Sunday 30 November 2014

Forgotten Rebels - I Think Of Her

A classic oldie today, from one of Canada's greatest punk bands. The Forgotten Rebels got together back in '77, they hail from Hamilton, Ontario and despite many line up changes, they're still together. Still featuring vocalist and founder member Mike Grelecki (aka Mickey DeSadest), they are rounded out by Jeffrey Campbell (guitar), Shawn Maher (bass) and Dan Casale (drums). Today's song was on their debut album, In Love With The System, which was released in 1980 on Star Records. As well as DeSadist, other band members at the time were Ali McCombo (guitar), Pogo Au Gogo (bass) and Larry Electrician (drums). One of punk's best, this is I Think Of Her.......

Every time I think of her, I close my eyes.
She was a velvet doll, she was a punk rocker. 
When I walked off stage I fell in love with her.
I stared at her from across the bar - I want her near to me.
So close and dear to me.
Later that night she asked me home, so I took her home well where we were all alone.

I think of her, when she's not around.
I think of her, when she's in the underground.
I think of her, when she's not in town.
I think of her.

I held her tight as she clutched my hand.
Can you understand? I gotta be her man.
She became special to me just in a night.
You see the dreams we shared, the dreams we had.
Then for awhile, for about a week we played a silly adult game of hide and seek.
But now I gotta have that girl to hold me tight forever. Baby!

I think of her, when she's not around.
I think of her, when she's in the underground.
I think of her, when she's not in town.
I think of her.

Saturday 29 November 2014

Stalin Video - Kut Me Off

  Featuring members of  London's The Gaggers and Greenville, South Carolina's Now In 3D,  Stalin Video have previously released a single, Vivisektion, which came out on No Front Teeth Records and was bloody good so when I heard there was an album in the pipeline for next year I knew it would be worth watching out for. The Gaggers play straight forward '77 style punk rock and are inspired by the likes of "early GG / Jabbers, Dead Boys, Pagans, Eater.....", whilst Now In 3D "play scuzzy synth punk." Stalin Video merge these styles to great effect which leaves them sounding not a million miles away from The Spits. At least that's the impression you get from the video below, it's taken from the album which is called Animalistik and is scheduled for release in early 2015 on Wanda Records. Turn up your volume, this is Kut Me Off.....

Friday 28 November 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Marc Ramohn (The Wompydompies)

 Thanks to Marc Ramohn today for choosing his favourite songs of all time, he says "it's impossible to only pick 10 but these 10 songs mark every step of my life that bring me to the music I love today." As you may already know, Marc loves music, not only the music of The Ramones but also the many bands who inspired them or who were inspired by them. He loves music so much that not only does he make his own music (check out The Wompydompies here ),  he also provides an invaluable service for all fans of the genre with the sterling work he does on his Ramone To The Bone website :  .
  As is often the case, his top 10 isn't numbered so I'll take the liberty of numbering them as they came, I'll also choose one of his picks for song of the day, it's from 1963 but I'm sure you'll all recognise it.......

 1) Richard O'Brian - Science Fiction/Double Feature

 2) The Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away

 3) Die Artze - Westerland

 4) Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today

 5) Buddy Holly - Heartbeat

 6) Richie Valens - Donna

 7) Knochenfabrik - Glucklich

 8) Fuckin Faces - Faces Of Death

 9) The Wohlstandskinder - Das Grau Unserer Zeit

10) Spass Dabei - Traumfrau

11) Randy & The Rainbows - Denise

As you may have noticed, like several others that have been kind enough to submit a top 10, Marc can't count!

Cheers mate, here's Denise by Randy & The Rainbows......

Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Dictators - Stay With Me

I'm up early today and out pretty much all day so I'll just fire off a quick update before I Head out the door. I'm sure The Dictators need no introductions, they've been around in one form or another since forming in New York City in 1973. The song I'm posting was on their 1977 album, Bloodbrothers, it features a line up of Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross "The Boss" Friedman, Scott "Top Ten" Kempner, Andy Shernoff and Ritchie Teeter and it's one of punk's finest moments. This is Stay With Me......

