Wednesday 31 August 2016

Bad Breeding - Burn This Flag

  Nick Sayers Photography

  Bad Breeding are from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, got together at the end of 2013 and feature Chris Dodd (vocals), Charlie Rose (bass), Matt Toll (guitar) and Ashlea Bennett (drums).

  Pay a visit to their website ( ) and you'll be confronted by a montage of various images and sounds, click the small audio tab at the top and you'll receive a free download of their excellent self titled album. It's loud, it's chaotic, it's unapologetically in your face and it's one of the best albums of 2016.

  They'll soon be touring the UK so watch out for them (dates here :, if the album is anything to go by, the live shows will be a riot.

  "A simple four-chord nod to old anarcho songs" this is Burn This Flag.....

if it tastes like ash it's probably your future
i hate to say i told you so
found it hard to define
what was written in your mind
swishing blades around your mouth
just to make you feel alive

if it tastes like ash it's probably your future
i hate to say i told you so
long grown sick of killing time
red-stained morals colour bleak through lines

burn this flag

if it tastes like ash it's probably your future
i hate to say i told you so
numb from the pressure
brought by the strain
a heavy crown weighs on a desolate age

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Brutal Youth - The King

  Forming in 2010 in St Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadian hardcore juggernauts Brutal Youth are now based in Toronto and boast a sound that's been described as "manic, 120 second punk rock anthems peppered with sucker-punch hooks that'll leave you toothless before you even know what hit you."

  The band previously featured here with a song from their 2013 Stay Honest album ( Now they're preparing to unleash their blistering new long player, Sanguine, and having been lucky enough to receive a preview d/l of the album I'm advising you all to seriously consider snapping it up when it drops. It's 14 tracks of catchy hardcore tuneage that'll please the fans and no doubt attract the attention of anyone else who's idea of a good time is bouncing around sweatily down the front of a packed out venue. It's due out on Sept 23rd on Stomp Records so watch out for it.

  They posted links to a song from the album on their Facebook page ( but for some reason when I tried to view the song on Youtube all I got was a This Video Is Unavailable message. Worry not if you're in the same boat, I stuck it on my channel so I can share it with you today.

 This is The King........

Monday 29 August 2016

Maid Of Ace - Made In England

  It's almost exactly 2 years since the 4 Elliott sisters from Hastings who comprise Maid Of Ace first appeared in this blog ( Now Amy Catherine, Alison Cara, Abby and Anna Coral return with a song from their second album, Maid In England.

  Earning them favourable comparisons with the likes of The Distillers, L7, Hole and pretty much any other decent hard hitting band featuring strong, guttural female vocals, the album (which the band released themselves) has been racking up some pretty impressive reviews. They've also been going down a storm on their current European tour.

  Top notch punk from the streets, this is Made In England......

Sunday 28 August 2016

Mike Spent Black Belt - I Am A Lion


  I assume you've all heard of San Diego punk legends The Spent Idols? If you have then skip to the next paragraph, anyone else I'd recommend you check out Angelo Ruggiero's awesome Rawk Un Roll Blog which is crammed with articles, reviews etc and will fill you in on the band :

  Today's update features the debut single by Mike Spent Black Belt. Mike, has been the driving force behind Spent Idol/Spent Idols for well over 3 decades (he also featured in several other bands such as New York Whores, G.I. Bleeds, Mike Spent Hour, Mystery Girls, Last Years Heros and The Spents). He shared his favourite songs with this blog a while back :

  Last year saw The Spent Idols return after a 18 year hiatus with the excellent Land Of The Lost double cd (there's a taster of that release here : Recently the single, which I'm featuring on here today, surfaced. Mike Spent Black Belt is the name of the latest project and they're more mature and considered than the snotty, raw punk n roll sound of The Spent Idols but as you'll hopefully agree every bit as catchy and wonderful. You can pick up the single here :

  This is I Am A Lion........

