Friday 31 October 2014

Quincy Punx - Tina

" Tina, it was wrong of you to lock me up. I had to hurt myself to get out. But I forgive you darlin' and I know you're here, because I can smell your brains....." 

As it's Halloween I asked on Facebook for a suggestion as to which song I should post today. Amongst all the shout outs for The Misfits (great band but a little obvious and well known) was one for Quincy Punx made by Isaiah Fugon. It was the first suggestion I received and the one I decided to go with.
  Quincy Punx got together in St Paul, Minnesota, in 1990, a quartet of punk loving, beer drinking horror movie fans who have pretty much had the same line up ever since (Dave DePriest vocals, Bob Wood guitar and Mike Robertson drums/vocals) aside from a tendancy to sacrifice their bassists whenever the moon is full. The first of their 3 albums, and the one which today's song comes from, emerged kicking and screaming into the daylight in 1994, it was called We're Not Punks...But We Play Them On TV. Stuck On Stupid and Nutso Smasho followed but that was about it despite them still continuing to play shows.
  Taking it's inspiration from the classic 1985 zombie movie, The Return Of The Living Dead, this is Tina......

Now that I'm blind I can finally see
It's a beautiful thing that'd happened to me
Among the living dead is where I wanna be
Let me eat your brain and I'm sure that you'll agree

Oh Tina if you really love me
You'll let me eat your brain

My life has gone now and passed away
But death is a party I'm here to say
Send more cops Come out to play
Come on little baby and I'll show you the way

 Let me eat your brain 

Out in the graveyard in the acid rain
I know a way that you can ease my pain
Try it once and you'll never be the same
Come on be my ghoulfriend and let me eat your brain

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