I shuffle down the street
my eyes are on my feet
I got no place to go

I try to reason why
but end up getting high
I'm drinking more it shows

I stare into the TV screen
but every face reminds me of a girl
I never used to be so mean
but I can't bear to face
my shattered world,
you just ain't fair to this romeo
I fell apart when I watched you go
Baby, baby, baby

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my,
heart is calling won't you
Stay with me
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my,
heart is calling won't you
Stay with me

The stars they used to shine
but now my tears they blind
the fun we used to have

At night I toss and turn,
the memories they burn
I don't know how to laugh

I try and make the social scene
but I get drunk and turn into a fool
Then I start a fight
because I'm only half the
man I was with you
said we'd never part until we die
Why didn't you stop when
you heard me cry
Baby, baby, baby

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my,
heart is calling won't you
Stay with me
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my,
heart is calling won't you
Stay with me

Guitar Slingers - The Fly with the X-ray Eyes (Extended)

  Something new today from Guitar Slingers, a band whom describe themselves as Psychobilly/Rockabilly Surf Mariachi Punx and who play "spaghetti western motivated surf songs."  Formed in London in 2008 and featuring Phillip Doyle (aka Doyley....... ex Demented Are Go, Klingonz, Nigel Lewis And The Zorchmen etc) on guitar and vocals as well as Andi (guitar/vocals), Bruno (base) and Gaybeul (drums). They've so far released 3 albums, One Man Freakshow, Six String Bandit and Adios Amigo, a new single (featuring Bad Manners' Martin Stewart) is due out on 12th December. A double A side, it features Kong and the track I've posted below which is definitely a very worthy addition to the long list of great songs that have a sci fi theme, it's called The Fly With The X-Ray Eyes and you can pre order it here : 

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jay Gauvin (aka J Prozac)

  I'm rather excited today to be able to bring you the top 10 favourite songs of all time by Jay Gauvin. Following the demise of Massachusetts band The GrandPrixx ( ) , Jay formed The Prozacs in 2001. They've pretty much split up now, leaving Jay concentrating on his solo work (he featured on this blog back in February : ) but they left a back catalogue of top notch pop punk that earned them legendary status in the eyes of many genre fans. Hopefully they'll rise from the ashes one day but you can check out their stuff here : .  Jay's most recent solo album was called Here Is My Heart and you can check it out here : .

  As for his top 10, he says "10 songs, even 10 albums, it's nearly impossible to pick 10 favourites" but he gives it a go....

 1) Face To Face - Disconnected

 2) Screeching Weasel - Totally

 3) Dire Straits - Walk Of Life

 4) The Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away

 5) Mr T Experience - Ba Ba Ba

 6) The Queers - Fuck The World

 7) The Mopes - I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye

 8) Descendents - I'm The One

 9) The Riverdales - Hampton Beach

10) Less Than Jake - Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts

Today's song of the day is Jay's number 1, it's by California punk veterans Face To Face.......

you don't know a thing about me
is there something you should know?
I can tell you what you want to hear
let your inhibitions just go
no, you don't know what you will give up
you don't know what you want
it may take you years to find out
you don't know what you need
it's something that may never come to you
trust is something that comes easy
when you've never been a victim
lies and promises and words are said
it's you're decision to accept them 
no, you don't know what you will give up
you don't know what you want
it may take you years to find out
you don't know what you need
it's something that may never come to you

Monday 24 November 2014

Nerve Agents - But i Might Die Tonight

 Today's update features a cover of an old Cat Stevens song by Californian hardcore act The Nerve Agents. Formed in 1998 by Andy Outbreak (drums) and Eric Ozenne (vocals), they were a raucous, chaotic ball of energy who's live shows often led to audience members needing medical treatment due to the enthusiasm on display in the pit. As far as recorded output went, they released a self titled ep in 1998 and a split with Kill Your Idols in 2000 as well as a brace of albums (2000's Days Of The White Owl and 2001's The Butterfly Collection. They burned bright, building up a rabidly loyal fanbase but then split in 2002 amid rumoured tensions caused by Outbreak's involvement with The Distillers as well as the pending birth of Ozenne's daughter. From their Hellcat Records album, The Butterfly Collection, this is But I Might Die Tonight.....

