Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Sueves - Never Been To The Beach


  Usually following the broadcast of the Just Some Punk Songs show I'll post a song which went down particularly well with the listeners in the chatroom. Today's update features one of those.

  The Sueves are a garage influenced punk band from Chicago who've been together for around 6 years and who's line up features Joe Schorgi (vocals/ guitar) Tim Thomas (drums) and Rob Piskac (bass). Their sound sees them compared to the likes of The Reatards, Hot Snakes, Stooges etc.

  Amongst their releases are 2016 debut album Change Your Life and the single (Stare) which came out earlier this year on Goodbye Boozy. The song you're getting today though was on their second album, R.I.P. Clearance Sail. It came out in March on Hozac Records and you can find it here :  https://thesueveschicago.bandcamp.com/album/r-i-p-clearance-event

  This is one of those songs that are best played loud thus allowing you to get the full effect of that pounding drum beat and scuzzy guitar. There's been some great garage punk releases this year (from bands like The Cavemen, Hood Rats etc...) and this is definitely one of them. It's called Never Been To The Beach...

Monday 30 July 2018

Arch Rivals - Black and Blue


  The song I'm featuring today was one of several that were kindly sent to me last week from various bands in order for me to play on the Just Some Punk Songs show ahead of their upcoming releases. That show is now available on Mixcloud and is well worth an hour of your time : https://www.mixcloud.com/mick-fletcher/just-some-punk-songs-240718/

  I've no doubt that this song will go down a storm with those of you that are fans of street punk and oi. Without a doubt, Arch Rivals are one of the best of the new breed of bands playing this type of music. From Plymouth and featuring Mike Brands (vocals), Tom Murphy (lead guitar), Kev Jones (bass) and Tom Boutwood (drums), they've already released one killer album (2015's One More Round) and a couple of equally as impressive singles. They also released an acoustic version of one of their best songs in which they raised money for the Barth Syndrome Trust (https://archrivalsuk.bandcamp.com/releases).

  I think it's fair to say that expections for their new album, A Constant State Of War, were always going to be high. The teaser track that you'll find below will only stoke those expectations. The album is out on Randale Records later this week and you can order it here : https://www.randaleshop.de/ Alternatively, if you're at the Rebellion Festival this week, snap a copy up from the band (they play Thursday).

  You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/ArchRivalsOi/

  And now to the important bit, the song. Rather appropriately for a song which is about bullies getting their comeuppance, this is punchy as fuck. Pedal to the metal, there's no let up in intensity throughout and I can imagine a crowded room joining in on the OI! OI! OI! chants when they play it at Rebellion. This is Black And Blue...

Sunday 29 July 2018

Felons - Breakdown


  First up, a quick word about the Mixcloud version of the Just Some Punk Songs show. I was uploading them on Sundays after Hong Kong station Radio Lantau had broadcast the shows but the show has been picked up by Canadian station Radio Woody and US internet station Podunk Radio so it'll be getting uploaded now on Mondays. On the plus side, I can play lots of lesser well known UK bands and get them a bit more overseas exposure. One of those bands will feature on tonight's show (8pm UK time on Global Punk Radio :  https://www.facebook.com/events/1053953088078799/).

  I was listening to another Global Punk Radio show last week (NOT The Punk Rock Show) when host Jamie Bey played a song that wowed pretty much all the listeners in the chatroom. It was a no brainer that I'd be featuring it on the blog (as well as playing a different song from their ep on my show). The band was Felons, they're a punk band from Essex (Southend On Sea) and supposedly a bloke on the internet once called them a Black Flag rip off!

  The line up of the band is Jay (vocals), Josh (guitar), Lew (bass) and Pike (drums). Their debut ep is titled Creeps and it came out last month. It's available either on cd or as a name your price download :  https://felonspunx.bandcamp.com/releases and it's really rather good. 5 short and fast hardcore punk bangers.

  You can get more info on Felons here : https://www.facebook.com/felonsband/

  If you're a fan of new punk music (and if you aren't, why are you reading the bollox I write every day) then make sure you check out tonight's show. An hour of new releases with me pretending to be a radio host. Get yourselves in the chatroom and comment on what's being played, tell me what you like and what you don't and tell me what I should be playing.

  This is Breakdown...

Saturday 28 July 2018

Spoilers - Roundabouts

  One band who caught my, and many other people's, attention 3 years back were Canterbury melodic punk band Spoilers. They burst onto the scene with debut ep Stay Afloat, their song Punk's Don't Die being a particular anthem from that summer. If you missed the ep then I'd advise you to check it out :  https://spoilersuk.bandcamp.com/releases

  Since then they've been fairly quiet. There's been gigs (often alongside UK punk legends Snuff) but the only other release was 2016's split ep with No Marks https://bosstuneagerecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-ep-4, (although frontman Dan Goatham put out acoustic versions of 3 of their songs on an ep last year https://dangoathamlrr.bandcamp.com/ ). Yesterday I was pleased to discover they're getting ready to release their debut album. It'll be titled Roundabouts and as well as unveiling a video for the title track, they've made the album available for pre order (4 colour variations for the vinyl) : https://spoilers.bigcartel.com/. It'll be available in the UK via Boss Tunage and Brassneck as well as SBAM Fest (Europe), Little Rocket Records (North America/Canada) and Waterslide Records (Japan).

