Wednesday 8 June 2016

Danger!man - Never Black Never White

  Danger!man are from Oslo, formed in 2009 (although all members have been around much longer than that and have previously played with a number of other bands such as So Much Hate, Life... But How To Live It? , Bannlyst, Barn Av Regnbuen, Drunk, 2.20, Boyen Beng etc...) and are influenced by early classic punk rock and 80's hardcore.

  They feature a line up of St. Faen (vocals), Roger (guitar/vocals), Tom (bass/vocals) and Finn Erik (drums). They've released a couple of albums on Sjakk Matt Plater/Boss Tunage, The Blame Game came out in 2010 and Kaos Conspiracy followed in 2012 (this is a split lp with Germany's The Bone Idles).

  They recently released another split album, this time with fellow Norwegians Lucky Malice, called Handicap and it's from this release that today's song is taken. You can download all these releases for free here :  If you're going to Wonkfest 4 next month you'll be able to catch them live.

  This is Never Black Never White.....

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