I don't want to work away 
Doing just what they all say 
Work hard boy and you'll find 
One day you'll have a job like mine 

'Cause I know for sure 
Nobody should be that poor 
To say yes or sink low 
Because you happen to say so, say so, you say so 

I don't want to work away 
Doing just what they all say 
Work hard boy and you'll find 
One day you'll have a job like mine, job like mine, a job like mine 

Be wise, look ahead 
Use your eyes he said 
Be straight, think right 
But I might die tonight! 

Sunday 23 November 2014

Head - Killed By Death

Formed in Seattle in 1990, Head consist of Ree Ree (bass/vocals), Touch (guitar) and Tulu (drums), Giggles was added on second guitar for a few years but left in 1999. They released several singles and eps, mostly on their own Evil Clown label as well as a couple of albums (1997's The Monkeys and 2006's No Hugging No Learning). As far as i know, they still emerge from hibernation a couple of times a year for the occasional gig even if they've not made it as far as a recording studio since they recorded a split 7" in 2012 with The Manges. Today's song comes from their last sole release, it's the b side to Spend The Night Alone (which is itself a great song that I urge you to check out), it's called Killed By Death and if you listen closely you may hear an affectionate poking of fun at many of the people who read this blog.......

Saturday 22 November 2014

Cyanide Pills - Waiting (For You to Call Me)

Leeds' Cyanide Pills were one of the first bands to appear in this blog, and as I noticed that their most recent single had just made an appearance on Youtube I thought that now would be a good time to give them another shout out. If you aren't familiar with their brand of catchy Buzzcocks/Briefs inspired pop punk then you really are missing out, I'm not exaggerating when I say that they're victims of their time. If they were releasing these records back in the golden era of punk they'd have had a string of top 40 hits by now. 2014 has been spent recording their highly anticipated 3rd album and they've been busy gigging (they've recently completed a successful tour of Spain). To tide us over whilst we wait for the new material, this is a song that came out last November on Damaged Goods Records, it's called Waiting (For You To Call Me) and it's great......

Friday 21 November 2014

Generacion Suicida -Todo Termina


Generacion Suicida formed in the winter of 2010 in South Central LA and currently feature a line up of Kiwi (drums/vocals), Tony (guitar/vocals), Mario (guitar) and Juan (bass). And that's your lot from their facebook profile. Their bandcamp tags them as "77 hardcore los angeles raw punk Los Angeles", which if anything makes them sound pretty angry, bloody loud and raises the possibility that they might produce a bit of a tuneless racket. Happily that isn't the case as today's song will demonstrate (although like some of the best hardcore raw punk bands you may have difficulty deciphering the lyrics, on this occasion it's nothing to do with the vocal delivery and everything to do with the fact that you possibly don't speak Spanish).
  So what do they sound like? In my opinion, top notch. On Todo Termina (which you will have noticed lurking around at the bottom of this post), they open with an eminently listenable driving guitar which is beautifully complimented by a crisp, clear vocal and restrained but impressive drumming. Definitely not raw hardcore, definitely very good indeed. You can find it on their 2014 released album of the same name if you visit here :

  I think I'm right in saying that the song concerns the themes associated with death and the feelings of sadness at the loss of a loved one but the comfort to be found in knowing that despite death separating you, one day you'll be reunited. Something hinted at in the excellent photo at the top of the post. Enjoy.....