  If you're near Cleethorpes tomorrow you'll be able to catch them sharing a stage with Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Bombpops and Billy Liar whereas next month will see them touring Europe with bands the calibre of Lagwagon, Lillingtons, The Lawrence Arms etc. Check out details here :   https://www.facebook.com/spoilersuk/

  As catchy as they ever were, This is Roundabouts... 

Friday 27 July 2018

The Relitics - To Hell with Austerity

(photo Gazz Welch)

  A welcome return today for Durham punks The Relitics. Formed in 2014 they line up with Carol Nichol (vocals), Mick Hall (guitar/vocals), Steve Hoggart (bass/vocals) and Vince Ward (drums). They're back with a new 5 track ep, To Hell With Austerity. It's available on 10th August on Really Ticks Records and you can pre order it digitally here : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/to-hell-with-austerity-ep/1413932457

  Cds are available from the band's Facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/Relitics/

  So the important bit, is it any good? The quick answer is hell yeah. Mid paced, female fronted punk rock with the band expressing their collective frustrations about life today. Somehow I doubt that the robotic Theresa May or any of her "strong and stable" cabinet will be on songwriter Mick Hall's Christmas card list. The usual comparison to bring up would be with with fellow north easterners, Penetration. This comparison is certainly still valid but on the song I'm highlighting below (the title track) an even more obvious comparison could be made to Brand New Cadillac (or maybe The Cramps). When I heard there was a video on the way I was half expecting a 2 minute clip of Wednesday Adams boogying on down with her faithful butler Lurch. It's a great rockabilly sound overlaid with lyrics slamming government economic policy. A heady brew indeed.

  This is To Hell With Austerity...

Thursday 26 July 2018

Consumed - Obscene Like Beverley Dean


  From Nottingham, Consumed started up in the mid 90's and first came to my attention on those Fat Wreck compilations that acted as a primer for those of us getting into the latest round of US punk in the early days of the internet. Consumed, along with fellow countrymen Snuff and Goober Patrol had caught Fat Mike's ear from this side of the Atlantic. Fat Wreck released the Breakfast At Pappa's ep and the highly regarded Hit For Six album before Consumed spent time on Golf Records and BYO Records and then called it a day in 2003.

  Reforming in 2015 they've just got round to releasing a new ep, A Decade Of No, and it's really rather wonderful. It's available from SBAM Records (Europe) and Umlaut Records (UK). Produced by Andy Sneap (a long time friend who's also played guitar for several metal bands, most recently Judas Priest), the ep both sounds great and has great songs.

  The current line up of the band features Steve Ford (vocals/guitar), Chris Billam (drums), Wes Wasley (bass/vocals) and Will Burchell (guitar). You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/consumedpunkrock/

  From the ep, I'm going to highlight the song I played on this week's show. Chunky riffs and an infectious (presumably) autobiographical look back to days of youth asking whatever happened to the council estate beauty queen ("the most horrible I've ever seen"). Time away certainly hasn't diminished these guys. This is Obscene Like Beverley Dean...

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Three Dimensional Tanx (3D Tanx) - His Latest Apparatus


  So, festival season is upon us. The Uk's biggest punk gathering of the year, Rebellion, is just around the corner. But, if like me, you're getting married next month, or you have other reasons why you can't afford to splash out on 4 nights in Blackpool, you may be interested to hear about a free 2 day festival taking place just 20 miles down the road in Lancaster this weekend. Punk And Disorderly is in it's 7th year. Granted you won't find the likes of Pil, Stiff Little Fingers, Lagwagon etc turning out for a bit of beer money but there are some damn good bands playing, several who have already graced this blog (Litterbug, The Underdogs, Xtract, The Sentence...) and one band that will be featuring today. The festival takes place this Friday and Saturday at The Bobbin pub in Lancaster and will be well worth attending if you're anywhere nearby. You can find more details here : https://www.facebook.com/events/632166923814236/

  Three Dimensional Tanx (or 3D Tanx if you prefer the truncated version) are from Lancaster, they feature a line up of Spacey, Loz, Sean, Richard and Pete. Their new album (their 5th) came out a few days ago. Titled A Compulsion For Propulsion it's been picking up some great feedback from the likes of Mojo, Louder Than War etc. They've been getting comparisons such as "Buzzcocks go Neu! or Stereolab at the wrong speed" and "Buzzcocks, Swell Maps and especially Wire are reference points." They aren't your typical punk band. They combine elements of punk with space rock, krautrock, psychedelia, garage, post-punk....their sound is a veritable cornucopia of styles, their influences are many. You could definitely do a lot worse than spend your Saturday night watching them headline a free punk festival.

  You can get more info on them here :   https://www.facebook.com/ThreeDimensionalTanx/

  Check out their music, including the new album, here :  https://threedimensionaltanx.bandcamp.com/

  Below you'll find a video for the opening track from the new album, as I mentioned earlier, it's not your typical punk sound, it's much more interesting than that. This is His Latest Apparatus...

