Friday 10 October 2014

Sanchez 77 - The Wrong Club

“sounds as vital, alive and urgent as anything streaming through the ether today.” – Chartburst
 “extraordinary....filled with mighty edge and definition” - Forkster

  Today's update features the post punk sounds of Sanchez 77. Paul Lamour and Alex Onassis have been familiar faces on the Birmingham music scene since the turn of the Millennium. They only began collaborating together a year or so ago after Paul discovered the John Peel sessions of Adam And The Ants and decided to contact his old school friend Alex with the view of forming a band. Sharing a love of post punk music, and both being fans of the likes of Wire, Gang Of Four and the early records by the aforementioned Ants, they wanted to create music that had the energy and creativity of that golden age but with a modern twist.
  Their first song, All The Young Hipsters, was released online in June and attracted the attention of many online radio shows and their upward trajectory will no doubt continue with the release of their debut ep. Scribble Republic features "6 short, snappy songs which focus on themes such as identity, conformity and growing up in Birmingham in the 1980's and 1990's." It's officially released online on the 15th November but you can find it on their bandcamp now.....
  From that ep, this is The Wrong Club......

Out of touch, shirt and tie, I don’t know why I’m in the wrong club.
Fake tan, scouse brow, I don’t know how I’m in the wrong club. 
Dreaming of Friday nights in Snobs, 
Don’t want to mix with the yobs or the bully boys
Just want to hear the music I know. 

Cheap style, wet look gel, can’t you tell I’m in the wrong club? 
Heavy beats, not for me, can’t you see I’m in the wrong club? 
There’s another place, we can go 
Down where the lights will not show all the posturing. 
It is a movement of its own. 

But they’re shouting too loud just to cause a reaction. 
Taking it in is a waste of your passion,
They can’t change or go against the flow. 
I try to stay away from your hidden agenda. 
I say what I think but I only offend you.
You can’t change, I’m better off alone. 
It is the wrong time. 
I’m in the wrong time. 
You’re in the wrong.  

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