Pienso en los amigos 
En los muertos y en los vivos 
Pienso en el pasado 

Pienso en las promesas 
En orgullos y en tristezas 
Pienso en lo acabado 

Y la vida me da riza 
Como cambian las cosas con prisa 
Amistades, relaciones 
Todo con el tiempo termina 
A pesar de todo, sigo yo 

Hace mucho daba tristeza 
La idea ke ya no regresas 
Pero estos dias ya no 
La muerte nos separa 
Pero un dia pronto acaba 
Un dia te vuelvo yo a ver

Thursday 20 November 2014

Slutever - Blah Blah Blah

  Slutever are a duo originally from Bucks County, Philadelphia consisting of Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi, they now reside in Los Angeles. Friends since high school they self released an ep in 2010 called Sorry I'm Not Sorry and have since put out various 7"'s, eps, cassettes, demos, flexidiscs and splits which you can check out on their bandcamp. Guitarist/drummer Rachel has a side project, The Weenies, which is a punk band aimed at children and can be heard here ( ).
  The song I'm posting today comes from a recent split release with LA band Girlpool, it's a cover of a Girlpool original called Blah Blah Blah and it's great. An in your face assault of snotty alt punk, you can pick it up "name your price here : and if you want to hear the original version head over here :

You leave me crying in the fucking rain
I want you
You're too busy watching other girls
In the little skirts, with their pretty curls
Why don't you
Hot one you know you want it
Then when you find you got it
You call me

I hear you talking like 

You're looking better in my underwear
When I try to kiss you, you get scared
Why don't you
Leave me, go out the door
I can't handle your shit anymore

I hear you talking like

I hear you talking like

Wednesday 19 November 2014

The Donnas - Teenage Runaway

 One of the best things about having a 70 mile round trip to work every day, in fact possibly the only good thing, is the chance to dig out an old album and have it pounding out whilst I'm driving. Last night I was accompanied to my place of employment by the debut album by The Donnas. The all girl quartet hail from Palo Alto, California and got together in 1995. Featuring Brett Anderson (vocals), Allison Robertson (guitar), Maya Ford (bass) and Torry Castellano (drums) (Amy Cesari took over as drummer in 2010), they went on to find major label success and to release an impressive body of work but today I'm featuring a song from that debut album.
  Released in 1997 and self titled, it's full of short but great Ramones influenced punk rock tunes. After this the Donnas would gradually move away from simplistic punk rock bangers and their audience would grow as they matured, for me though, this was them at their best. Basic song structures with repetitive and brief lyrics should be easy to write and they are, the difficult part is making them great and that's one thing the band manage with ease. Not many can make something seemingly so basic sound so good. A great example is the song I've chosen to post, this is Teenage Runaway.....

Teenage runaway. (Oo-oo-oo)
Teenage runaway. (Oo-oo-oo)
Teenage runaway. (Oo-oo-oo)
Teenage runaway. (Oo-oo-oo)
Teenage runaway.
Teenage runaway.
Teenage runaway.

He left his chance behind
Dropped Coke for lemon-lime
Now what's he gonna do?
Gonna get some Mexican food.


Won't have to go to school
Just hang out playing pool
Stay out late every night
He's gonna be alright


Tuesday 18 November 2014

Boston Chinks - Coltrane

Back in time to 2007 today for this rip roaring garage rock single that came out on Goner Records. Boston Chinks, aren't from Boston as their name suggests they were actually from Memphis and featured a line up of Alex Gates, Billy Hayes, Christopher D Johnston and Stephen Pope (Hayes and Pope went on to play with alt rock favourites Wavves).
  They're probably best remembered for touring with Jay Reatard and for the split 7" they cut with him (Jay Reatard contributing Let It All Go, Boston Chinks backing it up with Swollen Vessels).
  Their name came from a piece of graffiti on a wall in Boston which said "Boston Chinks Go Home", their sound comes straight out of the garage. This is the lead track from their debut platter, it's called Coltrane.....

