Thursday 2 June 2016

The Radio Buzzkills - Wolverines

  Today I'm bringing you a song from a new ep that's intended as a love letter to Screeching Weasel and The Ramones.

  The ep in question is called The Quick And The Cheap and it's by St Louis based pop punk band The Radio Buzzkills. They formed back in 2002, broke up in 2007, reformed in 2010, split in 2012 and got back together in 2014. At this moment in time, they're still together!

  They've released a trio of albums (VHS, Blood For Dracula, ....Come Out Of The Closet) and a handful of eps, the latest of which is available "name your price" on Braindead Records : It's one of my favourite eps of 2016 so far so check it out (in fact, check out the entire Braindead catalogue as there's some great records on there).

  Battling to save the US from invading Soviet Troops, meet the Wolverines.....

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