Wednesday 29 October 2014

Sick Thoughts - Frustrated

"I can't get a date, so gotta masturbate....."

 If, instead of writing a blog, I was a radio dj, and I had a record of the week slot whereby I selected the best of the weeks new releases, Frustrated by Sick Thoughts would now be booming out on the nation's airwaves. Rather impressively, the ep which it comes from, Fat Kid With A 10 Inch, which is just out on Slovenly Recordings, has 4 tracks streaming on bandcamp and all four sound equally impressive (check 'em out here : ).
  The brainchild of Baltimore resident Drew Owen, a guy who at only 17 years old is producing some of the most exciting new punk songs you're likely to hear, Sick Thoughts must be one of the most prolific acts around (check out their entry in Discogs. How Many releases in the last couple of years!!!!!.... ).
  Drew plays all the instruments himself when recording whilst onstage he's joined by just a drummer. Many of his recordings are cheap, rough and ready but in a good way, the Fat Kid ep though sounds, to my tender ears, like a step up and will hopefully lead to greater things. A story of sexual frustration which would have fitted in beautifully on an early Buzzcocks 7", this is Frustrated.....

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