Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Humdrum Express - Leopard Print Onesie

   I was listening to (Enemies Of Promise's) Ade Bailey's excellent show last week when he played a song I'd not heard before which A) reminded me very much of Half Man Half Biscuit and B) had me thinking who the hell is this and why haven't I heard them before!  Before I get to who it was, I'll just mention that Ade's show goes out on a Tuesday at 8pm (UK time) and is required listening (his previous shows are saved in the Showreel section)..... http://mixlr.com/ade-b/

  The song he played that pricked up my ears was by The Humdrum Express, the alter ego of Kidderminster resident Ian Passey. Radio 6's Steve Lamacq is a big fan ("Brilliant observationally, part of me just wants to stand up & applaud") and there's been gigs with some of my favourite artists, Wedding Present, Half Man Half Biscuit, Hugh Cornwall, John Cooper Clarke etc so there's no reason for me not having discovered him sooner but better late than never.

  So far there's been 5 albums, All Aboard, Little Victories, Elevation Of Trivia, Clone Town Blues and the new one, The Day My Career Died, from which today's song is taken.

  The lyrics to this are so good and they're on the video which is nice. I'll be checking out more of Ian's work, hopefully you will too. This is Leopard Print Onesie.....

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