Saturday 27 August 2016

The Fleas - Heart Breaker

  I'm sure we all have those moments when you're browsing for new music, randomly clicking links, listening to music more in hope than expectation, and then BOOM! You come across something that slaps you round the face and sends a shiver down your spine. Today's update features one of those kinda songs.

  The Fleas are a relatively new band (they formed in the Spring of 2015), they're from Brighton and Hove and after a line up change earlier this year comprise of Emily Condon, Karlos Collins and Hugo Beynon. They announced themselves with a name your price demo and followed it up with the 7 track Live At The Windmill release. You can snap up both of them here :

  Good as those were, they've come on in leaps and bounds if their debut "proper" single is anything to go by. This is going to end up being one of 2016's best eps so make sure you check it out :

  She's an evil bitch with an appetite for despair who'll tear people apart just because she can, and what's more she doesn't give a shit. This is Heart Breaker. Be prepared to be mightily impressed......

Friday 26 August 2016

Good Good Grief - Faster n Harder than Death

    Good Good Grief are from Wilmington, North Carolina, they've been together since 2015 (their debut show was on July 18th at Reggie's 42nd Street Tavern) and they line up Nick Chikago (lead vocals), Kyle Watts (guitar/vocals), Jared Boyd (drums) and new bassist Skyler Randolph who recently replaced Aaron Hanes.

  They're influenced not only by the likes of Black Sabbath and Slayer but also by the horror imagery conjured up by masters of the macabre such as Stephen King, George Romero, John Carpenter, David Lynch etc.

  Their debut album, Sounds Like A Nightmare, will be released soon, as a taster here's a song that describes their sound pretty aptly, Faster n Harder Than Death.......

Thursday 25 August 2016

NOi!SE - Dull The Pain


  Noi!se previously appeared on this blog a couple of years ago ( and more recently a couple of members of the band featured with acoustic side project Stadium Way (

  Happily they're back with a song from the new double A sided single which is out on 2nd September on Pirates Press Records and Randale Records. As well as a single, there's also a new album, The Real Enemy, which will be along this Autumn.

  I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that they're are one of the shining lights of the current oi/street punk resurgence, if the single is anything to go by, the album is going to be a classic. This is Dull The Pain.......

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Rogue Trooper - Boots on the Ground

  Rogue Trooper are one of the many new Oi bands that are making the scene so healthy at the moment. They're from Amherst, Massachusetts and they're a 4 piece comprising of Ethan, Cole, Shane and Andrew.

  They released a demo last year and have just resurfaced with the rather good Boots On The Ground ep. The new 7" is available from Foreign Legion Records otherwise you can snap up both releases, "name your price", here :

  This is the title track, Boots On The Ground.....

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Fea - Feminazi

  Fea are from San Antonio, Texas and feature Phanie Diaz (drums), Jenn Alva (bass), Letty Martinez (vocals) and Aaron Magana (guitar). Diaz and Alva were previously members of Girl In A Coma.

  They recently released their self titled debut album on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records. It was awarded 4 and a half stars by PunkNews.Org who proclaimed it a pitch perfect revival of the riot grrrl genre with a new spin for a new generation. The album (currently riding high in the College Radio chart) is dedicated to those who feel they can't stand up for themselves. It's a shout out that we can all be anything that we want to be. The band are out on the road with punk legends Agent Orange so watch out for them if they're anywhere near you.

  The first single was produced by Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace and is both catchy and sadly all too relevant. It's called Feminazi.....

Monday 22 August 2016

Action Pact - London Bouncers

An old one today......

  Action Pact formed back in 1981 as The Bad Samaritans (they changed their name after schoolgirl George Cheex took over vocal duties) in Stanwell, Middlesex. They debuted with The Heathrow Touchdown ep, a split that also featured Dead Man's Shadow. As was often the case in those days, they came to the attention of John Peel who played them to death and got them in to record a session. The session helped them get a deal with Fallout Records and led to the release of 1982's Suicide Bag ep.

