Friday 3 October 2014

The Business - Drinking And Driving

One of the reasons that I compile this blog is that I'd love to be in a band but I can't sing and have no musical ability whatsoever. I'll never bring out a record and I'll never put on a performance that'll bring joy to a crowd. I have actually appeared on stage, singing, in front of a few thousand fans and it was great fun, but as i was just one of maybe a hundred or so stage invaders it probably doesn't mean I'm a genuine rock star!  The venue was a market hall in the seaside retirement town of Morecambe (which for you overseas readers is on the western coast of northern England, a few miles up from Blackpool), the gig was part of the Holidays In The Sun Festival (I much preferred Morecambe's Holidays In The Sun to Blackpool's Rebellion Festival) and the band was The Business. Forming in 1979, they're your typical cockney beer and football loving Oi band, though they're better than most. They've an impressive back catalogue, a sizable fan base and a reputation as a top notch live act, I know the times I've seen them they've always gone down a storm. The song I'm posting is the one I sang along to when I joined them on stage, I'm dedicating it to everyone else who's had the privilege of sharing a stage with them, this is Drinking And Driving.....

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