Thursday 30 October 2014

Los Pepes - Guilty Pleasures

I thought I'd posted Tonight by London outfit Los Pepes a few months ago but a quick search shows that I hadn't so I'll make up for my forgetfulness by adding a  track from their brand new, debut album. Brought up on a diet of Johnny Thunders and The Boys they play a garage tinged brand of power pop that will have you rocking out and singing along. They emerged in 2012 with an introductory demo and followed it up a year later with the No S.O.S. 7". 2014 began with a split single with Ladykillers and then single number 2, Tonight. Taking things to the next level, they've just released Los Pepes For Everyone, their 12 track, catchy as hell, album on the excellent Wanda Records. I could have chosen any of the tracks to post, they're all great, but I'll go with the infectious Guilty Pleasures......

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