Monday 17 November 2014

School Damage - I Wanna Be Wasted

 Another (sort of) new song today, this time it's by Toronto punks School Damage. Inspired by The Ramones and aiming to play "fast, fun and fucked up" music, the band released a demo in 2011 (which included an early version of today's tune). 2012 saw a self titled ep, 2013 produced one called Get Weird and they continued with their annual release schedule a couple of months back when Straight Ds saw the light of day. Recorded by Jimmy Vapid you can snap it up "name your price" here :
  Comprising of Brad Manners (guitar/vocals), Jon Cabatan (bass/vocals) and Curtis Tone (drums), they recently played a gig in which the entire set list was made up of Descendents covers. They've also shared a stage with the likes of The Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Spits and Off With Their Heads and next year they're hoping to be busy touring the USA and Europe.  If you want to listen to some solid pop punk that has an hardcore inspired edge you could do a lot worse than checking them out. This is I Wanna Be Wasted....

Sunday 16 November 2014

Buck Biloxi And The Fucks - I Got Kicked Out Of Shadowrun

Previously featured in here earlier this year, Buck Biloxi And The Fucks have recently released a new 12" ep called Culture Demanufacturer (they call it an ep but containing 14 tracks it's pretty much album length). The songs are short, lo-fi nuggets of primitive and pissed off rock n roll that's fresh out of the garage. This is a really cool release (check it out yourself here : ).
  Here's a track from it called I Got Kicked Out Of Shadowrun, it features some excellent futuristic laser gun sound effects.......

Saturday 15 November 2014

Bitchschool - Record Shop

"Saw him yesterday at the record shop
 caught him looking at me, didn't want him to stop..."

Regular visitors to this blog will know of my love for rough and ready 3 chord rock n roll with female vocals. There's been plenty of such songs already posted and no doubt there'll be lots more to come, starting with this one.
  Bitchschool were a garage punk band from California who got together after the demise of Loli And The Chones and featured brother and sister Chris and Michelle Santamaria as well as Jessica Mirmak. Not to be confused with the band of the same name who come from Portland, this Bitchschool just had the one release, an ep which came out on Tina Lucchesi's Lipstick Records in 1998 and featured 3 tracks : Bitchschool, Record Shop and I'll Be Good To You. They also contributed a cover of Nick Gilder's Runaways In The Night to the California Ain't Fun No More compilation.
  Simple but highly effective, here's a tale of budding romance at the Record Shop.....

Friday 14 November 2014

The Middle Class - Out of Vogue

 I've a couple more top 10 lists in the pipeline but whilst I'm awaiting their arrival I'll take the opportunity to add a 1 minute blast of quality 70's punk rock. Formed in 1976 in Santa Ana, California, The Middle Class featured Jeff Atta (vocals), Mike Atta (guitar), Mike Patton (bass) and Bruce Atta (drums). Their first release, 1978's Out Of Vogue ep is often credited with being the first hardcore single, it's certainly one of the fastest songs of that era. Other band's such as Black Flag and Bad Brains were around at the same time and achieved greater success but The Middle Class are still highly regarded to this day by fans of the genre, the rarity of some of their records ensures that they go for top dollar.
  1980 saw the release of the 4 track Scavenged Luxury ep and this was followed a couple of years later by their Homeland album.They introduced synth to their sound and slowed things down, this was largely due to the violence that had sprung up at their gigs (and which affected much of the Orange County punk scene in the early 80's). Getting fed up of the constant touring whilst not seeming to progress they called it a day in 1982. Tragically Mike Atta died earlier this year of cancer so this post is dedicated to him. This is Out Of Vogue, please play loud.....

