Tuesday 28 June 2016

In Evil Hour - Predators

  In Evil Hour are from Darlington and have been together in various incarnations since 2003. They're influenced by bands such as AFI, Bad Religion, Propagandhi and Rise Against and their songs rail angrily against socio and political issues such as injustice, class, gender discrimination and the wilful destruction of our planet for profit.

  Taking their name from a novel first published in 1962 by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, they comprise of Alice (vocals), Gareth (guitar), Gibb (bass) and Mike (drums).

  Their debut ep, Tell Your God To Ready For Blood, came out shortly after they took up their current name in 2011 and a couple of years later they released debut album, The World Bleeds Out. Their most recent ep, Built On Our Backs, surfaced last year. You can check those releases out here : http://inevilhour.bandcamp.com/

  Some of you may know that there's now a Just Some Punk Songs internet show that plays the type of top notch punk music that'll you'll find on this blog. Tonight's show (28th June) features music by almost all female fronted bands (with a couple of male fronted bands to make up the numbers) and I'll be playing a song by In Evil Hour. You can either listen here at 8pm (UK TIME) or at your convenience when the show is saved as a showreel : http://mixlr.com/mick-fletcher/  If you want to say hello, right click the link and join a number of other punk enthusiasts in the chatroom.

  This is taken from last years ep and it's a damning indictment of drone warfare called Predators.......

We'll celebrate the best of it Target is down, successful hit And bathe in imagined glory As saviours of this world Now say we're just and right We're fighting for your life So tell me now Do you feel more safe? Are you not afraid? We're the Predators in the skies Justice metered by the blind We'll bring your walls down on you We're the Predators in the skies We deliver the Hellfire We'll bring your walls down on you The patriots that we have sent To lay waste to these battlements That now all in ruins could be Mistaken for a home With hollow words lament Casualties never meant So tell me now Do you feel more safe? Are you not afraid? Paint the shadows on the wall This is a warning to us all No due process here

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