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Wolf Bites Boy - This is England

  As last week's Just Some Punk Songs show was a pop punk special, the show I'll be bringing you later today will be a little heavier hitting. As usual, it'll be an hour of new punk releases plus a golden oldie. Also on this week's show will be at least 4 as of yet unreleased exclusives that have kindly been sent to me and which I'm excited to let you have a first listen of. One of the songs will be by the band on today's update though it'll be a different one to the song you'll find below. Details of what will be a great hour of new music are here :  https://www.facebook.com/events/284786845589722/

  Wolf Bites Boy are the West Midlands oi/street punk 4 piece that have appeared on here several times before and are without doubt one of my favourite current bands. I don't really need to give you much info about them again, just either search for their updates on here or visit Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/wbboi/

  What I will tell you is that in less than 2 weeks they'll be returning again to play the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and during the course of what will no doubt be a blistering set they'll be playing songs from their upcoming new album, The Story So Far.....

  The album will feature 7 brand new studio tracks (a number of which I've been sent and which are excellent) plus a live studio session of gig favourites. About 17 tracks in all plus a poem by Adrian Noon.

  One of the new songs now has an accompanying video. Like many of their best songs this is a look back in time... a tale of the working class, broken dreams from a broken city. I'm sure the crowd will be singing along at Rebellion. This Is England...

Monday 23 July 2018

Tommy And The Rockets - I Can't Give You Anything

  Last week's Just Some Punk Songs show was a pop punk special and I was surprised how well it went down with the people listening in the chatroom. It kicked off with The Ramones and carried on with an hour's worth of music by bands that have no doubt been inspired by New York's finest. You can listen to the saved version of the show here : https://www.mixcloud.com/mick-fletcher/just-some-pop-punk-somgs/

  One of the bands that featured (and they definitely fall into the "inspired by The Ramones" bracket) are Tommy And The Rockets. Forming in 2015, they're from Odense, Denmark and combine elements of rock n roll, 60's garage, surf, power pop, punk rock and bubblegum to produce an infectious fun sound. The main man behind it all is Thomas Stubgaard (The Lingertones, The Hitchcocks). Other members have included Michael Chaney (New Trocaderos), Brad Marino (New Trocaderos, The Connection), Geoff Palmer (New Trocaderos, The Connection, Kurt Baker Band, The Guts) and Kris"Fingers" Rogers (most of the previously mentioned bands plus The Dirty Gems).

  You can get more info on them here :  https://www.facebook.com/tommyandtherockets/

  Their latest release is the album, I Wanna Be Covered. Basically it's Thomas providing vocals and playing the instruments. The 9 songs are all covers of Ramones classics and it's available on various coloured vinyl from labels such as Rocket Launch Records, Monster Zero, KOTJ, Rocktopus Tea Party and Woimasointu. You can find it digitally here (along with their previous releases) : https://tommyandtherockets.bandcamp.com/album/i-wanna-be-covered

  I've played both Oh Oh I Love Her So and Listen To My Heart on the show so today I'll highlight a song that was on The Ramones' third studio album, 1977's Rocket To Russia. This is I Can't Give You Anything...

Sunday 22 July 2018

Criminal Kids - Outcast


  Today you're getting a song that Wayne Elliott tells me went down a storm on his Pulsebeat show and which also features on Alex Kish's Wassup Rocker Radio Presents Sick Sounds free 32 track compilation album ( https://wassuprockerradio.bandcamp.com/album/wassup-rocker-radio-presents-sick-sounds ).

  The song came out last year and was a free digital single taken from the debut S/T ep from Chicago rockers Criminal Kids. The ep features 6 blistering tracks and is available on 12" from Spaghetty Town Records (a label that is building up a great catalogue of releases) https://spaghettytownrecords.bigcartel.com. You can find it digitally here : https://criminalkids.bandcamp.com/

  The band originally formed in 2008 but it was only after getting back together last year with a new line up that they've properly got their act together. The current line up features Ryan (guitar/vocals), Mike Van Kley (guitar), Chris (bass/vocals) and Anthony (drums). The music is down and dirty, the riffs are huge and you can find more info here :   https://www.facebook.com/CriminalKids/

  I'd advise you to play this loud, it's called Outcast.... 

Saturday 21 July 2018

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Will Meakins (BKS / Magogmagore)

(photo : Paulina Layton Music Photography)

  From Kent, Will Meakins pounds the drums for a number of bands including death metal outfit Magogmagore (https://magogmagore.bandcamp.com/) and the band that featured on here a couple of days ago, BKS (https://bkshardcore.bandcamp.com/). A bit of feedback from that BKS song was "54 seconds long and 5 seconds of guitar reverb at the end, fast, loud and I'll be checking out more!!"

  You probably won't be surprised to hear that Will's Top 10 features some fairly heavy songs (or to quote the man himself "It's gonna be a strange and eclectic list so don't judge me."

  Anyway, enough of me, over to Will...

This is my top 10 tunes. It always fluctuates and changes with time, but most of these songs are those that I will keep coming back to.

1: Bad Brains - Supertouch/Shitfit.

This was the first proper ‘hardcore’ song I ever heard, and it was pretty much entirely down to Bad Brains that I’m even in a hardcore band in the first place. I owe a lot to this song- the whole album in fact. It still sounds as raw and fucking angry now as it did 30+ years ago.

2: Led Zeppelin - Thank You.

