Wednesday 1 June 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Barry Phillips (Hooligan Crooners)

  A big thanks today to Barry Phillips (aka Barry "Bools" Hools) of old school punkers Hooligan Crooners for choosing a top 10 of his favourite European songs. Originally from Sheffield, Barry now lives in The Hague, Netherlands and he'd like more people to realise that there's life outside the UK/US punk scenes. Hopefully you already know and love his band but if you've missed them watch out for an upcoming new ep and check out their debut release which you can find here :

  Thanks for the selections and commentaries Barry, over to you.....

"European Punk-Garage-Psych Top 10. In no particular order and omitting a whole bunch of great songs which, on another day, would have made the list...."

1. The Apers: Whatever It Takes.
Rotterdam based The Apers are simply one of the best live bands around at the moment. Every gig is a party. Front man Kevin is irrepressible and also lives the punk ethic running Monster Zero Records and helping legions of other bands as well as running the legendary, annual Monster Zero Mash 2-day party at various European cities. This is classic Apers…sharp-as-a-tack lyrics, humour, great tune, dirty high-energy punk rock.

2. Guerilla Poubelle: Prevert, Kosma, Paris.
GP are one of the mainstays of the French punk scene and have played over 700 gigs. Brilliant live act. Much like Kevin Apers, front man Till lives the punk ethic running the Guerilla Asso organisation. Anarchist and existentialist but still a lot of fun. So many great songs to choose from. The latest album Amor Fati is a belter.

3. De Fuckups: Letterman.
Virtually unknown band from Groningen (NL) who seem to be still gigging…infrequently. This song should have been huge.

4. The Peawees: Cause You Don’t Know Me
From La Spezia in Italy. The Peawees have been recording and touring for over 15 years. This song seems to be something of an anthem in some European punk circles. They look like The Clash and play great no nonsense rock’n’roll…what’s not to love?

5. Ivy Green: I’m Sure We’re Gonna Make It (Wap Shoo Wap) - live version.
First wave Dutch punk band formed in 1975 in a small town in Southern Central NL. One of the few Dutch punk bands to get a major deal. This is (imho) one of the two, definitive, NL first-wave punk records; along with…6.

6. Panic: Requiem for Martin Heidegger
Amsterdam punks Panic were known for their legendary live performances. Just watch the video and you’ll get it. In 2011 the album from which this track came was re-released by the lovely people from Sing Sing Records in New York.

7. Sugar Louise: Letters From Hollywood
From Trondheim in Norway. Top notch-glam-punk‘n’roll-pop band (think Hanoi Rocks or The Boys) who toured the UK a couple of years back with Sheffield’s wonderful The Fuckwits (reciprocated with a “flipped” tour in Norway I think). Excellent live band with great hooks, masses of energy, smart lyrics and lots of laughs. Massive football fans whose "Ikke engang Robin Hood" (Not Even Robin Hood) tribute to Rosenborg FC has been unofficially adopted by the club.

8. Acid Baby Jesus: Mesmerized
Greek garage-psych-punks from Athens who combine heavy psych-rock with traditional Greek (rembetika?) influences. Regularly touring Northern Europe including occasional UK gigs. Check out the self-titled album and the “Vegetable” EP.

9. Wank For Peace: Was That What You Expected Kid?
Angers (Fr) melodic hardcore who were part of the Guerilla Asso stable. Called it a day in January 2016 at the end of a huge European+ farewell tour by car, train, plane and foot across 22 countries including Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Israel. Rumours already of a reunion…

10. Wau Y Los Arrrrghs: Nunca La Quise
Totally deranged and wonderful dirty, snotty, garage-punk-surf-chaos from Valencia in Spain. There’s not too much which can be said. Tons of great tracks. Try Demolicion, Viva Link Wray or Copa, Raya, Paliza for starters.

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  1. Great selection from Monsieur Bools ! Cheers !