  They stayed with Fallout and over the course of the next couple of years had another 5 indie chart hits plus a couple of albums, Mercury Theatre - On The Art and Survival Of The Fattest. They called it a day in the mid 80's after Cheex quit during rehearsals for a third album.

  Earlier this year, guitarist Des "Wild Planet" Stanley sadly passed away. Today's song is for him.

  This is London Bouncers.....

London bouncers, this is for you
We don't like the things you do
London bouncers love their power
Turn a good evening really sour

London bouncers are bully boys
Breaking bones like they were toys
London bouncers full of abuse
They just need the slightest excuse
Don't accuse me of being petty
When theses people overact their roles
They've been known to kill a man
Don't forget poor Henry Bowles

London bouncers antagonise
Lay their bait for you to rise
London Bouncers love their chores
Beat you up behind closed doors

London bouncers feel they've a right
Push you around, spoil your night
London Bouncers got a heavy hand
They're the same all over the land
Don't accuse me of being petty
When these people overact their roles
They've been known to kill a man
Don't forget poor Henry Bowles

Sunday 21 August 2016

Grit - Pauline

  Short and sweet today as I know nothing about Grit other than that they're a female fronted punk band from Dublin. Recently they released their debut demo ep which is titled Ghost Estates and you can find it "name your price" here :

  I've seen a good few people praising the vocals and calling for a label to snap them up so I'd say they're definitely ones to watch out for.

  From the ep, this is a warning to a friend that her new boyfriend is no good, it's called Pauline.....

Pauline's got a new bloke, what a wanker 
Where'd she pick him up? scroungy bastard 
Put his hand up my skirt, sleazy scumbag 
Lazy parasite, fucking ex-squaddie 
She's no confidence, same old story 
Thinks he knows the lot, what a dickhead 
Tries to show her up, macho bastard 
Take your warning, sling your hook mate 

I don't want to lose my friend 
Cos her bloke is a dickhead 
And he ruins the night when he shows up 
Pauline, you're in a rut 

Listen up now, she's our friend. 
Got her back 'til the end 
And you'll rue the night, if you show up 
Sling it, just sling your hook 

Pauline, you're in a rut 
He's no good for you

Saturday 20 August 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Art Departmento (Mongorellis)


  A while back I posted a great song called Politician Death Camp by Massachusetts old school pop punkers Mongorellis ( Influenced by the likes of The Ramones and The Stooges they describe their sound as Fast Punk. Fun, Fun..... Loud Amps, Fast Riffs. If you want to check them out, their debut ep, People Zoo, is available on Bandcamp :

  The guitarist with the band goes by the name Art Departmento and he was kind enough to share his 10 favourite songs so without further ado, over to you Art.....

 1) RAMONES - I Wanted Everything

 2) BLACK FLAG - Jealous Again

 3) ANGRY SAMOANS - Gas Chamber

 4) RIVERDALES - Outta Sight

 5) EASTERN DARK - Johnny And Dee Dee

 6) MC5 - American Ruse

 7) THE KINKS - All Day And All Of The Night

 8) JOE JACKSON - Is She Really Going Out With Him

 9) THE METHADONES - Sorry To Keep You Waiting

10) HUNTINGTONS - Hooray For You

Friday 19 August 2016

The Uncouth - Madness On The Streets

  The Uncouth are a hard hitting Oi band from Kansas City, Missouri who formed in 2010. The line up has seen frequent changes since then but is now settled and consists of Cody Blanchard (lead vocals/guitar), CJ Wilson (lead guitar/vocals), Todd Rainey (drums) and Steve Gardels (bass). There's been a resurgence in recent years in modern sounding Oi music and I think I'd have to say that these guys are showing the potential to be as good as any of the new bands.

