwise be a very short write up and B) giving myself the opportunity to say that I hope London punk quintet The Rifle might be another band that I'm still featuring in a few years from now. The evidence presented by their first release certainly suggests that could well be the case. 

  They line up with Max (Vocals), Cam (Guitar), Josh (Guitar), Flynn (Drums) & Ross (Bass). I've no idea if they're fresh faced newcomers or genre veterans but they've just released the Holloway Demos ep. It's 4 tracks of gritty punk rock that mixes elements of vintage punk, oi and a dash of hardcore (think Cockney Rejects, The Partisans and The Chisel). It could easily be filed under the UK82 tag on Bandcamp. It's raw and whilst it isn't reinventing the wheel, it shows great promise. If the job of a demo release is to create interest then it more than does it's job. You can snap it up as a name your price download here :

  This track is called The Flag... 

Thursday 17 February 2022

Dboy - Post Modern Trash


  Not only are those pesky Russians threatening to invade Ukraine, they're also threatening to send me to the gulag if I don't say nice things about Dboy's latest release. Luckily, it's damn good so in the spirit of  дружба I'll accede to their wishes. 

  So Dboy (, they're a trio from Moscow (via Welland, Canada) who "write rock n roll, because rock n roll is what matters." They've been around since 2018 and have featured on here twice previously (I said they reminded me of both The Ramones and The Spits). You can check out their releases here : 

  Their new 4 track ep is titled Post Modern Trash. It bursts out of the starting gate with the energetic sub 1 minute stomp of Chinese Restaurants before slowing things down with an aptly named title track (it's garage punk n roll that mixes up Cavemen sleaze with Gabba Gabba Hey downstrokes). More of the same follows with Southern Drawl before they round things off with the swaggering Suburban Bones. There's some killer garage music being released by bands such as Hip Priests, The Drippers, Bitch Queens etc etc etc... Feel to add Post Modern Trash to the list. You can check it out here :

  This is the title track, Post Modern Trash... 

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Cause A Riot - Red in Front of the White and Blue


  Cause A Riot ( are a melodic hardcore quintet from Järvenpää in Finland who's line up features Ari Toivanen, Kaarle Ranta, Olli Rahijärvi, Petri Kortelainen & Simo Timonen. They formed in 2011, play fast paced, anthemic skate punk and write about issues such as inequality and oppression. 

  They've recently released a split single with fellow countrymen Teresa Banks ( and it's the kind of ep that'll make you want to jump around and get sweaty. It's available on transparent green vinyl and released in collaboration with Shield Recordings, La Agonía de Vivir, Intersphere Records, 20 Chords Records, Fast Decade Records & High End Denim Records. You can check it out here :

  All the tracks are very decent indeed but the one that stood out for me is this one, It's called Red In Front Of The White And Blue... 

Once there was a reason to the point that you needed to make But they put the name on the map and now you've lost your way Crawling on and dragging down the only thing that makes us not so different But you are not making any sense So many steps back to the start Confusion is hitting hard once more The destruction and hate for the unsettling score - there is no middle ground This empowering 'wake up' insanity that you first thought would be consumed But that's just you breaking down the truth Is it hard to find the peace when all you see is red in front of the white and blue? Or is it just you? Too many steps back to the start Confusion is hitting hard once more The destruction and hate for the unsettling score - there's no winner when you're starting a war So many steps back to the start Confusion is hitting hard and keeps piling on The hate has become the road of faith You have lost your way

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Sprints - Chaise Longue


  Hopefully you all know and love Dublin quartet Sprints ( and caught the 2 songs I've previously featured on here 

  Hopefully you'll have heard me playing tracks from their excellent new ep A Modern Job on the Just Some Punk Songs show. It's available on vinyl via Nice Swan Records and it's a must not miss release

  Maybe you're going to see the band (Karla Chubb (Lead Singer and songwriter), Colm O’Reilly (Guitar), Jack Callan (Drums), Sam McCann (Bass Guitar)) on their upcoming tour of the UK and Ireland. 

