Saturday 25 June 2016

The Rotten - Enemy Of The State

  The Rotten are from Kitchener, Ontario and since they got together in 1999 have been mixing modern street punk with the classic '77 style of punk that they're very much influenced by. Active locally in promoting anti racism and anti sexism organisations, they're a band that back up their lyrical content with direct action. For them, punk isn't a fashion statement, it's very much a way of life.

  Their debut album, Destroy This Wretched Country, came out in 2000. They followed it up in 2003 with Circus Of The Demented but it's their third studio album, 2009's Enemy Of The State (released by the excellent Rebel Time Records) that featured the song I'm posting today.

  I recommend you snap up Enemy Of The State from Rebel Time's Bandcamp, it's "name your price" so you've no excuse not to.

  After a long and brave battle against breast cancer, their drummer Ang (Angela Dawn Orchard) passed away on 3rd May 2015. Today's update is dedicated to her memory.

  This is the title track, Enemy Of The State.....

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