Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Ghostwood - Excited

  The Ghostwood were a "simple, melodic, snotty, sarcastic pop-punk" band from New Orleans who formed in 2004, split up in 2005, got back together in 2011 and then split again earlier this year. They were recommended for the Just Some Punk Songs internet show by Vista Blue's Mike Patton but for some reason the song didn't load on the night and never got played (though I rebroadcast the show so I could archive a complete version and after I switched the file it played fine). Due to the technical cock up, I'm posting the song to the blog. If anyone's interested in the Just Some Punk Songs show which features The Ghostwood, it's saved here : http://mixlr.com/mick-fletcher/showreel/just-some-punk-songs-request-show-2/

  Taken from their 2005 Development album (an album which you'll find "name your price" here : https://theghostwood.bandcamp.com/album/development), this is called Excited and it's rather good.....

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