  If you are going to watch them, there's a fair chance they may play a cover of a recent song that made a big impression on them. Is there anyone out there that's not stumbled across Wet Leg during the last 12 months? Probably not. They're the Isle Of Wight newbies that have appeared out of nowhere to become flavour of the month. Their debut album is on the horizon so expect to hear plenty more soon (the backlash is probably already gathering momentum as I type this!).

  Wet Leg's break out song has been covered live by Sprints, it's a version that doesn't deviate too much from the original though it is a bit angrier and a bit more scuffed up. It's a nice treat from one of the scene's best new bands. 

  This is Chaise Longue... 

Sunday 13 February 2022

Petrol Girls - Baby, I Had an Abortion


( photo by Martyna Wisniewska (gingerdope) )

  I wasn't going to bother posting this song. Not because I don't like it, I do, it's great. But because I'm sure it'll be popping up on plenty of other sites so I was going to hang fire and post a different song from the upcoming album. But the reaction to it in the chatroom on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show was so overwhelmingly positive I'm gonna have to stick it on the blog. 

  You'll no doubt be familiar with Petrol Girls ( Originally from south east London, now based in Graz, Austria. Their 3rd album is due out in summer but they've released a track from it. It "highlights the simple truth that everyone should have easy access to abortion" and is based on vocalist Ren Aldridge's experience of encountering pro-life demonstrators as she had an abortion. 

  It's an emotive subject and a powerful song, it's lyrically raw and musically superb. The band are looking to raise funds for Abortions Without Borders. It's available here :

  It's called Baby, I Had An Abortion...

I'm a god damn should be mother
Got a womb so that's my purpose
I'm a god damn incubator
But baby I'll see you later

Who's life are you pro?
Who's do you want to control?
Heaven forbid my rights
Heaven forgive what I decide
Point your finger and cry
Oh I feel it deep inside


Oh its a god damn moral panic
Save the sperm because its sacred
Blessed is the foetus
But god damn the children in existence

Who's life are you pro?
Who's do you want to control
You want to come inside
Tell me how i'm traumatised

Shame shame shame
Point your finger and cry oh its a
Shame shame shame
That I'm not sorry I'M NOT SORRY

An abortion


Saturday 12 February 2022

Before They Are Hanged - This Ones Gonna Hurt


  Based in Sheffield and North Derbyshire, Before They Are Hanged ( have been putting out top notch punk rock music since Feb 2018. They like 80s films, horror, fantasy and SF (& real science!), RPGs and other nerdy shit, they dislike homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, xenophobia & racism. They sometimes write songs about those likes and dislikes. 

   Maybe some of those likes and dislikes will again be addressed on their upcoming debut album. It won't be out till the 2nd part of 2022 but to give us a taste of what to expect they've just released a teaser song. It's a short blast of energetic punk rock that suggests they've toughened up their already gritty sound. It's about doing the right thing, even if it's also the hard thing. It's a bit of a rager. You can get it here :

  It's called This Ones Gonna Hurt...
 Brace yourself again
 Dig deep my friends
 This one's gonna hurt

 Fight back, fight
 Pull through the shame
 This one's gonna hurt

 When you see it coming
 You better look away
 When you see it coming

Friday 11 February 2022

Johnnie Carwash - Public Toilet


  Johnnie Carwash ( are a cool garage pop trio (Jo, Bill & Max) from Lyon. They've a new album out titled Teenage Ends and it's a fun listen. The tone is set by an opening track that lays down a fuzzed up, bouncy backbeat whilst the vocalist gleefully sings I don't care, I don't give a shit. It's simplistic but an earworm. 

  Things continue in a similar fashion. Grunge pop/Twee punk with pleasingly tuneful vocals, it's a blast. It's available on vinyl & cd via Howlin' Banana Records 

  There's plenty of highlights, a couple of the songs (Teenage Ends and Slut Skirt have proper Youtube videos) but the track I'm highlighting is a short but sweet ode to gross loos. Best listened to with a smile on your face, this is Public Toilet... 

