Saturday 1 November 2014

Die Kreuzen - Think for me

"you and i shouldn't fight
cause we know what's wrong and what's right"

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin and formed in 1981, Die Kreuzen were one of the pioneers of 80's hardcore music. Influenced by the likes of The Germs and The Circle Jerks as well as more experimental bands like Wire and Rush, they came charging out of the gate with the seminal Cows & Beer ep , from which today's song comes. They followed it up in 1984 with their debut s/t album, a 21 track assault of short, blistering hardcore gems. Not wanting to make the same record twice, their subsequent releases moved away from their early roots, toning things down as they matured towards an alternative rock sound. They split in 1991 (an amicable split mainly due to the old chestnut of musical differences) but resumed playing shows in 2012. This is Think For Me.......

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