  Last year they released their debut single, KC United (which featured a cover of the Slade classic Gudbuy T'Jane on the flip) and good as that was, they've topped it with new ep Jonesy's War. It's available on vinyl through Teenage Heart Records or you can find it on Bandcamp here :

  The song I'm posting today is the lead track from the new ep and it's a timely rail against police violence and the ensuing demonstrations that result from that heavy handedness, it's called Madness On The Streets.....

Here come the riot cops Faceless clones in black Tasers, clubs, and pepper spray And rifles on their backs Mindless fucking footsoldiers Following commands Foaming at the mouth To get some blood upon their hands Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets The angry mob is on the march Ready to attack Taken your shit long enough They're here to give it back Molotovs, burning cars Stones and shattered glass Madness on the streets tonight You better watch your back Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets Madness on the streets It’s fucking madness on the streets

Thursday 18 August 2016

The Dops - Merry-Go-Round


  Another day, another band that are heavily influenced by The Ramones. Life is good.

  The Dops are an old school pop punk band from Kharkiv, Ukraine. I think they've been together for a couple of years and looking at the rather splendid Ramones Medley video that they put out there appears to be three of them in the band although Facebook only lists two; Pavel Terebuntsev (lead vocals/guitar) and Vlad Nikolaenko (bass/backing vocals). Here's the Ramones Medley video :

  In January they released their debut ep, Shucks! It features the single, Friday Night and a cover of The Ramones' Rockaway Beach, amongst it's 8 tracks. You can check it out on Bandcamp (where you'll also find the Ramones Medley)

  Now they're set to conquer the Western Hemisphere. The ep has been picked up by the excellent Outloud! label who have the cd version now available :

  This is a catchy little number called Merry-Go-Round......


Wednesday 17 August 2016

Batfoot! - At The Alley

  Batfoot! are your typical American old school pop punk band reminiscent of the likes of Kobanes or early Teenage Bottlerocket etc. Fast paced, fun, with often wonderfully juvenile lyrics. They write songs about girls being psychopaths, being down in the basement, staying off work, girls being "the one" etc. Everything we've come to love from this sort of Ramones loving U.S. breed of band. The surprising thing is, they're from Sydney, Australia. And they're bloody good.

  Featuring Craig (bass/vocals), Justin (guitar/vocals), Jimmy (drums) and Luke (guitar/vocals), they've been together since 2008 and they've a bunch of releases over on Bandcamp for you to check out :

  Their latest album, one of the best of the year so far, is out now on Atomic Brain Records (Aus/NZ) and Bloated Kat Records (North America/Europe/Asia). Here's a song from it, At The Alley.....

Tuesday 16 August 2016

The Humdrum Express - Leopard Print Onesie

   I was listening to (Enemies Of Promise's) Ade Bailey's excellent show last week when he played a song I'd not heard before which A) reminded me very much of Half Man Half Biscuit and B) had me thinking who the hell is this and why haven't I heard them before!  Before I get to who it was, I'll just mention that Ade's show goes out on a Tuesday at 8pm (UK time) and is required listening (his previous shows are saved in the Showreel section).....

  The song he played that pricked up my ears was by The Humdrum Express, the alter ego of Kidderminster resident Ian Passey. Radio 6's Steve Lamacq is a big fan ("Brilliant observationally, part of me just wants to stand up & applaud") and there's been gigs with some of my favourite artists, Wedding Present, Half Man Half Biscuit, Hugh Cornwall, John Cooper Clarke etc so there's no reason for me not having discovered him sooner but better late than never.

  So far there's been 5 albums, All Aboard, Little Victories, Elevation Of Trivia, Clone Town Blues and the new one, The Day My Career Died, from which today's song is taken.

  The lyrics to this are so good and they're on the video which is nice. I'll be checking out more of Ian's work, hopefully you will too. This is Leopard Print Onesie.....

