Wednesday 15 June 2016

Hot Mass - Dead Skin

photo by Lee Lee Blunt ( )

  Hot Mass are a band from Swansea who feature members of The Arteries, Dividers and 33, or to be more precise Rhys Jenkins (guitar/vocals), Scott Neill (guitar/backing vocals), Chris O'Reilly (bass) and Rhys Pillai (drums).

  They formed last year and have just released their debub album, Nervous Tension. It's available on semi transparent duck egg blue vinyl from Brassneck Records, All In Vinyl and Waterslide Records but if you just want the download then you can snap it up "name your price" at either of these links :

  Frantic yet thoughtful, it's an album that rattles through it's 10 tracks with a sense of urgency but is still full of melody and sing along moments that'll have you bellowing along. A prime example, this is Dead Skin......

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