Sounds just an overdub
Hate is just a fashion show (i dont' understand this)
The hate it starts and never ends

We dont need we get our fill
Its esoteric overkill
Its a shiny new aesthetic
Get us out of vogue

We dont need your magazines
We dont need you fashion show
We dont need your tv
We dont want to know

We dont need we get our fill
Its esoteric overkill
Its a shiny new aesthetic
Get us out of vogue  

Thursday 13 November 2014

It's my birthday, so today you get my top 10.....

  Today I'm 50. I should stop banging on about the music that I like and go smoke a pipe or something. Music is for the kids. etc. But one good thing about being an old sod is that I remember buying great albums like Inflammable Material and Machine Gun Etiquette when they were first released (ok, I admit I didn't jump on the bandwagon quickly enough to appreciate New Rose or Anarchy In The Uk when they first emerged kicking and spitting but I wasn't aware of that kinda thing until cooler schoolmates pointed me in the right direction).
  Ever since those days I've soaked up a hell of a lot of great music (and quite a lot of rubbish), from punk, through goth, c-86 type indie and then thanks to the internet, finding a whole world of previously undiscovered sounds.
  Anyway, it's my birthday so the latest top 10 selection is chosen by me. I'm not in a band (no musical talent whatsoever resides within me), neither am I a decent writer but it's my party and I'll compile a chart if I want to. It's not full of exciting new stuff that you haven't heard before, it's just a collection of the songs I've probably stuck on more mixtapes down the years than any other songs. Songs that I never tire of listening to. Songs that are (to my grizzled old ears) classics. Thanks for reading, enjoy the important part, the songs.....

 1) The Clash - Stay Free

 2) The Clash - (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

 3) Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted Life

 4) Buzzcocks - What Do I Get

 5) The Wedding Present - Once More

 6) Husker Du - Books About UFO's

 7)  Talulah Gosh - Bringing Up Baby

 8) The Lillingtons - X-Ray Spex

 9) Snuff - Dicky Trois

10) My Bloody Valentine - Strawberry Wine

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Sheer Mag - What You Want

It's always a joy to stumble across something new that immediately stands out from the crowd. Here's a new tune from Philadelphia's Sheer Mag that's worked it's way deep into my brain and will be residing there for quite some time. Is it punk? power pop? rock? indie? has elements of all of those genres and other's too. The song chugs along, with no particular rush in reaching it's destination, but the guitars demand your attention from the outset, the drums compliment those guitars perfectly and then the vocals kick in and you know everything is fine in the world. And on it goes, it meanders, lazy and laid back but punchy and invigorating at the same time, it's playful and it demands your attention. I don't know anything much about the band, I think they only got together earlier this year,  but I know that their debut single is of 2014's best. Check them out on bandcamp :
  Here's the lead track, What You Want.......

Tuesday 11 November 2014

The A-Lines - Four

 If you were to ask me what my favourite song in the world is right this minute, this is possibly the one I'd opt for..........

  The A-Lines, according to their Facebook page, "are Kyra (sings), Julie (guitar),  Debbie (drums) Delia (bass). They play lady-punk. One album out on SFTRI/Purr and some singles."
  Not much info there so let's flesh things out a little. Lead singer Kyra De Coninck (aka Kyra Rubella/Kyra La Rubia) is Belgian but moved to England when she was dating Wild Billy Childish. She was a member of The Headcoatees, as was A-Lines drummer, "Bongo" Debbie Green. Julie Hamper wasn't in The Headcoatees, she was in The Stuck Ups but did marry Wild Billy Childish and plays guitar with The A-Lines. Mambo Taxi bassist Delia Sparrow (aka Delia Dansette) came on board as Kyra struggled with combining bass duties with singing.
  Each member of the band is influenced by a wide range of artists including Johnny Cash, The Ramones, The Who and Kleenex (check out their cover of Heidi's Head on youtube).
  2003 saw them release a split single with Miss Mary, they followed this up in 2004 with the One Day 7". The same year saw the release of an album called You Can Touch, it's not surprising that Wild Billy Childish was the producer, neither is it a surprise that it's full of quality, rocking garage punk tunes. My favourite, as mentioned earlier, is called Four and can be found below.
  Despite that being their only album and a near 10 year lay off, 2013 saw them return to performing live so who knows, maybe one day there'll be new material. My fingers are crossed.


