Saturday 15 November 2014

Bitchschool - Record Shop

"Saw him yesterday at the record shop
 caught him looking at me, didn't want him to stop..."

Regular visitors to this blog will know of my love for rough and ready 3 chord rock n roll with female vocals. There's been plenty of such songs already posted and no doubt there'll be lots more to come, starting with this one.
  Bitchschool were a garage punk band from California who got together after the demise of Loli And The Chones and featured brother and sister Chris and Michelle Santamaria as well as Jessica Mirmak. Not to be confused with the band of the same name who come from Portland, this Bitchschool just had the one release, an ep which came out on Tina Lucchesi's Lipstick Records in 1998 and featured 3 tracks : Bitchschool, Record Shop and I'll Be Good To You. They also contributed a cover of Nick Gilder's Runaways In The Night to the California Ain't Fun No More compilation.
  Simple but highly effective, here's a tale of budding romance at the Record Shop.....

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