Monday 15 August 2016

Pretty Pistol - Deep Hole


  Pretty Pistol are a fast, energetic South London garage punk band made up of Billy, Emma, Paul and Laura. They've been making quite a name for themselves locally due to a number of blazing live shows and they've even caught the ear of the BBC who featured them recently.

  The next few months sees them playing a few London gigs as well as further afield at Brighton and Chelmsford. No doubt they'll be playing this song, it's called Deep Hole and it rocks.....

Sunday 14 August 2016

Get Dead - She's a Problem

"she's so sick, crawling out of her skin
  a quick fix and she's at it again
  you should just quit
  you're never gonna win this game.
  she's got a habit, it's fucking tragic
  that girl's an addict
  but it doesn't seem to matter to you
  because you love her anyway....."

This week's Just Some Punk Songs show will air today (Sun 14/08/16) at 8pm (UK time) and will feature an hour's worth of mostly new music. One of the bands to feature will be Get Dead. To listen, click here at 8 (GMT) : If you miss the show, check out the show reel section as they're all saved there.

  Get Dead are from San Francisco and formed in 2007. Mixing both electric and acoustic styles of punk rock, they're a passionate 5 piece comprising Sam King (lead vocals), Tim Mehew (bass/vocals), David "Moki" Marino (guitar/vocals), Mike McGuire (guitar/vocals) and Scott Powell (drums).

  Their first release was a 3 song demo called Forged In The Furnace Of Rad (2007) and this was followed a couple of years later by an acoustic ep (Letters Home) and an electric S/T ep. A second acoustic release, Tall Cans & Loose Ends followed in 2012 but it was their 2013 album, Bad News which saw them step up a level after it was added to Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords roster. Staying with Fat Wreck, they released 2014's Bygones ep and now they're picking up plenty of positive vibes for their new album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere. You can check out all those releases here :

  They've been likened to acts such as Swingin' Utters and The Menzingers whilst the new album features contributions from the likes of Lagwagon, toyGuitar & Old Man Markley.

  A different song will feature on the show but for the blog, this is She's A Problem.....

Saturday 13 August 2016

Traverse - The More Miles, The Less Troubles

  Traverse are from Paris and they combine punk and indie to create a sound that's both passionate and catchy as hell. They formed last summer and feature members of bands such as Wank For Peace, The Helltons, Mon Autre Groupe, Homesick and Intenable. They line up Charly (drums), Priscillien (guitar/vocals), Kevin (guitar/vocals) and Charles (bass/vocals).

  Earlier this year they released their debut ep, Winter Songs From Summer Bruises and you can check it out on Bandcamp (name your price) :

  Fresh off the back of a successful European tour, they're now looking forward to appearing at The Fest in Gainesville, Florida where they'll be playing Loosey's on 30th Oct.

  Their first video, this is The More Miles, The Less Troubles.....

Friday 12 August 2016

Towerblocks - General Boredom


  Tower Blocks are (were?) a street punk/oi band from Berlin who formed in 2000. I've no idea if they're still a going concern, their last update on Facebook was a couple of years ago and it was 2010 when they released their last album, Berlin Habits. Shortly after this frontman Holgi left the band and joined up with former guitarist Schneider in a band called The Suburbs. I'm sure some of you know if they've split up so maybe someone could make a comment.

  For today's update I'm posting a song from their 2002 debut album, Praise Your Ghetto (it also appeared on a split ep with Runnin' Riot the same year), which came out on Knock Out Records.

   So not much info today but a decent song, this is General Boredom.....

Thursday 11 August 2016

Hooligan Crooners - From Paradise To Halfway


  You possibly remember me posting a song from Hooligan Crooners' debut ep, Hell Yeah, It's.... ( and then their frontman Barry Phillips selected his 10 favourite Euro punk songs ( Today, they're back with the brand new video for the lead track to their new ep. The ep is titled From Paradise To Halfway (And All The Way Back Again) and it's more of the catchy Boys influenced punk n roll that we've come to expect from the band (or as they put it, it's just tunes with loud guitars, boom boom drums....and FEEDBACK).