I’ll probably always love Led Zep as they were one of the first bands I can remember hearing. My parents were bikers so I grew up listening to all the classics (and also Kate Bush). This song I was totally unaware of till last year when someone at work gave me Led Zeppelin 2 on vinyl, and my god, that bright guitar tone had me hooked. It’s just a shame half of that album is stolen blues riffs…

3: Knocked Loose - All my Friends.

This band are a total marmite type of thing. I personally love the urgent, (if a bit squeaky) vocals, combined with the sludgy, down tempo music. They’re most known for that song where he barks like a dog- and people take the piss, but this song is amazing to me. There’s this bit just before the end where the lyrics read: ‘All my friends have problems with themselves- they all talk about it, nothing helps. They tuck it deep inside, so no-one can see. Then they think about later in their fucking dreams…’ Love that line.

4: The Black Dahlia Murder - Funeral Thirst.

A trip into melodic black metal now- these guys I first heard in 2006 as a tender 17 year old, and I’ve always loved this song. I spent hours in my parents’ studio (dining room) trying to nail those fucking blasts. My brother and I used to try and play this with him on guitar and me on drums, and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Skip to about 2 minutes for the main song if you don’t want to listen to the intro.

5: Alexisonfire - Dog’s Blood.

I have loved Alexisonfire since I was in secondary school. The Dog’s Blood EP came out in 2009ish and then they broke up. I love the way this song swells and builds towards the end.

6: The Wonder Years (not Beers) - I won’t say the Lord’s Prayer.

 This song just sums up how I feel about religion so well: ‘If we’re all just christians or lions, I think I’d rather be on the side with sharper teeth. I don’t need saving.’ Quality band and one of the very few (it seems) New pop punk bands who’s singer isn’t a piece of shit predator. Haha I even commented on the video for this. How sad.

7: Eyehategod - Blank.

Too good.

8: Beastie Boys - Girls.

Aside from the ‘Algio E Olio’ EP, this is hands down the best thing the Beastie Boys ever made. Plus, it was one of the songs we had on repeat on our (BKS) first ever weekend up north. It’s sexist, and stupid and shitty but great.

9: Six foot Ditch - Six Feet Deep.

I heard this on a beatdown playlist on spotify once and I loved the sheer ridiculousness of it. Got me into the whole Beatdown/LBU/Ruction scene in it’s own way (even If they aren’t/weren’t part of it- I don’t know).

10: Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf.

This song is just great. Love the tempo changes and the fucking sexual bass guitar work. The whole of master of reality is basically the blueprint for every stoner band and I love it.

Friday 20 July 2018

Youth Killed It - What's So Great, Britain?

(photo Ray Roberts)

  Youth Killed It are a 5 piece indie punk band featuring members from Norwich and London. Their line up features Jack Murphy (vocals), Carlos Montero (lead guitar), Ben Ford (drums), Josh Taylor (rhythm guitar) and Josh Thexton (bass).

   They released their debut album, Modern Bollotics, last year (https://ruderecords.bandcamp.com/album/modern-bollotics), their upbeat brand of indie rock mixed with pop punk earning them plenty of positive reviews.

  In October they'll be releasing the follow up, it'll be on Rude Records and titled What's So Great, Britain? and there'll be a tour to promote it. You can get more details here :  https://www.facebook.com/youthkilledit/

  To check out a few of the new songs and to pre order head over to Bandcamp :  https://ruderecords.bandcamp.com/album/whats-so-great-britain

  This song is the title track and it's an infectious summertime anthem with lyrics that are very relevant to where we as a country currently find ourselves. It's called What's So Great, Britain?

Three nations divided in two under one banner 
Old school views but we live in a new manor 
Traditional values, have to evolve or stand like statues 
But we don’t have to lose what’s great about Britain 
Big guitar bands and comical villains 
Maybe we could stop highlighting people that preach hate 
They only make things worse mate 

We only won the world cup once 
And now we’re living like we’re out in front 
But we don’t make anything anymore 
But we still expect it all 
We’re set up for a big fall, yeah 

We’re divided into rich and poor 
The rich are getting richer and the poor don’t care anymore 
Just look at the recent political scores 
We’re forward thinking and it’s time to change 
Educate ourselves and change our ways 
Subculture’s working class anyways 
Because culture belongs to those who didn’t have anything anyway 
Who didn’t have anything anyway 

(So tell me what's so Great, Britain?) 

And we’re a complicated sibling 
Who doesn’t know how to fit in 
So we cause so many problems 
Fighting with our kin 
And we just need to be held 
And stop this island syndrome 
Before we cut the chord 
And end up on our own.

Thursday 19 July 2018

BKS - I Eat Bugs

  It's that time of the week when I think "oh shit, I better get looking for some music to play on the next show."  One release I knew would be worth checking out is a new 50 track compilation album from Just Say No To Government Music titled Rebellion 2018 New Band (Introducing) Stage. As the title suggests it's a 2 cd introduction to the bands that will be playing Blackpool's Rebellion Festival for the first time. The festival, Britains biggest annual punk gathering, takes place this year between 2nd and 5th August and the compilation features loads of great bands from around the world including a number who have previously featured on here (Murderburgers, Fat Albert, Dream Nails, The Mistakes, The Liarbilities, The Crash Landings, Dischord etc...).