Thursday 10 February 2022

Star Party - Push You Aside


  Although they've only released a Demo ep and had a track included on the Girlsville Records' Paid By Rock compilation since they formed in a Seattle living room in March 2020, Star Party have become a big favourite of mine. The news that there's a debut album out on 11th March has got me more than a little excited. It's gonna be called Meadow Flower and there'll be a ltd edition pastel green vinyl version available so go pre order it now


   If you heard the 2 songs I've already posted by the band, covers of songs you may have previously heard by The Shop Assistants & The Primitives, you'll know they're influenced by fuzzed up, C86 era indie pop. The album is said to "seamlessly mesh together noise, melody, and harmony as Carolyn Brennan's soft and clearly American vocals float over waves of feedback and drum machine racket like a delicate mist sitting just above a mountain lake."  Yep, it's an album I'm definitely looking forward to!

  This is a taste of what to expect. It's called Push You Aside... 

Wednesday 9 February 2022

The New Brutarians - New Muse


  The last song I posted on here was by The Courettes and they're a band who bring the sounds of the 60's into the modern age. Similar can be said of St. Petersburg, Florida, duo The New Brutarians ( Although channelling maybe more of an early 70's vibe they're another band who transport us back in time without sounding dated. A look at their influences reveals that their record collections contain music from the likes of Alex Chilton, Nikki Sudden, Lou Reed, Dogs D'amour, Tronics, Rolling Stones, Modern Lovers, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Thunders etc. They aren't a carbon copy of any of them but do cherry pick the best bits.

  Lining up with Christina Wright (Drums & Vocals) and Adam Turkel (Guitars/Bass/Keyboards /Vocals), they've been around since 2018 and you can check out their music here :

  They're gearing up for the release of a new album titled Hysteria and have paved the way for it with a teaser single. The New Muse ep features 3 non album b sides (Barter Baby (I'll Trade You My Heart), The New Brutarian and a cover of Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way) as well as a title track that does a great job of ramping up expectations.

  It's a mix of dream pop and rock n roll who's Fleetwood Mac Rumours sleeve has me wondering if it's about Stevie Nicks & Mick Fleetwood. I'm not sure if that's right or not but I do know it's a very good song. This is New Muse... 

Monday 7 February 2022

The Courettes - So What


  Hey guys, The Courettes ( have a new single out on February 25th. It'll be on Damaged Goods Records and it features a track from their excellent Back In Mono album (Misfits and Freaks) and a new song (Killer Eyes). It'll be on ltd edition white vinyl and you can pre order it here :

  But this update isn't about that. 

  It's to highlight a song that features on a release on which The Courettes collaborate with Swiss garage punk trio The Jackets ( Titled Chaputa​!​'s Double Feature Vol​.​4, it's the latest instalment of a series of releases from Chaputa! Records. Both bands contribute a couple of songs each, both bands are on top form. Proving it's possible to sound simultaneously retro and cutting edge, it's a delight. You can get it on vinyl (2 x 7" with a gatefold sleeve) or digital download :

  From The Courettes, this is So What... 

Sunday 6 February 2022

WÜRST NÜRSE - I'm Not Your Punching Bag


  Not just part of the job...

  Würst Nürse ( are from Melbourne and lay claim to being the world's first and best nurse punk band. They formed in 2016, released debut ep Hot Hot Hot in 2018 and are preparing for the release of a new ep titled The Würst Nürse Curse. Today's song is a taste of what to expect. 

  As you may notice from their song titles (Dedication Doesn't Pay The Rent, Hot Doctor, Fresh Outta Bedpans...) there's a common theme running through their lyrics. They aren't afraid to utilise humour to make a serious point. 

  This song deals with the rise in abuse against healthcare workers both in and out of the workplace. The band are calling for a bit of respect for their fellow workers, they don't need glorifying as heroes, just treating as human beings. You can get the song as a name your price download here :

  It's called I'm Not Your Punching Bag... 

Saturday 5 February 2022

Vintage War - Walmart Army


  Who remembers The Briggs? They're the LA street punk band that formed around the turn of the Millennium who featured on here back in 2016 ( 

  I've just been tipped off that vocalist Joey LaRocca is back with a new band. They're called Vintage War ( and they also feature Briggs bassist Derik Envy. Filling out the line up are Steven Sciazko (Guitar) & Dylan Howard (Drums).