  The ep is available 22nd August and to help support it they'll be playing a gig on the 25th Aug at Berlin's Wild At Heart.

  This is From Paradise To Halfway.....

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Pill Squad - I Turned Out A Punk

  photo by @lildrammerboy 

  I'm posting a song today that went down very well on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show (you can listen to that show here : As you'll probably recognise, it's a cover of a track that appeared on Big Audio Dynamite's F-Punk album in 1995 and was also a single for them on Radioactive records that same year.

  Pill Squad are from Vancouver and feature Tracy Brooks (vocals), Tim Chan (guitar), Ed Hurrell (bass) and Scott Beadle (drums). Despite being a relatively new band, the members have been around the punk scene since the late 70's. Brooks and Beadle played together in Vancouver band The Hip Type in the mid 80's and Chan was in 64 Funnycars and now also fronts China Syndrome. Hurrell is a member of Stab 'Em In The Abdomen.

  If you check out their Bandcamp page :( you can snap up 2015's 4-Song ep "name your price." As well as the B.A.D. cover there's also a cover of the Girls At Our Best classic Getting Nowhere Fast. Their most recent release is Uncut : Live At The Wise Hall and that's also name your price.

  This is I Turned Out A Punk.....

Mummy was a hostess Daddy was a drunk
'Cause they didn't love me then I turned out a punk
An ex house full of memories memories and junk
Never had a childhood I turned out a punk
Better learn how to play guitar with a plink and a plunk
I didn't like jazz I didn't like funk
I turned out a punk
I turned out a punk
Slowly started slipping down till my ship was sunk
Going nowhere in my life I turned out a punk
Didn't care 'bout anyone sat round smoking skunk
Didn't know what I had done I turned out a punk
Better learn how to play guitar with a plink and a plunk
I didn't like jazz I didn't like funk
I turned out a punk
I turned out a punk
Better learn how to play guitar with a plink and a plunk
I didn't like jazz I didn't like funk
I turned out a punk
I turned out a punk
Woke up one afternoon with a mouth full of gunk
Blob out with my video I turned out a punk
Took my disabilities packed them in a trunk
Rock 'n roll's alright by me I turned out a punk
Better learn how to play guitar with a plink and a plunk
I didn't like jazz I didn't like funk
I turned out a punk
I turned out a punk


Tuesday 9 August 2016

The Wedding Present - Rachel

“The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the 'Rock ‘n’ Roll' era. You may dispute this, but I’m right and you’re wrong!” John Peel.

  Following on from yesterday's Dinosaur Jr update, let's go with another band that have been around since the 80's, The Wedding Present. Whereas Dinosaur Jr now comprise the original 3 members, The Weddos feature only David Gedge from their formative years and their sound is less frantic than during those early days but they're still putting out great records as I'm sure the forthcoming album, Going, Going will illustrate.

  Alongside frontman Gedge, they now boast Sam Beer-Pearce (guitars), Katharine Wallinger (bass/backing vocals) and Charlie Layton (drums). The album, their 9th studio lp,  is out on Scopitones on 2nd September and is a collection of 20 linked tracks each with an accompanying film.

  Different line up, same happy knack of being able to write great lyrics about relationships, as you'll hear below. This is Rachel.....

Monday 8 August 2016

Dinosaur Jr - Tiny

  Back in the 80's/90's there were lots of great indie rock bands, nowadays it seems to be a genre that has lost it's way as guitars have been ditched in favour of overproduced, autotuned, soulless pap. Luckily we still have Dinosaur Jr popping up every few years opening up a window into the past with consistently great new albums.

  Still featuring the original line up (this is their 4th post reunion album), J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph have come up trumps again. Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not is another winner. Out now on Jagjaguwar, you can check out a couple of tracks here :

  This song would have sounded at home on pretty much all of their albums bar maybe the first couple. It's timeless and so very good. This is Tiny.....