  Definitely worth checking out, you can find the digital version here :  https://compilationalbums.bandcamp.com/album/rebellion-2018-new-band-introducing-stage

  One of the bands on the comp is London "fast as fuck" hardcore outfit BKS. Influenced by the likes of Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Gorilla Biscuits, Minor Threat, Poison Idea etc, the line up features Chris (vocals), Tom (bass), Will (drums) and Radu (guitar). Their Baptist Killing Spree demo came out in 2015 and was followed up last year by the I Eat Bugs ep. Both can be found name your price here : https://bkshardcore.bandcamp.com/

  The songs are (mostly) over in the blink of an eye. High octane blasts of furious energy, I can imagine their set at Rebellion will be short, frantic and very sweaty. You can get more info on them here : https://www.facebook.com/baptistkillingspree/

  This is the song thats on the comp and is the title track of the ep, I Eat Bugs...

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Cold Meat - Lazy Anarchy


  I've an apology for you all today. I was looking through the old Just Some Punk Songs shows to see if there were any songs from Cold Meat's wonderful Pork Sword Fever ep that I haven't played and I decided to check which of the 5 tracks I'd posted on here. I was shocked that the search showed I'd featured nothing by the band. 2015's Sweet Treats ep came out before I discovered them but the following year's Jimmy's Lipstick should have merited a write up. The real oversights though, both from this year, are the aforementioned Pork Sword Fever and the excellent split ep with fellow Aussies, Ubik. I'll put things right now...

  Cold Meat are from Perth. They feature Ashley Ramsey (vocals), Kyle Gleadell (guitar), Charlotte Thorne (drums) and Tim Guthrie (bass). I've seen them compared to London band Good Throb (both bands feature pissed off female vocals, both bands sound as though they want to pummel you with something blunt and heavy and both bands are very good).

  You can find the split ep with Ubik here (old timers may want to check out the cover of Love In A Void) https://heltaskeltarecords.bandcamp.com/album/cold-meat-ubik-7 whilst Pork Sword Fever is here :  https://heltaskeltarecords.bandcamp.com/album/pork-sword-fever-7

  There's so much great music coming out of Australia at the moment and without a doubt Cold Meat are at the vanguard of that punk explosion. I could have highlighted any of the songs on Pork Sword Fever, some have been featured elsewhere whilst on next Tuesday's show I'll play the song that's about "the burden of hating men whilst craving dick."

  For today though, this is Lazy Anarchy...

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Airstream Futures - If I


  Airstream Futures are a new band from Chicago who's sound straddles genres such as punk, indie, alt rock and who's line up features members of such notable bands as The Bomb, The Methadones, Dead Ending and Bow & Spear. That line up is Devon Carson (vocals), Jeff Dean (guitar/vocals), Megan Edgin (bass) and Mike Soucy (drums).

  They released their debut album, Spirale Infernale, at the end of last year and have recently burst back onto the scene with a fab new 7" single. Out yesterday it features a couple of tracks (If I and PR Nightmares) and its available on both limited edition (300 copies, mostly already gone so be very quick if you want one) random colour vinyl and digital from Little Rocket Records...  https://airstreamfutureslrr.bandcamp.com/

    You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/airstreamfutures/

  The lyric video you'll find below was put together by Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant and the song is about the fight against depression and anxiety. If I was making a comparison I'd say it reminds me a little of the kind of songs that featured on Castro's excellent Infidelity album that came out earlier this year (https://castrotheband.bandcamp.com/).

  This is called If I...

Monday 16 July 2018

Sabatta - Rock Star Shit


  "Fuck genres, fuck labels, fuck rules and fuck fitting in..."  London band Sabatta aren't easy to categorise though I've seen a few good attempts; The Stooges meets Sly Stone, James Brown getting high with The Dead Kennedys, grunge soul....  Whatever they are, they're good and you should check them out.

  Melding together various styles of music (punk, funk, rock, soul, metal, psychedelia), they've recently released their 2nd album, Misfit Music (their debut lp was 2015's Middle Of The Night). It features the talents of Yinka Oyewole (vocals/guitars), Debbie Dee (bass/vocals) and Adriano Siani (drums). You can listen here : https://sabatta.bandcamp.com/

  Think Funkadelic. Think Bad Brains. Think Sheer Mag. Then remember they're from London not The States. Definitely not your typical UK punk band. You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/sabatta/

  This is Rock Star Shit...

Sunday 15 July 2018

The Sentence - Bored Teenager (Guest Review By Stef Holden)

  Stef Holden previously appeared on here a couple of years ago with his old band D-Liberate (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2016/06/d-liberate-widespread-panic.html). Nowadays he's fronting a new Lancaster based band called No Agenda (https://www.facebook.com/lancaster.punk.rock/). I noticed him waxing lyrical about the debut release of another new band from Lancashire called The Sentence and after giving it a listen was impressed enough to rope him in to do a guest review.

  The line up of the band is Spike (bass), Ged (drums), Steve (guitar), Watty (vocals/guitar) and Andy (guitar) and you can check out their Facebook page here :  https://www.facebook.com/northwestpunkband/

  And now over to Stef....

The Sentence are a new 5 piece Alternative Punk Band from the North West of Lancashire comprising of ex members af such Lancashire bands as What A Riot, The Pakt & Boredom. The band only really formed a few months ago & this track ‘Bored Teenager’ is the First thing they have released. This is really catchy stuff but what do you really expect with a band full of Punk Rock stalwarts & if this is a taste of what’s to come then I for one Can’t wait to hear more.