  They've just released a debut ep titled Plague State and this time around it sounds like old school hardcore rather than street punk is the order of the day. Unsurprisingly, they're still damn catchy with all 6 tracks hitting the mark. They're a more ferocious beast than The Briggs but no less enjoyable. Fast paced and politically astute, you'll want to check them out :

  This is my early favourite, it's called Walmart Army... 

Friday 4 February 2022

Rash Decision - Holiday In Cambornia


  Rash Decision ( are the hardcore punk quartet from Falmouth (Cornwall) who featured on here back in 2018 with a track from their Karōshi album ( 

  I then played a new track from them last November on the show, it was titled Beasts Of England and I mentioned it was going to feature on an upcoming album. Due to be released in March, it was titled Year Of The Silence, but in a rare case of vinyl actually turning up on time they decided to release it today. I've been having a listen and it's every bit as good as I'd been expecting. 35 minutes, 18 tracks and bursting with energy and anger. 

  It's an album that's politically charger. Sample lyrics include this verse from opener Graveyard Upside Down; 
"I wonder what's really going on, inside their heads and how little they value us. What are we to them? But coins and clowns, an excuse to be heartless. I wonder how they sleep at night? they laugh at the body count, does it really get them off? They know what they're doing and they're laughing to the bank."

  Elsewhere they state that "Anti fascists are the cure not the disease." They comment on recent events in America "I can't fucking breathe, voices are silenced and crushed under knees" whilst on a more personal level they note that "It's hard to get out of bed when we’re all being misled."


  The album's available in blue vinyl, cd and as a name your price download :

  This track comments on the country deciding to leave the EU and the effect it's had on the band's native Cornwall. It's called Holiday In Cambornia... 

Welcome to the brain drain The edge of the fucking world Lawless desolation Toothless addiction 700 million bucks per annum Ploughed into Cornwall by the EU Fucking thrown away by the Brexit morons Severing their own racist throats Did they give a fuck? DON'T THINK SO Do you see remorse? FUCK ME NO Time to drain the swamp GOOD TO GO Working class Tories digging their own graves Tourists are not welcome Suicide mentality Cutting off the lifeblood Choked economy They don't like anyone different Twisted time warp existence Think they give a fuck? DON'T THINK SO Do they feel remorse? FUCK ME NO Time to pull the plug GOOD TO GO Time to drain the swamp Let's burn it down and start a-fucking-gain IT'S TIME TO BURN IT DOWN BEGIN AGAIN IT'S TIME TO BURN IT DOWN BEGIN AGAIN Welcome to the brain drain The end of the fucking world Enjoy your vacation Cos it is time to Drain the swamp And burn it down And start a-fucking-gain

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Das Kapitans - Big Muff


  With 2021 being a bit of a damp squib due to Covid it was very easy to stay indoors all year and over indulge in the music of Das Kapitans ( Every month we were treated to a new concoction from them. December presented us with an excuse for a spot of festive excess due to the release of the 29 track "Greatest Hits" album That'll Do For This Year (The Best Of 2021), a heady brew of aural delights. 

  But then came dry January when we had to abstain. A full 31 days on the wagon. No new releases, a chance to clear our heads but all in all a pretty miserable experience. 

  But, hoorah! It's now February and we can get back to drinking our fill. 

  The band are now a 3 piece with drummer Lewis Smith joining Stephen Potter & Simon Bailey. It's an addition that benefits them as you'll hear from their new single. As the band say, the recording process is just as DIY but by not being tied down to releasing a new album every month they aim to spend a bit more time on the detail. 

  The 2 songs on the single are tagged A side and B side but both are equally as good. It's available via Socks On Records and you can download it here :

  This is Big Muff...

My names Tony from Blighty Selling my wears on a windswept car-boot Monday morning I'm trawling Classified free ads looking for my next hit Blindly optimistic Drive me up the wall Save yourself Save your song Make me proud Make me drown Must be something so random Baggy old jeans not looking like you want to Parties over with old friends Have another drink son stick it on the table Timely intervention Drive me up the wall His names Tony he’s spritely Selling his wears on the pier at Blackpool Sunday morning trades roaring Classified ads just looking for his next hit