Friday 17 June 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By David Dischord Swan (Dischord)

  A week or so ago I posted a song by Blackpool band Dischord, today their guitarist Dave is kind enough to share his favourite 10 songs of all time (or 11, as he manages to sneak an extra one in). If you want to check out Dischord (and if you like passionate, hard rocking music why wouldn't you want to check them out?), here's a link to their Bandcamp page :

Thanks for the list and the comments Dave......

Offspring - All I Want - could have been any song as they are my favourite band ever but this is my favourite) - this is the band who started my punk rock journey as I was a big 90s dance fan before (please don't shoot me.

American Head Charge - just so you know - it was during this song in the tache that I met my beautiful wife zowie.

Placebo - sleeping with ghosts - this is the song we had for our first dance at our wedding

Enter shikari - fanfare for the conscious man - this band need to be listened to more by people who like meanings in songs. They have the same power and impact in their songs as gallows but delivered in their beautiful dance / metal style.

Gallows - crucifucks - the main reason Dischord exists is because frank Carter left gallows and left a massive hole in the hardcore punk scene which we have tried to patch. This song is so powerful and needs to be heard by everyone!

Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes - rotten

blossom - this song is the question I ask myself every day. One thing that I am not afraid to tell anyone is my fear of death and this song feels like he is inside my mind.

Mansun - legacy - Only got listening last year and this song is absolutely incredible.

Radiohead - paranoid Android - this does not need words. One of the best songs ever written in my eyes.

Deftones - be quiet and drive - have loved these guys since the started and they keep getting better and more inventive.

Limp bizkit - Rearranged - I can never get enough of this song. It is a masterpiece

One minute silence - the hill is a hole - simply the best song by these guys and it gives me chills every time. Incredible!


  1. Fantastic list! Some great songs here! :-D

  2. Fantastic list! Some great songs here! :-D

  3. 90s dance eh, forgive me father I have sinned.