Bored Teenager...

Saturday 14 July 2018

The Shifters - Work/Life, Gym Etc


  Yet another cool band from Australia, yet another cool band from Melbourne.

  The Shifters play "alternative drunk pop, jazzy ciggies, neo country jams" They're a 5 piece featuring Tristan Davies (bass/guitar/melodica), Chris Gray (bass), Ryan Coffey (drums/vocals), Miles Jansen (vocals/guitar/melodica) and Louise Russell (keys/vocals).

  They've previously released a couple of 7" singles and a demo cassette but in September will be stepping things up when they unveil their debut album. It'll be titled Have A Cunning Plan and if the song you'll find below is any indication it'll be definitely worth checking out. It'll be available via Trouble In Mind Records and you can pre order it here : 
orange vinyl : http://www.troubleinmindrecs.com/shifters-have-a-cunning-plan-limited-orange-vinyl/
digital : https://theshiftersofmelbourne.bandcamp.com/album/have-a-cunning-plan

  You can get more info on the band's Facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/The-Shifters-271116986389738/

  The only thing I'd heard by them previously was the song Creggan Shops (it reminded me a lot of The Fall). This new song is called Work/Life, Gym Etc and still has that rambling brain worm aura about it. The lyrics are observationally spot on and wryly humourous and the keyboards are pleasantly nagging. All in all a very promising outrider for the upcoming album. 


Friday 13 July 2018

Bleakness - Frozen Refuge (Guest Review By Ashley Colman)


  It's been a while since anyone's done a guest review so when Ashley Colman recommended a new ep he'd just been sent I quickly asked him if he fancied reviewing it. The ep is by a French hardcore/post punk 3 piece called Bleakness who's members are Benj (drums), Nico (guitar/vocals) and Phab (bass). The ep is called Frozen Refuge and it's available (along with debut ep Ruined Fate) "name your price" on Bandcamp (link below).

  Here's what Ashley had to say....

   This came as a pleasant surprise from my cousin, who occasionally sends me stuff he thinks I might like. Bleakness are based in Nantes, France and members have played in numerous bands, which I confess I haven't heard of, but if they're as good as this offering, they may well be worth investigating.

  There are 4 tracks on this 12" with the opener Frozen Refuge being my favourite. Breakneck speed hardcore though not thankfully going into scream territory, with  some great guitar work. The other 3 tracks are fairly similar in style, as Maximum Rock n Roll say in their review, "Not going to make you feel better, but it might make you wanna rob a bank". Moreover, they do remind me of Copenhagen band War Goes On in places, which is some accolade? Thus, details can be found on Facebook, Bandcamp, and various labels in Spain, Germany and France, don't know any distros who have got it in blighty though?

Thursday 12 July 2018

Kill The Colossi - 196 Walls


  So. Up at 4.30am. The result from last night's Croatia vs England World Cup Semi Final still getting me down. Get in the car for the 35 mile drive to work and the guy on the radio is sounding pretty flat as he discusses the game on Talk Sport. Sorry fella, I can't be arsed with you this morning. So I take the cellophane wrap off a cd that came in the post yesterday, slip the disc into the player and even though the songs blasting out of my car speakers deal with topics such as self loathing, suicide, racial intolerance, the bombing of innocent women and children, nut jobs being allowed easy access to guns, the taxman etc.... it still brightened up my day considerably.

 Kill The Colossi are the Bournemouth band who formed in 2015, feature ex Gonads drummer Steve Higgins and who's last single, Fuck The Taxman, featured in the Just Some Punk Songs best songs of 2016 chart. Their sound is a mix of melodic punk and street punk (with the occasional ska interlude), their lyrics are intelligent whilst frontman Tyrone Moll has a voice that compliments it all perfectly. Rounding out the line up are guitarist/vocalist Adam Storey and bassist Rowan Miles. They list amongst their influences the likes of The Clash, Specials, King Blues, Booze & Glory, Rancid etc and I think that'll give you a fair idea of what to expect from them.

  The new album is titled Herd Mentality and it's available from NBQ Records :  https://killthecolossi.bigcartel.com/product/herd-mentality-album

  I don't usually comment on the production on here but I'll make an exception as the album sounds great (take a bow Gareth Matthews at GM Mix). The songs are both thought provoking and catchy as hell. I've enthusiastically said there's a few albums in the running for 2018's best lp (Material Support - Terror Prone Nation is probably just ahead of the pack) but I'm sure a few more listens will see Herd Mentality challenging for that accolade. 10 tracks, not a bad one amongst them, definitely demanding of your attention.

  They've just released a very timely video. To coincide with Donalt Trump's visit to the UK, here's a song that wonders what's wrong with the world today and asks will this fear culture go away or will suspicion and intolerance continue to prevail.

  Build your wall, we'll tear it down. Why don't we learn from history? This is called 196 Walls.... 


Wednesday 11 July 2018

Žulj - Država

  Some of you may have heard that it's the World Cup Semi Final later today. England play Croatia with the winner going through to contest the final on Sunday against France. For today's update I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and look for a new song by a Croatian band and this is what I came up with.

