Sunday 12 June 2016

Abolitionist - Birds, Bees And Disease

  Maybe you've noticed the rise in internet punk shows that are playing some really cool music (have I mentioned the weekly Just Some Punk Songs show???). One of the best of these shows is former Dr And The Crippens' bassist Wayne Elliott's Pulsebeat (it airs every Wednesday at 9pm GMT here : One band he's been playing is Abolitionist and I was impressed enough that I'm highlighting one of their songs today.

  The band hail from Portland, Oregon and have been together since September 2009. There's been a few changes in personnel down the years but the current line up features Dustin Herron (vocals/guitar), Ryan Sotomayor (bass/vocals) and Jeremy Dunlap. (drums/vocals). As well as singing and playing guitar, Dustin also runs the record label 1859 Records and their catalogue features music from great bands such as ИO///sé and Blackbird Raum (  As if that weren't enough there's also his cassette only Culture Death Tapes label. Watch out for tomorrow's update as Dustin has sent me his top 10 favourite songs list.

  There's a number of releases for you to check out on their Bandcamp page ( including their latest album The Vicious Rumor (which you can snap up "name your price"). Various cassette and vinyl versions of their music are available in Europe from Different Kitchen Records (

  It was thought that they could be calling it a day following the release of The Vicious Rumor but they recently announced that 6 new tunes had been written and that they weren't dead yet. Whilst we await any future activity, this is one off their last album, Birds, Bees and Disease.....

Liberty, I always said I'd die for you. Now that death has come from 

above, I find myself smiling, thinking back on the better times 

(moments we spent not giving a fuck). I only wish we'd wasted more 

time than we did. Birds, bees, and disease -- bringing us to our fucking 

knees. If we make it through this alive, I'll try to do better. Travel out 


more ancient forests, explore more water. It's a beautiful fucking world 

but I guess we didn't always notice. Let's navigate these poisoned 

Portland streets so we can get back out there.

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