Friday 17 October 2014

Captain Everything! - Bomb Song

A blast of English pop punk today from a band I managed to catch live a few times when they ventured up north, this song is a cracker that made my top 10 singles of the year list in 2006. Captain Everything! were schoolmates from Watford who formed a band in 1998. Influenced by the likes of NOFX and Frenzal Rhomb, they consisted of Jon Whitehouse (bass/vocals), Lewis Froy (guitar/vocals) and Richard Phoenix (drums) (Phoenix left in 2005 to join The Steal and was replaced by Blake Davies before returning in 2010). The thing I remember most fondly about their gigs was the comic verbal interplay between the co vocalists, it complimented the up tempo, often humerous, songs well. As for the songs, they released several albums, most notably their latter releases which were on Household Name Records (the re-release of Learning To Play With, It's Not Rocket Science and Buena Vista Bingo Club) though there was just the one single, Bomb Song......

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