  Žulj are from Rijeka, formed in 2015 and are a hardcore punk band writing angry, political songs reflecting their views of the wrongs in their country. They're a 5 piece diy outfit with a line up of Oli (vocals), Jure (bass), Juresko (guitar), Bager (guitar) and Karolina (drums). They released their debut album, Vlazne Pjesme, in 2016 and have recently followed it up with Resetiraj Civilizaciju (Reset Civilization). You can snap up both albums "name your price" on Bandcamp :  https://zuljpunk.bandcamp.com/ 

  For more info on the band here's a link to their Facebook page :   https://www.facebook.com/žulj-197444563984952/

  This song is titled Država (Translates as either State or Country depending on what mood google seems to be in!)... 

Ona ne pita 
i ništa ne moli! 
Ona izdaje naredbe! 
Izdaje naredbe! 

Šta nam je to država dala? 
Radost? LJubav? Sigurnost? Ne! 
Šta nam je to država dala? 
Tugu, jad i strahove! 

Ako ne platiš 
ono što traži 
država ti oduzme sve 
oduzme sve!
google translation : 
She does not ask 
and pray no more! 
She issues commands! 
Issue commands! 

What did the state give us? 
Joy? Love? Security? Not! 
What did the state give us? 
Regret, misery and fears! 

If you do not pay 
what the 
state wants you to take, everything 
takes away everything! 

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Dark Thoughts - Hate This Song

  Dark Thoughts are a trio from Philadelphia who featured on here a couple of years ago with a song from their amazing S/T debut album (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2016/07/dark-thoughts-no-more-soul.html) and now they're back with album number 2. First time around we were treated to a dozen frantic Ramones inspired songs in less than 20 minutes and this time around it's pretty much more of the same (definitely a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it). The members of the band are Jim Shomo (guitar/lead vocals), Amy Opsasnick (bass) and Daniel Cox (drums). The album is titled At Work and it's on Stupid Bag Records (US) and Drunken Sailor (UK/Europe) and it's available name your price on Bandcamp : https://dark-thoughts.bandcamp.com/

  I could try and write a review of the album but that would just be wasting your time. You've either heard it and love it by now or you should stop reading and go download it immediately.

  If 18 minutes of succulent punk rock seems a little daunting, ease yourself in gently with this 64 second prime cut. It's called Hate This Song....

Monday 9 July 2018

What Did You Expect? - Who Did You Elect?

photo : Vittorio TheComet Haley
  The day after I air the Just Some Punk Songs show I seem to have started posting songs that went down a storm with the people listening in the chatroom. Today's song is one of those.

 What Did You Expect?  is one man (Chris Goode) from London who idolises Joe Strummer and is influenced by The Homeless Gospel Choir, Rancid, Anti-Flag, The Clash, ONSIND and NOFX. Other favoured artists include the likes of Mischief Brew and Andrew Jackson Jihad. He's politically inclined and writes socially awkward, lyrically explicit songs. Very good those songs are too.

  There's recently been a new ep released, 6 angry songs about the state of the world today, politics, the tories, the economy, Trump etc... It's titled Grow(ing) up and you can find it here :  https://whatdidyouexpect.bandcamp.com/album/grow-ing-up

  Despite containing no hints of ska, High School Sucks reminds me a little of Big D And The Kids Table's LAX whilst the song you'll find below reminds me (vocally) of early Osker. The target's of Goode's verbal volleys may be familiar but the songs are great and the sentiments are ones that most of those who check out this blog will share.

  You can get more info here: https://www.facebook.com/WDYExpect/

  This is called Who Did You Elect?....

I pass the time
Singing songs out of key
As the time passes me by
I wonder what happened to me
Did i fall for the lies they told?
Did i believe in the dream they sold to me?
Now nothing seems to make much sense
I was told i could have it all
Was i wrong to try so hard
To break the walls between social classes
Brick by brick I think it can be done
Piece by piece we'll spark a revolution

Always thought there was so much more
There's always something worth fighting for
When a government chooses to ignore the poor
Any surprise there's still a class war?
21st century still casualties
No money, there's just overdraft fees
Modern capitalism, our economy
Only profiting the rich, no equality
Always thought there'd be so much more
Is there still something worth fighting for
With government corruption at our core
Will we ever be able to even the score?
We all believed in a fantasy
Just victims of complacency
What happened to our decency?
Have we lost all our humanity?

Why do we trust our governments
When upper class is all thats relevant to them
Government for the rich and greedy
They don’t care for the poor and needy
Seems the politicians just don't understand
They've got the power but they just don't take a stand
And while you're stuck on benefits
They line their pockets with a ton of profit

Always thought there was so much more
There's always something worth fighting for
When a government chooses to ignore the poor
Is it any surprise there's still a class war
21st century still casualties
No money, there's just overdraft fees
Modern capitalism, our economy
Only profiting the rich, no equality

But why
Should we do just as we're told
To get by
They say
That You've got to sell your soul
But why
Should I
Fit into their mould
Tell them
They lied
And We're taking back control

Always thought there was so much more
There's always something worth fighting for
When a government chooses to ignore the poor
Is it any surprise there's still a class war
21st century still casualties
No money, there's just overdraft fees
Modern capitalism, our economy
Only profiting the rich, no equality
Always thought there'd be so much more
Is there still something worth fighting for
When it's all fake news and voter fraud
And the population still applauds
We all believed in a fantasy
We lost our way, such a tragedy
Where's our sense of community?
What's with all this lunacy?