Monday 10 November 2014

Piss Test - Leather Jackets In The Heat

  Today's song reminds me of a photo I saw many years ago which was taken when Siouxsie And The Banshees were in the West Indies or somewhere else ridiculously hot and Siouxsie was wearing a black leather jacket despite the high temperature. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me (but I'm pretty sure I remember correctly(ish), and maybe today's song doesn't have anything to do with punks in heat but what the hell, it's a killer song and I have to write something by way of an intro.
  Piss Test are one of the seemingly thousands of great bands from Portland Oregon, they released a split single with Fist City last year and quickly followed it up with a 5 track s/t ep. Earlier this year came their debut album, Biggest Band In Europe, which earned them some well deserved rave reviews. They boast a line up which comprises members of a host of other great bands (Red Dons, Wipers, Poison Idea, Autistic Youth to name but a few), their music is raw, pissed off and relevant, they kick against the pricks but they don't forget to bring some tunes to the party.
  From their excellent new release, snappily titled ST EP2 (which is on Taken By Surprise Records and available here : ), this is Leather Jackets In The Heat....

Sunday 9 November 2014

Captain 9's and the Knickerbocker Trio - I Ain't Taking No Bath

 I've a few more new releases to post but they can wait a day or two whilst I mix things up a little by adding something from yesteryear. Yesteryear in this case being 1992.
  Captain 9's And The Knickerbocker Trio aren't one of punk's most widely recalled bands but in the 90's the Williamsport, Pennsylvania garage punk outfit released several singles and ep's as well as a "best of" album on Rip Off Records called Scum Of The Earth.. The band actually got together in 1982, initially a duo comprising of Tom Hutchinson on guitar/vocals and Lee Ash on drums and they're still together, they recently put out the Good Girls Don't/Monkey Suit 7" and a new album is in the works.
  Originally a track on the Sophie's Tiki Lounge ep, this is I Ain't taking No Bath....

Saturday 8 November 2014

Pacer - Hammers

 London punks Pacer have already featured in this blog but are back again due to the imminent release of a new album, called Mechanical, on the 17th November. I remember writing about their debut album (Making Plans) that it was my favourite new release for the last 20 years which was high praise indeed but 2 years later I still stick by that early assessment. The 3 teaser songs which are up on bandcamp ( ) suggest that the new material is also going to be top notch so I suggest you all check it out. This track is called Hammers, it's typical Pacer featuring as it does the catchy hardcore edged vocals of Mark Pavey (one of punks best singers) and a chorus to die for.....

Bring me the hammer, 
we’ll beat these bones back into shape. 
We’ll make a monument, 
to things that bend but never break. 
And with the drums tattoo, 
we’ll make that heart wring true. 

Record your testament, make it the best you can. 
Repeat it verbatim, till it sounds true again. 
Sometimes the words you speak, 
Will slowly lift you to your feet. 

Broken things can be replaced, 
So wipe that tired look off your face. 
‘Cause don’t you know there still is 
so much left to do. 

For every broken end we’ll make amends. 
Rebuilding piece by piece. 
You know these milestones, aren’t far from home. 
We’ll make that old heart beat. 

I found you a new piece, 
Old words for New tongues. 
But some parts still remain, 
so New breaths for Old Lungs. 
I know you still feel weak, 
I know that furnace needs no heat. 

Broken things can be replaced, 
so wipe that tired look off your face. 
‘Cause don’t you know there still is 
so much left to do. 

For every broken end we’ll make amends. 
Rebuilding piece by piece. 
You know these milestones, aren’t far from home. 
We’ll make that old heart beat. 

For when you’re slowly shaking, stuck between asleep and waking. 
We’ll reset the gears and get you back on track.