Coming out I'm deep in doubt I'll meet you
Calling out it's always with a stare
I can't give you less than what I mean to
I'll pretend that I don't see you, baby

I wanna know
I wanna go
I'm all alone
I wanna know

You place a friend I'm overwhelmed I need to
Fear is good you understood it wrong
Box is overflowing and I see you
Feeling is I can't be friends for long

I wanna know
I wanna go
I'm all alone
I wanna know

I know it, I know it for sure
I'll blow it, I know it, it's her
Did I show you a compass of ?
I'll know it
I'll know it

I wanna know
I wanna go
I'm all alone
I wanna know

Calling out
Come and take it back and you know where
Call your friends, it all depends on me to
Call me back get on track I swear

I wanna know
I wanna know

Sunday 7 August 2016

Martha - Ice Cream and Sunscreen

  One of the undoubted highlights of the summer of 2016 is the new album, Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart (out now on Fortuna Pop and Dirtnap Records), from Durham indie pop punkers Martha. Is it even better than much loved debut album Counting Strong? Well if you wanted to argue that it is, I wouldn't put up much of a rebuttal. Either way they're 2 for 2 and will definitely be in the running when it's time to draw up those best of the year lists.

  Featuring Nathan Stephens Griffin, Jonathan Cairns, Daniel Ellis and Naomi Griffin (who is also a member of the equally wonderful No Ditching), Martha prove that pop punk doesn't have to be vapid and cliched, it can be uplifting, intelligent and (insert your own superlatives here).

  The new album is a more mature effort than the debut but certainly no less fun. There's 11 catchy gems dealing with not only their own experiences but name checking some of the people who've inspired them (anarchist Emma Goldman, Replacements singer Paul Westerberg and even Coronation Street's Curly & Raquel....). You can check it out here :

  It's not easy to pick a favourite so on the next Just Some Punk Songs show I'll play a different song to what you'll find below (the next show is Tuesday 9th Aug at 8pm UK time : As far as the blog goes, this is Ice Cream And Sunscreen and it's delightful.....

The autumn forecast’s looking dismal again, 
This year I’ll spend November in the house, 
August sort of stifled your potential didn’t it? 
It’s coyness boy that caught you out, 

I know you wish for fireworks to light your July sky, 
I was the dampest box of matches you could ever hope to find, 

I’m sorry what? I hear you yeah, 
I was watching the skin peeling of your sunburnt shoulders, I know, 
I know you only melt in the middle like ice cream and sunscreen, 
Blisters in the pit of my heart, blisters in the pit of my heart, 

Our birthdays came and went unnoticed again, 
You said you knew my star sign from the start, 
That late September sunshine leaves me pining for June, 
December boy you got it wrong.

Saturday 6 August 2016

The Decayed - PDX Punks


  Another new band that I know little about today but I'll pass on the few morsels I've accumulated. The Decayed are from Portland, Oregon and are a side project that features Ray Nelsen from local power pop heroes The Cry! (

  Utilising his spare time whilst The Cry! seek a label for their next record, Ray is planning on releasing a couple of diy projects, one being a "pop" album that focuses on melody and rich vocals/instrumentation whilst the other (the one we're concentrating on today) is a straight up punk record which will revive music he helped write for local punk bands over the last decade.

  There's a Facebook page for The Decayed ( and there's also a couple of songs from their debut ep for you to check out....

  This one's called PDX Punks.......

Friday 5 August 2016

Dog Company - Elected Enemy


  Dog Company are from Dallas, Texas and formed in 2004. The line up features ex Staggers vocalist/guitarist Joe Blow as well as Garrett Chapman (lead guitar/backing vocals), Shea Close (bass/backing vocals) and Micko Villarreal (drums).