Sunday 8 July 2018

TV Crime - In The Gutter

  Hopefully TV Crime don't mind me uploading their songs to Youtube so I can share them with you guys on here. I seem to have done it a few times now (I did wait a couple of days to see if they'd do it themselves but my enthusiasm has overridden my patience so today they're once again the subject of my gushing praise).

  Hopefully you know by now that they're a garage punk band from Nottingham, the line up features S Henchman, J Guilty, L Mosslad and P Franklyn and they're one of the best British bands around at the moment (actually scrub the word British from that last sentence, they're one of the best bands around, period).
  You can get more info on their Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/TELEVISIONCRIME/ but basically they've a short European tour lined up later in the summer (dates in the photo at the top of this update) and then they'll be releasing their debut lp (definitely looking forward to that!).

  To tide us over whilst we eagerly await the album, they've released a new song, you can find it here : https://tvcrime.bandcamp.com/track/in-the-gutter  It'll be getting a play, along with a bunch of other great new releases, on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today :  https://www.facebook.com/events/277502763004142/

  Damn, they're good!  Spread the word and get them heard. This is In The Gutter...

Saturday 7 July 2018

The Young Rochelles - Gotta Keep You Alive


  Just bear with me on this opening paragraph, I'll get to today's song soon. The next Just Some Punk Songs show will be tomorrow (Sunday 8th) at 8pm (UK time) and will feature the usual round up of the best new releases (https://www.facebook.com/events/277502763004142/) but then next week's show would have been going out at the same time as the World Cup final so sod that. As of yet I haven't decided when to broadcast it but I have decided to play an hour of catchy as hell proper pop punk tunes. A mix of golden oldies with a few new releases sprinkled in, if you like that kind of music, you're in for a treat. Keep your eyes peeled for when it's going out or wait for it to be saved to my Mixcloud profile (https://www.mixcloud.com/mick-fletcher/). The playlist is top secret but the song you'll find below will feature.....

  The Young Rochelles are no strangers to this blog. Forming in 2013 out of the ashes of The New Rochelles, they're a Ramones influenced 3 piece with a drummer on lead vocals and a happy knack of turning out infectious earworms. Last month they released (via Sounds Rad! Records) a digital live album which, though I'm not the biggest fan of live albums, I thought was great. 16 songs rattled through in pretty much no time at all (just like the Godfathers of this kind of music did 40+ years ago) and the sound is top notch. You'll be able to catch them in the flesh when they start their latest tour in a couple of weeks (dates here : https://www.facebook.com/TheYoungRochelles/) The album's called It's Alive, Too! and you can check it out here :  https://theyoungrochelles.bandcamp.com/album/its-alive-too

  As well as the live album, there's also a new single. 2 new songs, it's out on clear, hand numbered 5.5" lathe cut records. It's mega limited to only 89 copies,  I've checked the Swamp Cabbage Records store and it appears to (unsurprisingly) already be sold out http://swampcabbagerecords.storenvy.com/
You can however still get it digitally :  https://theyoungrochelles.bandcamp.com/album/gotta-keep-you-alive

  Great band, great new song (it'll fit in nicely with the classics I'll play on next week's show). This is Gotta Keep You Alive....


Friday 6 July 2018

Criminal Mind - Two Faced

  Criminal Mind formed in 2008, are from Bristol and first appeared on here 3 years ago (so check out that update for more info on them :   https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2015/04/criminal-mind-frustrated-teenage.html)

  They've released a couple of albums, 2012's Self Titled and 2015's Life To Defend (check them out here : https://criminalmindpunk.bandcamp.com/) and now they've released a 6 track ep titled Pleading Guilty. According to their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CRIMINALMINDPUNK/) the ep was due out last month and is supposed to be available for streaming or download online but I can't find it anywhere so it could be delayed? (Maybe the band could add a comment). Also newly released is the remastered version of the Life To Defend album which is on limited edition blue vinyl and comes with a free download of the new ep (message them if you want to buy a copy : criminalmindpunk@hotmail.com).

  There is a video that they've put out for one of the new songs. This could have come from the golden era southern Californian hardcore scene, slip it on a mixtape with Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Middle Class etc and it wouldn't stand out too much like a sore thumb. It certainly wouldn't scream Bristol 2018. It's authentic sounding hardcore punk that manages to sound fresh and exciting, it's called Two Faced....

What's with the fucked up look in your eye
Always said you ain't got nothing to hide
You helped me out, called me your friend
All this time I sense you pretend
Hid on the wall creeping up like a spy
Think you're the spider, I'm the fly
Never listened to a word I say
You crossed the line, get out of the way
Don't talk, Two Faced
Down to me, don't waste, my fucking time
Two faced, it's dishonesty
But, what have you become
Somebody else I hate without the badge or the gun
Double visions what you choose to see
There's more to you and that's the enemy
Me and you ain't got communication
And I've reversed your weak submission
Deceiving days yeah they came and went
Found out that your the real Harvey dent
Never listened to a word I say
You've crossed the line get out of the way
Don't talk, Two Faced
Down to me, don't waste, my fucking time
Two faced, it's dishonesty
But, what have you become
Somebody else I hate your like a coin you cunt.