Friday 4 February 2022

Rash Decision - Holiday In Cambornia


  Rash Decision ( are the hardcore punk quartet from Falmouth (Cornwall) who featured on here back in 2018 with a track from their Karōshi album ( 

  I then played a new track from them last November on the show, it was titled Beasts Of England and I mentioned it was going to feature on an upcoming album. Due to be released in March, it was titled Year Of The Silence, but in a rare case of vinyl actually turning up on time they decided to release it today. I've been having a listen and it's every bit as good as I'd been expecting. 35 minutes, 18 tracks and bursting with energy and anger. 

  It's an album that's politically charger. Sample lyrics include this verse from opener Graveyard Upside Down; 
"I wonder what's really going on, inside their heads and how little they value us. What are we to them? But coins and clowns, an excuse to be heartless. I wonder how they sleep at night? they laugh at the body count, does it really get them off? They know what they're doing and they're laughing to the bank."

  Elsewhere they state that "Anti fascists are the cure not the disease." They comment on recent events in America "I can't fucking breathe, voices are silenced and crushed under knees" whilst on a more personal level they note that "It's hard to get out of bed when we’re all being misled."


  The album's available in blue vinyl, cd and as a name your price download :

  This track comments on the country deciding to leave the EU and the effect it's had on the band's native Cornwall. It's called Holiday In Cambornia... 

Welcome to the brain drain The edge of the fucking world Lawless desolation Toothless addiction 700 million bucks per annum Ploughed into Cornwall by the EU Fucking thrown away by the Brexit morons Severing their own racist throats Did they give a fuck? DON'T THINK SO Do you see remorse? FUCK ME NO Time to drain the swamp GOOD TO GO Working class Tories digging their own graves Tourists are not welcome Suicide mentality Cutting off the lifeblood Choked economy They don't like anyone different Twisted time warp existence Think they give a fuck? DON'T THINK SO Do they feel remorse? FUCK ME NO Time to pull the plug GOOD TO GO Time to drain the swamp Let's burn it down and start a-fucking-gain IT'S TIME TO BURN IT DOWN BEGIN AGAIN IT'S TIME TO BURN IT DOWN BEGIN AGAIN Welcome to the brain drain The end of the fucking world Enjoy your vacation Cos it is time to Drain the swamp And burn it down And start a-fucking-gain

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