  Playing a brand of political punk rock in a similar vein to the likes of The Street Dogs, Hudson Falcons, Bad Religion etc they released their first album, Songs Of Discontent, in 2008 and followed it a couple of years later with A Bullet For Every Lie. 2014 saw the release, on Cadre Records, of War Stories which New Noise Magazine called "a viciously executed slice of invigorating punk." Earlier this year they contributed a couple of track to a split ep with Hard Evidence. You can check out a couple of those albums here :

  Plans are afoot for them to get back in the studio at the end of the year and a new record is pencilled in for the spring. To keep you going till then, this is a track from War Stories called Elected Enemy....


Thursday 4 August 2016

The Prowlers - Spread Your Bed

  The Prowlers are from Montreal and have been together playing their infectious brand of oi music since October 1998. They're influenced by the 80's UK oi scene as well as by local bands such as The Dischords, Gassenhaur and Shock Troops.

  The song I've posted below comes from their 2012 Hate Us single which was released by Germany's Mad Butcher Records. It's a beefed up cover of a 1969 single by Jamaican reggae group The Versatiles and it's called Spread Your Bed.....

Wednesday 3 August 2016

2 Sick Monkeys - Happy Days

  Tight, melodic and in your face, 2 Sick Monkeys formed in 2000 and feature Fred Nus (drums/vocals) and Pete Tower (bass/vocals). Despite there only being two of them, the Swindon outfit still kick up a hell of a racket. If you check out their bandcamp page you'll find their back catalogue :

  They've been gigging regulars both at home and abroad and have shared a stage with the likes of The Buzzcocks, GBH, The Dickies, Discharge, Sham 69, Wonk Unit, Dirt Box Disco and many more.

  There's a new ep in the pipeline but whilst we wait (and whilst I post a few updates via my phone that I got ready before going away on holiday!) here's a recent video they did for a song that was on last year's About Time ep.

  A suicide note of sorts, this is Happy Days......

Inside, outside, upside down 
All my life I've played the clown 
I'll end it all in this dead-end (fucking) town 

Nightmare stuck inside this hole 
My brain is mush, I've lost control 
How much further will I fall? 

So much shit stuck in my head, I wish that I was dead 
Happy days 

This way, that way, where to go? 
Will I learn? I just don't know 
Everything's I told you so 

All these nights, all these regrets 
I tried so hard but can't forget 
All caught up with me in the end

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Stiletto Boys - Don't Cry For Me

"So don't cry for me, because I'm already dead, baby don't cry for me, cos I don't need anybody's sympathy..."

  Stiletto Boys were a power pop/punk band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who were influenced by the likes of The Vapors, The Knack, Mott The Hoople, Rich Kids etc. They featured Sean Wolfe (vocals), Eric Benner (guitar/backing vocals), Eric Garvin (bass) and Casey Wolfe (drums).

  They were mainly active around the late 90's - early 2000's though they re-emerged in 2013 with the many years in production Liberator album. When comparisons are made, they usually end up being spoken of in the same breath as the likes of The Boys, The Buzzcocks, The Dickies and most of your other favourite pop punk bands from the late 70's.

  The song I'm posting today comes from their Rockets And Bombs album which was released by High Society International in 1999. A glorious slice of harmony driven pop perfection, this is Don't Cry For Me.......

Monday 1 August 2016

Poison Idea - Calling All Ghosts

  Portland, Oregon is home to a hell of a lot of great bands. One of them features today.

  Poison Idea are a hardcore punk juggernaut that have been together on and off since 1980. There's been numerous line up changes down the years but the current Kings Of Punk are Jerry A (vocals), Eric "Vegetable" Olson (guitar), Brandon Bently (guitar), Chris "Spider" Carey (bass) and Mickey Widmer (drums).

  The 1st August sees them release the Poison Idea-2016 ep, 5 hard hitting tracks that you can snap up on either limited edition coloured vinyl or from Bandcamp :

  This is the video for the lead track, Calling All Ghosts.....