Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Great Dismal Swamis - I Wanna Get Ripped

 I was going to post this song by The Great Dismal Swamis a while ago but instead I posted the top 10 songs chosen by their vocalist, Jason Rowland, so decided to hold it back a while. (Jason's top 10 is here : ).
  The Great Dismal Swamis are a garage/punk/R'n'R band from Norfolk, Virginia, who besides from Jason Rowland on vocals also feature Doug "the Goose" Duncan (bass), Stephen Marsh (guitar) and Jeff Lomanno (drums, backing vocals). Inspired by a rich heritage of local Norfolk bands, such as The M-80's, Candy Snatchers, Black Jesus etc they got together with the intention of having fun and writing killer tunes, check out their back catalogue and you'll agree that they're acomplishing this ( ).
  The song I'm posting today is my favourite from their recent Phantom Tollbooth ep, it's also one of my favourite songs of 2014. Using classic garage and rock n roll as a starting point and adding a dash of '77 era punk rock (in a similar way to London punk n rollers The Gaggers do to such great effect), this is I Wanna Get Ripped.....

Time Don't Change, anything 
Out my head, lies misery 
Waste away, Lacerate 
Watch my cells, disintegrate 

Rinsing Out, Twist & Shout 
Ripped to Shred, and Dismal Down 
Eighteen, A- Team 
Eyes a Rolling, like B.A. 

Mess me UP... Break me off a piece 
I Wanna Get Ripped 

Slash and split 
Houdini trick 
Cleave and Shred 
I'm MIA 

Sniff it up 
Getting Bent 
So, Smash it UP 

Mess me up, Break me off a Piece 
I Wanna Get Ripped 

Time Don't Change 
Dee Dee King 
Jay Reatard 

Waste Away, Lacerate 
Watch my Cells, Disintegrate

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