Saturday 11 October 2014

The Socials - Go Vermont

Another cracking slice of modern garage/post punk today, this time from "no-fi rock n roll soldiers" The Socials. Featuring Julie Social aka Mrs Communication (vocals/guitar), Juice by Jerry (drums/vocals) and Shawn Abnoxious (bass), the band are from Cincinnati, Ohio and have been around in one form or another since 1992 (the current incarnation coalescing in 2000). Influenced by a variety of bands, including X Ray Spex, Flipper, Television, The Police, Off! and Queens Of The Stone Age, they describe their music as "the soundtrack to everything falling apart..." Despite their "veteran" status, it was 2013 before their first vinyl release saw the light of day, their previous releases on cd and demo are pretty much impossible to get hold of nowadays. Described by Half-Gifts blog as "Exemplifying everything I love about punk" The Beast Bites ep is a 4 track, 7 inch delight. From that debut vinyl platter and featuring a killer herky jerky bass and top notch female vocals this is Go Vermont....

(Quick update : the band have posted a couple of releases on bandcamp and you can find them here : )

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