Monday 10 November 2014

Piss Test - Leather Jackets In The Heat

  Today's song reminds me of a photo I saw many years ago which was taken when Siouxsie And The Banshees were in the West Indies or somewhere else ridiculously hot and Siouxsie was wearing a black leather jacket despite the high temperature. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me (but I'm pretty sure I remember correctly(ish), and maybe today's song doesn't have anything to do with punks in heat but what the hell, it's a killer song and I have to write something by way of an intro.
  Piss Test are one of the seemingly thousands of great bands from Portland Oregon, they released a split single with Fist City last year and quickly followed it up with a 5 track s/t ep. Earlier this year came their debut album, Biggest Band In Europe, which earned them some well deserved rave reviews. They boast a line up which comprises members of a host of other great bands (Red Dons, Wipers, Poison Idea, Autistic Youth to name but a few), their music is raw, pissed off and relevant, they kick against the pricks but they don't forget to bring some tunes to the party.
  From their excellent new release, snappily titled ST EP2 (which is on Taken By Surprise Records and available here : ), this is Leather Jackets In The Heat....

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