Sunday 5 June 2016

D-Liberate - Widespread Panic


  A great slice of catchy, singalong old school punk rock today by a band that hail from the city where I was born.

  D-Liberate are from Lancaster (England) and feature Stef Holden (vocals), Nick  Naan Maudsley (guitar/vocals), Keith Stig Hayes (bass) and Dave Chaston (drums). They've previously been in bands such as The Cosmic Fingers and 101.

  Last year saw the release of The Missing Link ep and they followed it up last month with a banging new ep called Widespread Panic. You can check those releases out on bandcamp though if you catch them live try to get a copy of the ep as there's a hidden bonus cover of the Doctor And The Crippens' classic, Don't Look In The Freezer.

  If you don't jump around to this upbeat zombie themed stomper you must already be a member of the living dead. This is Widespread Panic....



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