Tuesday 11 November 2014

The A-Lines - Four

 If you were to ask me what my favourite song in the world is right this minute, this is possibly the one I'd opt for..........

  The A-Lines, according to their Facebook page, "are Kyra (sings), Julie (guitar),  Debbie (drums) Delia (bass). They play lady-punk. One album out on SFTRI/Purr and some singles."
  Not much info there so let's flesh things out a little. Lead singer Kyra De Coninck (aka Kyra Rubella/Kyra La Rubia) is Belgian but moved to England when she was dating Wild Billy Childish. She was a member of The Headcoatees, as was A-Lines drummer, "Bongo" Debbie Green. Julie Hamper wasn't in The Headcoatees, she was in The Stuck Ups but did marry Wild Billy Childish and plays guitar with The A-Lines. Mambo Taxi bassist Delia Sparrow (aka Delia Dansette) came on board as Kyra struggled with combining bass duties with singing.
  Each member of the band is influenced by a wide range of artists including Johnny Cash, The Ramones, The Who and Kleenex (check out their cover of Heidi's Head on youtube).
  2003 saw them release a split single with Miss Mary, they followed this up in 2004 with the One Day 7". The same year saw the release of an album called You Can Touch, it's not surprising that Wild Billy Childish was the producer, neither is it a surprise that it's full of quality, rocking garage punk tunes. My favourite, as mentioned earlier, is called Four and can be found below.
  Despite that being their only album and a near 10 year lay off, 2013 saw them return to performing live so who knows, maybe one day there'll be new material. My fingers are crossed.


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  1. The A-Lines have just let me know that.... " We have some new songs but haven't got round to recording them yet...."